Often destroyed by critics, the best movies for teens have the genius of knowing how to read the preferences of young people and narrate them in original and effective stories. These are some of the most outstanding titles of movies for teens of love, comedies and adventures. A range of very suggestive proposals to spend an entertaining afternoon.

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The romantic and sentimental genre has become the favorite of teenagers (and especially girls) to spend an afternoon under the blanket glued to the screen. With original stories and young and attractive actors, an appetizing cocktail is formed.

1. 50 First Dates (2004)

The saturation of the teen love movie market has meant that screenwriters have to rack their brains harder and harder to find original stories. This is the case of this movie, in which a veterinarian has to constantly make his wife fall in love with him because she has memory problems.
The film, which acquires overtones of comedy at many points, features the performance of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and reminds us of the importance of keeping the flame of love alive.in relationships. The note of tenderness is given by the theme Somewhere over the rainbow.

2. Postscript: I Love You (2007)
Richard Lagravenese brought to the big screen Cecilia Ahern’s highly emotional and tear-jerking novel with an effective plot that gives a lot of play: when Holly loses her husband, with whom she is madly in love, she discovers who has left him some letters written in which he gives him the keys to get ahead.

Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank form a couple with a lot of chemistry and give life to a plot that at times exceeds the limits of nonsense, but that remains one of the favorite teen love movies (especially for them).

3. Twilight (2008)
The saga that began with Twilight unleashed a phenomenon of fans that has left this movie at the height of the great love movies. In this case, the film (and especially the duo Kriten Steward and Robert Pattinson) have become an icon that far exceeds the success of the novel.
The story of teenage Isabella Swan and the vampire she falls in love with, the handsome Edward Cullen, is one of those impossible yet epic romances that appeal to turkey-aged souls thirsty for emotional ups and downs.

4. Always by my side (2010)
It allows the teenager to spend an entertaining time with the one who at the time was an emerging myth for the female public: Zac Efron. In this film, the actor plays a young man who, affected by the death of his little brother, finds work in the cemetery to live near his grave, to which he regularly goes to talk.
The appearance of a girl with whom he falls in love puts him at a painful crossroads: stay by her brother’s side, or go with her. Although in some sections it may lack strength, the director builds an intimate atmosphere that effectively surrounds the viewer.

5. Dear John (2010)
The epistolary love after the success of Postscript: I Love You returned to take center stage in the version that the melodrama-loving director Lasse Hallstrom made of the novel. This narrates how the passionate love of a university student and a soldier survives the separation thanks to the letters that are written.
Purists will say that it is an empty and too sensitive film, but it has a fast story that hooks lovers of light romanticism and, in addition, it has a whole myth for adolescents such as the handsome Channing Tatum.

6. Three meters above the sky (2010)
Three meters above the sky was the first successful novel by Federico Moccia, a writer specialized in love full of topicswith generous doses of melodrama. However, for some reason, the product succeeded, and Warner Bros. produced a film directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina that has become a teen icon.
Although the plot is simple (typical story of a girl who is in love with a neighborhood badass) the movie offers those effective phrases that hit the teenage heart and unforgettable scenes of Mario Casas taking his girlfriend on the motorcycle.

7. Excuse me if I call you love (2014)
Federico Moccia’s other great success, Excuse me if I call you love, was also taken to the big screen, keeping the winning line of Three meters above the sky. In this case the Spanish invoice improves the Italian melodramatic excessde Moccia and under the direction of Joaquin Llamas signs a mature product for tender hearts.
Whoever looks for a serious and in-depth story in this type of film criticizes the excessive benevolence with which the viewer is treated, without taking into account that the chemistry between Daniele Liotti and Paloma Bloyd is enough, in this case, to dazzle their target.

8. If I decide to stay (2014)
If I decide to stay has all the ingredients to catch teenagers because it masterfully combines two elements that underlie the deepest emotions: love and tragedy . In this case, death, because the love of the young, handsome protagonists, struggles to succeed in an adverse circumstance: she is in a coma.
The story is very attractive for tender hearts that like to suffer before this type of drama, because the director plays with the unfolding of the characters and the evocation of parallel realities . Music plays an important role in this tragic romance played by a rising star like Chloe Grace Moretz.

