Tips on how to match a blazer from your Caren

In recent years, the trend of “fishing out” some garments with a slightly retro taste has returned among the youngest, but you know some garments sometimes come back to the fore and we regret having thrown away that old high-waisted trousers or that jacket with the shoulder straps. However there are some pieces in our wardrobe that should never be missing, and that can be adapted to different styles. Let’s see in the following lines how to combine a blazer.

The blazer is back in fashion. What is the blazer?

One of these is the Blazer , which although born as a male garment, I find it very elegant on a woman, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have chosen it several times on the red carpet.

The blazer, whose term derives from the English to blaze (to shine), is an item of clothing, which is a cross between jacket and cardigan. It is a typical garment worn in the past by the military and the British Royal Navy in the early 19th century.

Match a blazer? Here are our tips!

A look of this type is certainly very serious, suitable for a career woman or even for an important or particular event in which we participate.

I decided for my look to give a softer touch with a white shirt with black bow in the “Preppy” style that is somewhat reminiscent of Anglo-American college uniforms. I used a simple white shirt that I had in the closet and I made myself the bow with a black ribbon that I found at home and tied it as a tie, I assure you the effect is practically the same as the ones I they are seen in stores.

Another important note is the color and the fabric: I chose a blazer with a linear cut in brown velvet, thin ribbed from the BASIC ZARA line. In fact, while walking downtown and in the various shopping centers, velvet is back in vogue for this Autumn-Winter season. Nevertheless we can “soften” a similar look, wearing the blazer with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Finally, I decided to add an accessory with an androgynous touch, that is the brim hat that adds personality to a basically simple look. The brand that produces the most beautiful hats is BORSALINO, and all the brands are inspired by its shapes. I was more thrifty and I chose an H&M hat, which in any case is made of wool and I find that it is made quite well, beware of felt-brimmed hats: dots form and the visor falls over the eyes.

So accessories can profoundly change a look, give it an original and particular touch, renew an “antique” look and give a new life to old clothes.

We mix and play with what we already have, and maybe that’s what we should do even in life when something is scratched, dented, torn, it doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown away, as it can be repaired and can become very trendy, let’s think about example to ripped jeans: before they were bought whole and when they got worn out we threw them away, now quite the opposite.

We have given enough advice on how to match a blazer. We await your opinions on this. Greetings from your I_Don_T_Caren!