A server will never cease to surprise this 2019, I could expect anything, except the resurrection of the trilogy of the blaxplotation genre ‘Shaft’ (1971-1973): the trailer for ‘Shaft’ (2019), does nothing but show me how wrong i was.

Oscar nominee Samuel L. Jackson ( ‘Glass’ , ‘Like Life’ , ‘The Other Bodyguard’ ) reprises the character of detective John Shaft that he already played in ‘Shaft: Return’ (2000), and is that there are no first parts, no second parts.

‘Shaft’, a complicated man, but nobody understands him
As we don’t understand eitherthat Warner Bros and New Line Cinema may have seen him return to this hero , that although it is true that his 2000 remake did not do badly at the box office, obtaining quite positive reviews, he was not expected to give much more.
Without wanting to sound critical for critic, a server is an admirer of the 2000 remake, but what will it be this time?
Well, this time it is the following: John Shaft Jr. (son of L. Jackson’s John Shaft), is an expert in FBI cybersecurity , who will be involved in an arduous investigation to discover what is behind the unexpected death of his best friend. To do this, he will resort to the experience of his father and his more than questionable methods, and apparently Shaft also wants to know the truth for personal reasons.
Once again, the sequel/reboot/remake effect has once again taken hold, since almost twenty years have passed since the remake at the beginning of the 21st century. This decision can only have been made based on a single question: and that is that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most profitable actors and has the best star in the industry.
He is an actor who, without knowing how, always manages to sneak into movies that go on to become blockbusters, classics , but also combining this good star with practically B-series and independent movies from the studios. And it is that the actor would respond to the logic of Michael Caine: an actor, he acts.
Samuel L. Jackson will put himself in the shoes of ‘Shaft’. | Warner Bros. Pictures.

If only it were L. Jackson… And the rest of the cast?
It has been decided to bet on two rising young stars, in the role of John Shaft Junior, it is the actor Jessie T. Ulsher (‘The Boys’, ‘Ride’, ‘Independence Day: Counterattack’) and Alexandra Shipp (‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, ‘Love Simon’, ‘Straight Outta Compton’). New blood, after all.
It will also feature the experienced, Regina Hall (‘Black Monday’, ‘The hate you give’, ‘Scary Movie’) and for the nostalgic and fans of the 70s cinema; yes, that’s right, the original John Shaft, Richard Roundtree ( ‘Speed ​​Racer’ , ‘Brick’ , ‘Se7en’ ) .
Leading the project is Tim Story (‘Miami Departed’, ‘Go Patrol’, ‘Hurricane Season’) selected for his ability to create comic situations between disparate generational characters , but without moving away from the thriller.

Release date of ‘Shaft’
Will it be possible for L. Jackson, the cast and Story to resurrect a closed film from the first batch of 2000
The film opens on June 14, 2019 in the United States, it will not arrive in Spain until a few months later.
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