Instagram users who love to upload their photos to their account (or accounts) are in luck now they can do it from their web version. Recently, Instagram has just incorporated a new function that will allow something that users have been demanding for a long time: being able to upload photos from its web version without having to transfer them to the mobile device.
Let’s see what this technological novelty that had been claiming for a long time consists of.

How can photos be uploaded from the web version of Instagram

Although the computer version is still under development, Instagram does allow you to post photosusing the web version for mobile phones. With this new possibility, photos can be uploaded from the same web browser without having to transfer them to the mobile phone, where the downloaded application is.

What to do to post images using the web version of Instagram for computers
For those who want to post their images using the web option of the application from a computer, mac or laptop, they should do it in the following way, depending on whether they use one browser or another:

Firefox /Safari/Edge
Those who are in favor of one of these three browsers should go to the options menu (the one with the three dots icon, located at the top and to the right of the same browser); there they will search for and select “More tools” and then “Developer tools”. After clicking here, you have to look for the icon represented by a mobile phone , which will serve Instagram to link with our mobile phone, tablet or laptop, allowing us to use the web version of Instagram.

If, ​​on the other hand, you are one of those who prefers Chrome before any of the previous ones, you will not have to follow so many steps(although, let’s face it, it wasn’t too complex either). It will be enough to press F12 and then give “Ctrl-Shift-M” (with this last movement, we are indicating that we will connect from another device with the mobile version.
Once this is done, we will see on our computer screen the same thing that we see on our screen of the mobile. This action is reversible, so that by pressing “Ctrl-Shift-l” again, it will return to the initial situation.

Prayers heard
Many Instagram users wondered why the application took so long to allow this new option. It seems It could be that in a relatively short time, uploading photos from any web version of Instagram will be a reality, now the only thing left to do is to do the same with videos or with stories ., although seeing the progress that is being made from the application, this is closer to being able to be done from devices that are not only the mobile phone.
Although today’s mobiles could be considered perfectly as miniature computers, more than anything because they are incorporating many functions that until not long ago, only these could perform; laptops and desktop computers continue to be essential work tools. So much so that they are practically vital for any modern job, hence their use has not been relegated because of Androids, iPhones and others that populate our pockets.
With this new facility, Instagram once again claims its importance and title of one of the most used applicationsby netizens from all over the globe.