One of the topics at the center of heated controversy has always been the uterus in rent or surrogacy . Opponents strongly condemn this practice, stressing the fact that in this way it would not be possible to fully understand the meaning of pregnancy .

The rented uterus is now widely used abroad among heterosexual and non-heterosexual couples, who cannot have children. On the contrary, in Italy the law does not allow this practice to date . In fact, it is prohibited and art. 12 of the law n. 40 of 2004 states that recourse to maternity subrogation practices is a crime punishable with imprisonment for up to two years and a fine of up to one million euros.

However, the scenario abroad is very different from the situation that Italian couples experience. In fact, there are many famous foreign people who have decided to resort to a surrogate pregnancy to fulfill their desire for motherhood and fatherhood .

11) Robert DeNiro

Actor Robert De Niro first resorted to a rented uterus as early as 1995 , when he was engaged to Toukie Smith . From this practice two twins Julian and Aaron were born . Also the daughter of the couple formed by   De Niro and   Grace Hightower , Helen Grace , born a few hours after Christmas Eve of 2011 , was born thanks to a surrogate pregnancy. With his wife Grace, the actor became pope for the sixth time. In addition to Elliot and the 16-year-old twins, Robert De Niro has two other children, from his previous marriage to actress Diahnne Abbott , Raphel and Drena. The latter is the daughter of an ex-wife’s previous relationship that the actor subsequently adopted.

Robert De Niro with Helen Grace

10) Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, UNICEF ambassador, is another example of a VIP who used a rented womb to become a mother again. The actress who has been married since 1997 to Matthew Broderick had a biological son, James Wilkie born in 2002. Later two twins joined the family: Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge . The little girls were born in 2009 thanks to a surrogate mother .

Sarah Jessica Parker with Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge

9) Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is the American actress known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy in which she plays Dr. Meredith Gray . The actress married in November 2007 to the famous US producer Chris Ivery . In the same year the couple’s first natural daughter was also born: Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery. In 2014 she became a mother for the second time to Sienna May , born of a surrogate mother and in December 2016, once again of course, she gave her family a baby boy named Eli Christopher.

Ellen Pompeo with Sienna May

8) Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in 2006 married country singer-songwriter Keith Urban , met the year before during G’Day   which is a Hollywood event in honor of Australians. The couple had two daughters: the first Sunday Rose, born on July 7, 2008, and Faith Margaret , born through a surrogate mother on December 28, 2010 . Little Faith’s birth was kept in great secrecy by her parents until her official announcement that it took place on January 17, 2011 .

Nicole Kidman with Faith Margaret

7) Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks , who according to Forbes has a fortune of $ 90 million, is an American supermodel, actress and television personality. In January 2016 she announces the birth of her first child . York , had with his partner Erik Asla Norwegian photographer, comes to light thanks to the practice of the rented uterus .

Tyra Banks with York

6) Lucy Liu

US actress of Taiwanese descent, Lucy Liu also resorted to a surrogate mother . In fact, she and she became the mother of little Rockwell Lloyd Liu for the first time at 46 thanks to this practice. Lucy Liu, always very reserved about her private life, has however shared the first moments that portray her with her baby on her social networks.

Lucy Liu with Rockwell Lloyd Liu

5) Elton John

Elton John met Canadian director David Furnish in the early 1990s and later married in 2014. The couple, who never ceases to spoil the little ones of the house, had the two children with the same surrogate mother . The first Zachary , born in California on Christmas Day 2010 , and Elijah , born January 11, 2013 .

Elton Jhon, David Furnish with their sons Elijah and Zachary

2) Miguel Bose

Miguel Bose revealed that the idea of ​​surrogacy was suggested to him by his friend Ricky Martin and in 2011 he publicly announced, via Facebook and Twitter, that he had become the father of twins: Diego and Tadeo , via the rented uterus . . In 2013 , however, he claims to be the parent of 4 twins . In fact, there are also Ivo and Telmo who arrived seven months after the birth of the first two.

Miguel Bose

3) Ricki Martin

In August 2008 the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, heavily criticized for his next host at the Sanremo Festival , became a father thanks to a surrogate mother . The twins were born from this practice : Valentino and Matteo .

Ricky Martin with Valentino and Matteo

2) Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer , American actor and romantically linked with the advertising Simon Halls whom he married in 2011. With his partner, thanks to a rented uterus, he became the father of three children: Walker , Henry and Kit .

Matt Bomer, Simon Halls with Walker, Henry and Kit

1) Neil Patrick

The couple formed by Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka became the parent of the twins Harper Grace and Gideon Scott born thanks to a surrogate mother in October 2010 .

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka with Harper Grace and Gideon Scott