When you are born in a large family , living with brothers and sisters is not always a walk in the park. There are those who are bound by an indissoluble feeling but there are also those who argue constantly. Often parents, teachers or friends tend to compare the behaviors, merits or demerits of one and the other, creating those annoying competitions that, in the end, never lead to anything good. Let alone if one of the brothers is famous!

Fortunately, many brothers and sisters of actors, singers and characters of the star system in general managed to fulfill themselves from the working point of view despite the bulky surname. Some of them preferred to choose their own path away from the spotlight while others followed in the footsteps of their famous relatives while managing to carve out their own space and their own professional credibility.

So let’s find out together which are the brothers and sisters of the stars who manage to shine with their own light:

1) Austin Swift

Austin, brother of pop singer and teen idol Taylor Swift , preferred acting to music. He graduated in 2015 from the University of Notre Dame where he studied film and theater acting. Young, handsome and enterprising, Austin – born in ’92 – seems to have all the credentials to build a brilliant career in Hollywood without the nickname “brother of” weighing on his shoulders.

2) Sara Ventura

Even the sister of the famous host Simona Ventura has carved out an independent space. Sara Ventura took her first steps on TV as her sister in the world of sports. You have participated in and conducted numerous programs including Live Life , The Dream and Champions . In 2015 she was entrusted with the trial on 7Gold but she is now mainly a well-known radio host of RTL 102.5

3) Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is the younger sister of American actresses and entrepreneurs Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller, for all the Olsen twins. Like her older sisters, she too began her career in the world of cinema and fashion shows at an early age. Unlike the twins, however, who are now mainly involved in fashion, she seems to have found her space in the great Hollywood productions. Just to name a few: Spike Lee’s Oldboy , Captain America and 2 episodes of the Avengers saga.

4) The “clan” Rodriguez

The Rodriguez brothers arrived in Italy making a lot of noise. The first, we know, was Belen, still today the most famous of the 3. Jeremias and Cecilia, respectively the intermediate brother and the younger sister, arrived later but thanks to the participation in various TV programs, including Big Brother Vip and The Island of the Famous , have rightfully become part of the Italian VIP world. To date both are television personalities, influencers and models who, periodically, peek out from the pages of the gossip column of the beautiful country.

5) Savannah Miller

In this case it is the younger sister who has not followed in the footsteps of the older one. Savannah Miller, older sister of the American actress Sienna, is an established fashion designer. After working for Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson , she created the Twenty8Twelve label with her sister. In October 2012 she launched her collection of hers, “Savannah” . Today, her brand dresses brides from all over the world with elegance, minimalism and a pinch of rock’n’roll.

6) Sarah Balivo

Sarah Balivo and Caterina’s younger sister, successful host of the program Come to me , broadcast on Rai1 . Sarah’s career never overlapped with her sister’s. She and she, architect and set designer, she runs a blog and has a great passion for luxury shoes, so much so that she has founded her own brand Madame Cosette .

7) Antonia Kidman

Little sister of the divine Nicole, Antonia Kidman has chosen to be in front of the cameras but not as an actress. Antonia, mother of 6 children, is an established journalist and Australian TV presenter. In 2008, Kidman received the second female personality of choice at the  ASTRA Awards , the Australian television industry subscription award. 

8) The Blasi sisters

The show girl and presenter Ilary Blasi also has 2 sisters: Silvia, the eldest and Melory, younger than 8 years. Very little is known about the first except that, like the other 2, she lives in the Roman district of Eur. On the smallest, however, you know something more. She is an orthoptist and ophthalmology assistant, she loves fashion and has a rather following account with over 27 thousand followers. However , both preferred not to follow Ilary’s path, preferring privacy to the spotlight.

9) Gigi, Bella e Anwar Hadid

Children of Palestinian-Arab real estate operator Mohamed Hadid and former Dutch model Yolanda Foster, the 3 Hadid brothers appear to have been born under a lucky star. Gigi, the eldest of the 3, was the first to get noticed, immediately followed by her sister Bella. Enter rightfully into the Olympus of the supermodels most requested by the big luxury brands, even the little ones of the house followed the path of the sisters. Although all 3 make models, each one manages to find their own space and coexistence seems more than serene. 

10) Alice Rohrwacher

Unlike her sister Alba, Alice, the younger sister of the Italian actress, preferred to build her career behind the camera. She is a director, screenwriter and editor, she already has 3 feature films to her credit, 2 of which have been awarded at the Cannes Film Festival . In 2014 The wonders of her, her second work, won the Grand Prix of the Jury while the film Lazzaro felice , presented in 2018, won the award for best screenplay.

11) Dakota ed Elle Fanning

Dakota (born in ’94) and Elle (born in ’98) are 2 truly formidable actresses. They are among the very few performers, famous from an early age, who have managed to affirm their talent and career even as adults. Despite some rumors , the sisters have always declared themselves in solidarity and full of mutual respect. A beautiful story of success, friendship and sisterhood.

12) The “Ferragni Sisters”

The Ferragni Sister s are truly a perfect trio. Chiara, the eldest, needs no introduction but also Francesca (class ’89) and Valentina (class ’92) have managed to carve out a space in the world – real and social – of all respect. Francesca Ferragni followed in the footsteps of her father becoming a dentist at the family office in Cremona. She is not as worldly as her sisters but her life is no less interesting for that. In addition to updating her Instagram profile on a daily basis, Francesca has her own blog with the evocative name Committeeantinoia , in which she dispenses advice on topics: food & drinks, travel and experiences. The rising star of the family is definitely Valentina. She graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan in Media Languages ​​and decided to follow in the footsteps of her older sister Chiara with whom she is often photographed at the fashion shows in the front row. She recently got noticed for the beautiful message she posted on her Instagram in response to the attacks received by haters who had called her: “Ugly and fat”.