Movies for teens on Netflix
The Netflix factory offers a wide range of movies to have a good time. These are the titles that you cannot miss.

9. Rumors and Lies (2010)
Rumors and Lies, which can also be seen on Netflix, is one of those high school comedies that are sweeping young audiences. This one, which talks about success, socialization, relationships and self-esteem in adolescence,becomes a sophisticated remake of the classic hits of the American high school product.
The film tells the story of a teenager who, with the intention of becoming the sensation of the institute, decides to adopt a promiscuous profile . From then on everything goes wrong and the rumors and lies spread dizzyingly catastrophically.

10. Love at second sight (2014)
Once again, a part of the most elitist criticism is focused on the apparently simple result of a film designed and executed by and for teenagers . And in this case, he manages to put before the viewer the reflection on everyday problems of human and sentimental relationships.
In this case, the original script inverts the classic plot of love at first sight and puts two young people in the position of having to live together for a while (because of a snow storm) after a disappointing night of sex .

11. The fundamentals of caring (2016)
The principles of care is more than just a film about disability, it is an invitation to reflect on the self-imposed limits of our lives , on the importance of pursuing our dreams. A highly recommended movie for young people.
Although on some occasions the director abuses certain topics, the performances of Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts (accompanied by Selena Gomez) and the incentive of a hooked argument that intelligently adapts the story written by Jonathan Evison end up rounding off a product between the indie comedy and light drama.

12. Every Day (2018)
This Netflix original movie is a plot cocktail that integrates classic ideas of romantic cinema for teenagers: passion beyond the physical, impossible love, fidelity to a spiritual being… Every day is a mixture from Ghost, 50 First Dates, and If I Decide to Stay, which intelligently uses the formulas for success .
In this case, Rhiannon falls in love with a spirit that manifests itself in a different body every day, and finally makes a decision that will change their lives forever. This impossible love is a common place that in this case gains originality .

13. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018)
The intelligence of the director Susan Johnson and the artistic sensibility of the actress Lana Condor achieve something very difficult in this film: the unanimous applause of the critics in a film for teenagers. Adorable, tender, funny and brilliant are some of the adjectives with which they defined this love comedy distributed by Netflix.

Lana Condor plays the character of Lara Jean, created by the writer Jenny Han in the novel of the same name, who sees her life spiral out of control when the secret love letters she had written to her lovers accidentally reach the hands of their recipients.

14. Alex Strangelove (2018)
One of the pleasant surprises of this year that you can find on Netflix. Alex Strangelove is a wonderful movie that without many frills manages to get fully into the skin of adolescents, and above all, in a subject as delicate and crucial as doubts about sexuality in the middle of turkey age.
A young man with a full life decides to face the crucial step of losing his virginity, at which point a gay boy confesses his love for him, and he enters a spiral of doubts.that director Craig Johnson gives us without excessive drama in an inner journey deeper than it seems.

Other teen movies
Not everything is love and crying. Young people also look for emotion in speed, risk, adventure, and from time to time, let out a good laugh at the issues they live with: drugs, sex… in short, the follies of age.

15. American Pie (1999)

At the time marked a before and after teen comedies , and has remained in everyone’s memory as one of the most hilarious. It blew up the box offices of half the world and generated an uncontrollable urge to copy the formula.
American Pie portrays from an irreverent and uncompromising perspective the thirst for life of adolescents, that inner energy that explodes like a volcano. In this case, the story of some young people crazy about losing their virginity is the pretext for a string of spicy jokes and very entertaining foul language for the younger audience.

16. Colleague, where is my car (2000)
A most banal situation that will have happened to more than one: after a party, two friends do not remember where they left the car. Young people like to sit on the sofa and put on a movie where they see young people who, like them, get drunk and have a hard time .
This is the case of Colleague, where is my car, a film in which absurdity reaches such real limits that it becomes irresistibly funny. Because it is not intended to be a good movie, but simply a funny movie, and with it you will laugh for a while .

17. Ali G Is On The Loose (2002)
Ali G is such a simple and idiotic character that he irritated lofty critics in their pulpits and swept the box office captivating hormonal teenagers thirsty for that fun that needs no justification. This is how this movie has to be seen, with no more ambition than the presentation of a product to laugh for half an hour.

