The saga ‘Fast & Furious’ is in luck once again, although the recent news of the lack of appearance of Dwayne Johnson in its ninth installment, may have alarmed fans of one of the longest-running and highest-grossing sagas of action movies .
However, this will be rewarded with the addition to the cast of another action movie star, and as Johnson was, discovered in the context of Smack Down wrestling and participating in several action films: the former marine / rapper from Wrestling; John Cena will be in ‘Fast & Furious 9’ .

The cast of tough characters is completed by John Cena
The departure of Johnson AKA The Rock (‘Fighting with the Family’, ‘Project Rampage’, ‘Baywatch: Baywatch’) should not surprise us considering that this summer he has premiered, along with another of the key actors of this franchise, Jason Statham (‘Megalodon’, ‘Spies’, ‘Expendables 3’), the spin-off ‘Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw’ .
It is still unknown what Cena’s role will be ( ‘Bumblebee’ , ‘#SexPact’ , ‘The Wall’ ), if he will be part of the good team, or if he will be the new villainof this delivery. The actor already declared, before being confirmed for this ninth installment, that he would be delighted to be part of the cast and if he could have the happy chance to act with Johnson, he would greatly appreciate it; Unfortunately, we already know that this appearance of both actors will not be viable.
What we can assure you is that there is already a part of its confirmed cast , with Vin Diesel (‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’, ‘Billy Lynn’, ‘Riddick’) returning to play Dominic Toretto, Tyrese Gibson (‘Black Navity ‘, ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, ‘Legion’) as Roman Pearce and Lucas Black (’42’, ‘Promised Land’, ‘The Last Great Day’), in his role as Sean Boswell.

‘Fast & Furious’: a decade reinventing action cinema
‘Fast & Furious’ is not by chance one of the highest-grossing action franchises in film history; not much less. Contrary to horror sagas, as well as comedies, or superhero movies, this franchise has managed to continue selling well throughout the world for a decade based on a single and very simple concept: adaptation.
The well-known Youtuber, Dayo, on his channel DayoScript, has already dedicated a video to the franchise, “Fast & Furious is fascinating – The popcorn cinema [Part 1]” where he explains with hairs and bones as a saga that began dealing with racing illegals and tuning has become one of the most profitable (and commercial) action franchises of the present, incorporating all the elements of its precedents into a purely action context without hesitation.
And it is that, if the actors last (if not, there could always be the possibility by Universal Pictures to make a reboot), surely we will have ‘Fast & Furious’ for another decade.

When is it released?
Despite the fact that the date had originally been set for this 2019, unfortunately the followers of the most recognized car action saga on a global scale will have to wait until April 10, 2020 .
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