Nowadays fashion trends are more and more senseless and, at times, truly  ridiculous : many contest the turn-up at the bottom of tight pants, others cannot live without, for example. But not only.

Pants can become a disturbing element in the look of the people we meet. You can really see some nice ones!

Celebrities in particular enjoy wearing pants that are nothing short of over the top . An example? The very young singer Justin Bieber showed up to greet some fans wearing a sort of low-crotch pajamas with purple leopard spots! A real pair of horror pants that you will see on the next pages. Justin, how do you dress?

But the VIPs are not the only ones to show off their bad taste! We show you  17 photos of people “caught” with the worst pants that fashion has created, get ready, because there really is something for everyone! Are you curious to see them? Here they are:

1) Dani Alves after

It is not the first time that the former Juventus defender  makes headlines for his outfit . In these shots, we are faced with a more sober outfit , in black and white, but always and in any case with a particularity: the polka dots . He had gone so well in the choice up to the waist and then .. we fall on the detail ! The Brazilian footballer seems to have forgotten to take off a clown’s pajamas . Sorry Dani, for us and not!

2) Exploring the human body

You may not believe it but this type of leggings , invented by the eccentric Australian clothing brand Black Milk Clothing , is becoming popular on the Internet. But why? The secret of this product seems to be the so-called ” muscle charm “: the Muscles Leggins  reveal the beauty of our body , using the anatomy, which has suddenly become “stylish”. The women have willingly accepted the irreverent style of leggings: between macabre and ironic , a little sporty and a little horror.

3) Skip the ridiculous (yes, those attacked are puppets!)

This is the advertising campaign of the well-known sports brand Adidas a few years ago: in theory, the attention of those who look at the photo should focus on the shoes but (correct us if we are wrong) they are totally obscured by the intrusive presence of the pants . Puppets , puppets everywhere that cover, from the hips to the ankles, the legs of the Adidas model. Who will be the fashion genius who designed this disgrace?

4) This girl’s pants have a small flaw

Remarkable. The girl has a decidedly rock’n roll style but even the audacity in dressing has a limit. You pass the swimsuit bra because the heat, at certain times of the year, can be really unbearable, but… What’s the point of wearing jeans with a giant hole right in the crotch area ? We wouldn’t even be able to put them on !!

5) We do not believe that they can be lower than that

Eheheheh … You can see that he didn’t really want to put them up to his waist. Or they didn’t fit on his hips. Or else she had done it heavily on her. Either way, it must have been really funny (and funny) to see him walking like a penguin on the supermarket shelves. Excessively ridiculous!

6) With the arrival of summer you need a touch… tropical!

When ugliness becomes trousers. Perhaps the person who bought them, at first, hadn’t even noticed the striking resemblance of the pattern of his new pineapple-spiked pants. It must be admitted, however, that at least the pineapple girl took it with irony!

7) Why ?!

The question really arises spontaneously. We had not yet seen the thong over the jeans … Apart from the obvious inconvenience of wearing an undergarment over the pants, what use could it ever have? It must be a joke, or a fun way to show a new “gift”, otherwise the protagonist of this photo has serious problems!

8) Side air intakes

A round of applause to you too. This subspecies of mid-thigh jeans are evidently made for hot summer evenings because they have been equipped with large side vents. Of great class, they will appreciate the boys and the mosquitoes but also our Gallery because this avant-garde model ends up by right in the ranking of the ugliest trousers in circulation!

9) Accordion pants

You know, fashion sometimes makes slips. Here we are at a high fashion show but these pants, in addition to looking very uncomfortable, are also ugly. First of all, they look like they are made of cardboard, then we don’t even want to imagine how you can sit with this garment made practically like an accordion.

10) Corset integrated into the jeans

The jeans are very similar to each other and we understand that the girl wanted to personalize them and make them more… intriguing. However, this very personal modification has something questionable about it. Both “legs” have been opened and replaced with dark fabric and a ribbon of the same color. The result is a kind of corset on the thighs!

11) For car lovers

If this photo had a title it would be: “A rear that cannot fail to be noticed”. Let’s imagine that the person who was wearing this weird pair of pants was advertising the French car brand or was somebody from the camp anyway. Otherwise having headlights on the rear (literally speaking) doesn’t make sense!

12) X-ray leggings

If some types of pants are nasty, let’s not talk about leggings! Being so tight and snug, they have problems of fit in themselves … These in particular we find that they can be especially suitable for Halloween night or for some nurses with a great sense of humor! To you the choice!

13) Pants stretched to the maximum

In reality, this model is not exactly total crap. In addition, the model also makes it watchable. The waist belt allows the dress not to slide down irreparably. However, we would like to see this white trouser suit on any one, with the risky Fantozzi effect just around the corner!

14) High waist and low crotch

Everyone has their own tastes. And above all in Gallery of the genre you understand how people can have truly disparate and… Horrible tastes! This girl liked the samurai style. For us, and no! Luckily, the girl in question has at least taken care not to show her face in the photograph. Let’s hope they were for Carnival …

15) Don’t you think they are slightly… snug?

We don’t believe this is one of the garments in his closet. The concern is still very high because as long as the bill and put them on then it’s fine but to remove them … They must be cut or you risk immediate hair removal! Oh mom, but will the blood be able to circulate in those legs?

16) The Incredible Sauna Pants!

That’s right, here is an heirloom from the Eighties: the sauna pants! Certainly comfortable but beautiful, and one more thing! Who knows why they weren’t successful! And we don’t even think about the consequences they could have once worn!

17) A sober piece of clothing

Ahahahaha! The bead curtain effect is our favorite !!