Legs, as we know, are one of the strengths of female beauty. Often, however, we tend to neglect this part of the body a little, not giving it the same importance that we give, for example, to the face or hands, and limiting ourselves to simple hair removal. But hair removal alone is enough to have smooth and beautiful legs, and for a long time? Not always. Let’s find out why.

The different methods of hair removal / epilation

There are several methods of removing unwanted hair, each of which has a different degree of discomfort and a different duration. Let’s see the most popular:

  • The razor blade: every woman’s ally for last minute hair removal. It does not cause discomfort or pain, but only lasts a few days; another painless method with the same results is depilatory cream;
  • Waxing, of which there are two types: cold waxing, which is simple to perform and therefore often home-made, and hot waxing, for which it is advisable to contact expert beauticians; lasting up to twenty days. Hot waxing is more effective, as the heat makes it easier for the hair to come out of the follicle.
  • Pulsed light hair removal. These are devices (on epilatorelucepulsata.net you can find different models in comparison) that exploit selective photothermolysis to remove hair: by absorbing the intense light beam produced by the device, melanin undergoes a strong increase in temperature, which is transmitted to the hair bulb which consequently melts. Since it acts on the pigment of the hair, this technique is particularly effective on dark hair. Laser hair removal works similarly.

A few tricks to have smooth (and beautiful) legs for a long time

Hair removal alone does not guarantee that the legs are perfectly beautiful and smooth; moreover, as we have seen, the duration of hair removal varies according to the method used. There are small steps to take to remedy this problem, such as putting ice on the shaved area and avoiding shaving at certain times, especially during your period and immediately after meals (hormones and very active blood flow stimulate hair regrowth. ); It is also possible to use creams that delay regrowth.

But even immediately after hair removal, the legs may not be perfect and silky: in fact, particular care must also be taken to the skin and circulation of the legs. The first advice is to guarantee the body adequate hydration, essential for maintaining the health of the skin, which is aesthetically reflected; you must therefore drink a lot and regularly use creams and serums, which deeply moisturize the skin. Another often underestimated step is exfoliation: to make the legs smooth it is important to proceed with exfoliation two / three times a week, to remove dead cells accumulated on the superficial layer of the skin; in this way cell renewal is favored and the synthesis of collagen and elastin is stimulated, making the skin visibly brighter and smoother.

Smooth and beautiful legs: a mission impossible?

Of course not. As we have seen, just choose the hair removal or epilation method that best suits your needs and take care of your skin by guaranteeing regular hydration and exfoliation. In short, a little attention and perseverance are enough to be able to have the silky legs you have always dreamed of.