Sacha Baron Cohen found in the character of Ali Ga successful formula that he later reproduced in clumsy and scatological characters like Borat. In Ali G, a politician is on the loose and hires the services of this idiot to win the elections.

18. EuroTrip (2004)
EuroTrip is one of those dirty secrets for many lovers of good movies who can’t help but laugh out loud at such vulgarity . A string of easy jokes and commonplaces of youth comedies that, however and without knowing why, ends up being a movie to watch repeatedly and keep laughing.
The trip of a group of students from the United States to Europe is an opportunity to put on the screen certain stereotypes of Italians, Slovaks, but also of Americans themselves, andmake a new photograph of the crazy (and blessed) youth .

19. Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 (2012)
The charisma of Dwayn Johnson and the chemistry between the innocent and virginal John Hutcherson and the seductive Vanessa Hudgens give life to this most entertaining adventure that is not lacking in action scenes , special effects and dose of humor more than acceptable.
In this second part, Journey to the Center of the Earth focuses on the search by a lost expedition on a mysterious island for a submarine that will return them to civilization. The virtue of the film is to return to adolescents the spirit of the adventures of Jules Verne , which, in addition to entertaining, invites them to dream.

20. Project X (2012)
Some criticized it for trivializing the consequences of vices in adolescence, however Project X has the virtue of turning alcohol, drug and excess movies on the screen by putting unknown faces on the screen, a language adapted to its target, real situations and shared issues that make your viewer relate.
New technologies come into play in this story of some young people who organize a party (which they broadcast through the networks and decide to record it) that gets out of hand.
Somehow, Nima Nourizadeh is putting in the mirror the crisis of values ​​and a deep crisis of youth who, disoriented, indulge in excesses without foreseeing their consequences. A proposal close to independent cinemathat gave a lot to talk about and that you cannot miss.

21. The Hunger Games (2012)
One of the most successful sagas among youth, which would pave the way for many others of the same style, was The Hunger Games. Its popularity is due to the originality of the story and the interpretations, which fall on a masterful Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson .
The young audience (and not so young) was hooked on this survival story in which Jennifer Lawrence’s character impersonates her sister to participate in an elimination game in which only one participant can remain alive. It has a simplistic, epic and romantic part, and a more profitable reflection on ethics in politics and society .

22. Now you see me (2013)
If what you want is to blow your mind, choose without reservations to put on Now you see me, a magical movie about magic. In it, an FBI team pursues “the four horsemen” who rob banks using magic tricks. However, the thieves are not the bad guys: they always steal from the corrupt and blow money over people.

Now you see me hooked until the end with magic tricks (some, it must be admitted, true trickster) while the viewer remains in suspense until discovering the great final trick. An entertaining play with an original plot.

23. Maleficent (2014)
This remake inspired by the lifelong story of Sleeping Beauty was an ambitious bet by Walt Disney Pictures that resulted in a fairy tale with a good script, a fable atmosphere, touches of magic and fun , and a leading role. overwhelming in the figure of Angelina Jolie.
Faced with such an effective arrangement of the elements, we must let ourselves be bewitched by the world in which Maleficent immerses us, get hooked on a story that never ceases to amaze us from beginning to end, and extract the moral that these stories always contain.

24. Maze Runner (2014)

Thomas wakes up in an elevatorand, when the doors open, he finds himself in a labyrinth from which there is no exit, and where murderous beasts prowl. Together with other boys they run through the maze every night to find the exit and, suddenly, another girl arrives in the elevator with a message announcing that she will be the last to arrive. With this letter of introduction, The Maze Runner intended to reissue the success of the fantastic survival thriller The Hunger Games. Although in some respects it is inferior, if you liked that saga you will also enjoy this dizzying adventure.

25. Divergent (2014)
The Divergent saga brought fresh air to the repetitive seam of sagas. It posed a far- fetched but effective story: in a society divided by categories of characters(truth, abnegation, daring, cordiality and erudition) Beatrice makes a decision that compromises her own life and the social order, and is the starting point of a fast-paced adventure.
With overtones of a fantastic thriller, in this case she emphasizes the contradictions of personality in a mixture of romance, action and philosophy . Although it can get a little obtuse and inscrutable at times, it’s ideal for fans of The Hunger Games.

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