Women’s hairstyles: the hottest haircuts in today’s post

Cutting your hair thus proves to be a good solution to many ills of the soul, both for men and for women, because it renews itself and forgets the weight of the past. And since we’re at it… why not get a nice trendy cut ? How do you wear your hair in 2021? 

The bob returns with new shapes , which can be customized in three variations based on tastes. You can focus on a smooth cut, on shabby waves, or on the Andreau Tatou model, with fringe and with a more cheeky fold. What are the other hairstyle trends?

So let’s see in the following lines what are the main  ideas to experiment with for your feminine hairstyles.

Shabby waves

Shabby waves, next to finger waves , will be the two most interesting medium and short hair trends for the 2021 hairstyle.

These folds are used successfully by models and celebrities. They are made using the curling iron. The hair will be folded outwards to create this effect.

After, an accessory is used to put the hair on one side and obtain the shabby waves effect.

Wet look from the seventies

Faux wet looks return, but in a different way than in previous years. Only the tips should look wet and never overdo it. For the past few years, models have been seen with a fake wet load of gel.

Today, we prefer to give the idea, perhaps using the fingers to better shape the tips. The result is excellent and lasts longer.

The low chignon

The low and poorly defined chignon is back in vogue for the 2021 hairstyle . It is used to obtain an anti-aging and energetic effect.

No longer defined, very high and with a certain volume of hair, the low chignon reaches the nape of the neck and has a fake disheveled effect. It is made with a rope or an elastic, which can also be evident if the hairstyle is used on any day.

The short bowl-shaped and the long without bangs

The medium cut dominates the 2021 hairstyle trends, but there are also small tricks for the very short and long hair. The trends for the new year speak of a long without bangs, with the parting in the middle.

The crease, on the other hand, must be either finger waves , or in the style of the Seventies. In any case, less importance should be given to volume than in the past. Instead, the very short cut rediscovers old revivals , with the bowl cut completely shaved under and the short shaved on the side, with slight volume on the other side.

The effect, however, does not have to be constructed, but extremely soft and natural.

Hairstyle: the colors of the year

What are the colors of 2021 in terms of colors? The shades of brown and chocolate dominate . Goodbye to coppery or whimsical colors, in line with the pastel shades that will be worn for the dresses this year.

Instead, great attention to detail, with colors that blend leaving little room for nuances. Tone-on-tone is very popular and color tones should be able to overlap.

Unnatural colors are out of trend, at least for 2021.

Other hairstyles in vogue

Let’s see together some other hairstyles you can try, in line with last season’s trends, which are still in vogue today.

Short fringe bob

A slightly austere cut, not really suitable for all faces – Paris style of the 1920s, this medium bob with very short bangs will however be the feminine cut of the year according to many experts in the sector. We will see and insert it for now in our top class of women’s hairstyles.

Aggressive semi-punk haircut

An extreme woman’s cut, but only on one side, as the punks used it in the Eighties.

How is this cut made?

Leaving the hair long, slightly scaled, on one side – with an equally long tuft on the same side and cut almost to zero on the other side of the head, to highlight the ear and piercing . A very alternative haircut, but at the same time very cool.

Two-tone smooth layered hair

A layered women’s cut that highlights the fringe, which instead remains long on the forehead. This must then be underlined with a tint or streaks that make it two-tone. The same dye can be picked up from the lower ends of the hair . A very special women’s hairstyle, but very popular right now.

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The mythical Mullet

It is a very famous cut in the Eighties and spread like wildfire from the USA. It was mostly used on children, but today it is adapted for women. In this case, the hair is cut very short (even with a brush!) At the top of the head while it remains long and soft on the shoulders .

Cup cut

A very short feminine cut at the sides and at the nape that leaves all the long hair at the top of the head, arranged in a round shape like an inverted cup. Widely used in the seventies and eighties for children, it was adapted to women on the eve of the nineties, and today again in fashion as a women’s hairstyle.

Short and wavy cut

The Meg Ryan cut of the early nineties, the short feminine cut softens the face if you leave your hair long enough to make it wavy on the sides. One of the feminine hairstyles of the moment!


Scaled with tuft

A scaled cut, shoulder-length, with a side tuft that incorporates the waviness of the hair and the top of the moment and is widely used by women.

Long with bangs

In this case, however, the long hair is touched only on the tips, at most it can be scaled on the sides by very little. The long bangs will make the difference and enhance your hair.

Layered for curly hair with bangs

Among the most sought-after women’s hairstyles today is also to include the layered cut for people with curly hair. To prevent them from looking messy, you can focus on a soft climb, with fringe, which creates a sort of helmet all around the face .

Short curly cut with curtain tufts

On curly hair, the cut must never be too radical. Better to always keep below the ears. In this situation, the cut can include longer tufts on the front, “curtain”, to soften the face and neck .


If you want to help you understand what the 2021 hairstyle trends will be , try seeing the photo of a mom or aunt from the seventies. Trends are renewed, but maintain the basis of those years. The tones are soft, but those who want a daring cut can lead to a very short shaven.