There is a wide variety of sports around the world. We can be sure that each culture has its own and as we have progressed through the centuries, many sports have spread throughout the globe.
Most sports, if we look closely, have many similarities, however, in this article we are going to expose the most original sports in the world.

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Next we proceed to mention the sports as well as some of their characteristics and the place where they are practiced.

12. Jai-Alai
This sport bears some similarities to squash, but what makes it completely different is the type of giant racket-shaped glove used.
Said glove allows the ball to circulate at more than 300 km/h on the track. This means that the balls used in a professional match do not last more than 15 minutes. In addition, it is considered a dangerous sport due to the consequences that a ball hitting you at such speed can have.

11. Swamp diving
In Wales, specifically in the town of Llanwrtyd Well, people from all over the world come to practice this curious sport.
The swamp is characterized by a large amount of mud and was used for the first time to practice this sport by a couple of drunken friends who have managed to turn it into a tradition.
The rules dictate that you must swim in a “doggy style” style with your head underwater with the help of fins and a snorkel. In this way, the more than 100 meters that the swamp measures must be covered .

10. Tobogganing on asphalt
This sport does not have much mystery but it is still quite rare. It is considered a high-risk sport and is practiced mainly in California.
It is similar to the luge seen at the Olympics. A single participant is tied to the sleds and must use gravity to move the sled, reaching 100 km/h without any other help .

9. Underwater rugby A
sport with less than five years of existence, it consists of taking a ball (filled with sea water) from one side of the field (which is a swimming pool) to the opposing team’s basket located 4 meters deep.
The only real similarity to Rugby seems to be that physical contact is allowed, but it is quite more complex due to the fact that you have to hold your breath.

8. Speed ​​stacking
This Californian sport started recently (early 1980’s).It consists of building a tower of glasses in the shortest possible time while the process is timed. Just when you get it (and while time is counting down) you have to pick them up and put them all in one.
This sport already has some special glasses that allow you to improve your technique. Likewise, it has been shown that practicing this sport improves motor skills and manual and visual coordination.

7. Sepak takraw
It is practiced in different parts of Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia. You can find a certain similarity with soccer and volleyball since it is practiced by two teams, both being separated by a net as if it were volleyball.
It’s quite impressive to watch as only the feet and head can be used to touch the ball, so players spend half the game doing semi cartwheels.

6. Hasing
In Malaysia, the love of alcoholic beverages is the order of the day. So much so that they have created this sport that combines running with drinking alcohol; explosive combo without a doubt.
In addition, there is an added difference with the rest of common sports that consist of running. In this case, there are several routes and the runners do not know which is the real one that leads to the finish line.

5. Eat hot dogs
Yes, we know that the definition of sport does not fit very well with eating hot dogs, but we already know that in New York the love for this food is almost religious.
It is celebrated in Coney Island and the record is held by an individual who managed to eat 68 hot dogs (bread and sausage, of course) in 10 minutes.
The prize is the real sporting part of it all, as the winner gets to throw out the first pitch in a professional baseball game.

4. Fierljeppen
Very similar to the pole vault, only the goal is not to get as high as possible, but as far.
The origin is believed to go back to when some Dutch (where this sport is practiced)They had the need to cross from one side of a river to the other when it did not have a bridge . The current record is about 21 meters.

3. Cheese Race
Of all the rare sports on this list, this is probably one of the best known worldwide, because of the object that stars it: cheese. It takes place in England and its original name is The cheese rolling and wake.
The rules are very simple since it consists of throwing the huge cheese rolling down the hill while all the participants follow behind trying to catch it . The first to get it wins.
It is a high-risk sport and broken bones and concussions are rife as many fall trying to run down the hill.

2. Wives
race We continue with the races. This sport is practiced periodically in Finland. As can be deduced from the name, it is practiced only by men and consists of carrying their respective wives on their backs.
The rules are simple, you have to go through a circuit carrying the woman in the shortest possible time, but on the condition that she doesn’t fall. It can be worn in any way as long as it follows this rule.
The best is the prize. The winner will receive the equivalent of the woman’s weight in beer .

1. Buzkashi
Original sport from Afghanistan consists of a competition between two teams of horseback riders. The land is a field about 2 km long.
The rules are the second most dramatic, since there are no rules. The first most dramatic thing is what they have to achieve: carry a goat body (without limbs or head) from one end to another.

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