If French cuisine is characterized by something, it is the delicacy and exquisiteness of its dishes. If you have the opportunity to go there on a trip, do not miss the opportunity to try the typical food of France , ideal for the most gourmet palates. How is gastronomy in France?
The stereotype that the French are sophisticated in all areas of life is also transferred to gastronomy. In this sense, the typical food of France stands out for being much more sophisticated than other types of cuisine.
The elaboration of their dishes requires a rigorous previous selection of the ingredients of which they are composed, some of them of obligatory presence in the dishes .(although without forgetting the possibility of new additions), the vast majority of them of natural origin and with flavors that complement each other once in the mouth. A common custom before trying any of the Gallic dishes is to smell its aroma, to capture all the notes it gives off.
Not surprisingly, expressions such as Nouvelle cuisine are used to refer to French cuisine, which is part of the four cuisines considered Intangible Heritage by UNESCO , along with the Mediterranean, Japanese and Mexican.

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Ingredients of the typical food of France
In general, in the most famous French dishes, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and butter or pork are not usually lacking. However, depending on the area of ​​the country in which we find ourselves, the typical food of each place will be made up of different ingredients.

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1. Potatoes, beans and beans, pork (North zone)
In Normandy or in the Hauts de France they have a predilection for gastronomic dishes that include tubers, as well as stews with beans and pork. This typical French food is strongly influenced by its proximity to Belgium , where it is also commonly eaten.
Likewise, in French Brittany or in the northern part of Pas-de-Calais, seafood products, such as fish or shellfish, also have a great weight, which are great accompanied with a good white wine. 2. Butter, apples or cream (Northwest area)
If we go to Normandy, many of its desserts are prepared with the best apples, butter and cream (creme fraiche).3. Bacon and sausages (East zone)
In the bordering areas of the French Grand East and Burgundy regions, the proximity to the Germanic lands has played a role in determining that sausages, bacon or sauerkraut form a part essential of the typical French dishes of these territories. 4. Oils, Foie gras, mushrooms and wine (Southwest area) The typical foods of France, in areas like Bordeaux or Bergerac that are more characteristic, preferably have these ingredients, which go very well accompanied by a good red wine. 5. Fine herbs, tomatoes and olives (Southeast area)
As it is a bordering area with Italy, the typical food of this part of France includes foods from the Mediterranean diet, such as tomatoes, olives and fine herbs to garnish the dishes.
Also in the Cote d’Azur and in Provence, where many fine herbs are typical, such as thyme, blueberry, basil or oregano ; We will find that these foods have great prominence, in addition to many other garden products. Typical dishes of France
Although we recommend that you visit the Gallic country as soon as you have the chance, as it is worth visiting several times, the following typical dishes of France are so simple that you do not need great culinary skills to prepare them! 1. Duck with orange
That French cuisine is refined we have already said at the beginning. However, some like this typical food from France, this canard a l’orange , are very simple to prepare.
Although the basic ingredients are duck, orange juice and (if you wish), cut slices of this fruit; You can also add vegetables such as onions, leeks or chopped carrots. To enhance the flavor, you can sprinkle everything with cognac 2. Ratatouille
A French delicacy, popularized by the Pixar factory masterpiece of the same name. Ratatouille is the perfect example of typical French foodthat does not deny what is healthy to get one of its most typical dishes. To prepare it, you will need garlic, tomatoes, peppers, courgette, aubergines and fine herbs (oregano or bay).
You will discover that there is no greater secret than frying all the ingredients separately in olive oil, and then mixing them together. 3. Dolphin Gratin
As its name suggests, this dish consists of potatoes cut into thin slices , which are mixed with milk, milk cream or cream and left in the oven to gratin the mixture.
It is not uncommon, given the French’s pathological obsession with cheese (the stinkier the better), that we find versions of a gratin dauphinois that include it. 4. Vichyssoise
Among the French cold dishes, this vegetable cream stands out, which includes leeks, potatoes and milk or cream. All these ingredients are crushed and the resulting mixture can be served both on a plate or in a bowl, in which case we would not need a spoon.
Depending on our preferences, we can thicken the vichyssoise more or less , adding less milk. 5. Crepes One of the most internationalized typical Gallic desserts are crepes. This dough based on milk, eggs, flour and sugar (or salt) can become the main dish, if you combine it with meat, mushrooms or sauce; but it can also be a sweet culmination in the form of a dessert. If so, don’t hesitate to use ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, there are no limits!), fruit (strawberries, kiwi, banana), chocolate cream or jams.

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