Always used as a means to communicate one’s history, one’s ideals or one’s roots, the tattoo has always also been a very important element in defining a person’s look. For this reason, today we go to the discovery of female tattoos that are enjoying greater success in this period.

Did you know that it seems that in recent years it is mainly women who have contributed most to the tattoo market?

In fact, it seems that more and more girls are approaching this world, becoming a very large number and putting male tattoo leadership at serious risk .

Which female tattoo to choose?

Today there are different tattoo styles from which to take inspiration for your female tattoo:

  • Japanese tattoos ;
  • Chinese tattoos ;
  • Old School or Traditional Tattoos ;
  • Tribal tattoo ;
  • Realistic tattoos ;
  • Tattoo lettering;
  • Polynesian tattoos ;

In the following lines we see together which can be the most suitable tattoos for the female audience, that is, those most in vogue among girls and those that seem to be more trendy. Continue reading our in-depth analysis related to female tattoos!

Trendy female tattoos

Precisely the increase in the number of women who decide to tattoo a message, a memory, a passion on their skin, has meant that today the trend of female tattoos is linked to minimal designs, with light and very clear figures, therefore not very marked.

These particular tattoos have become one of the hottest trends, as you can see from the photos:

It is precisely the very small tattoos placed in places such as the wrist, ankle or behind the ear that are the most reproduced. Usually the trend is to have  stylized tattoos or small phrases drawn,  which seem almost outlined by a feather or small symbols of oriental or Polynesian origins.

Feathers and angelic figures tattoo

Another type of fashionable female tattoo are the feather tattoos , which symbolize freedom and lightness, even if they can collect a deeper meaning as in the case of an angel’s feathers. Also very popular are tattoos with angels and angelic figures or simple angel wings, which represent goodness, sweetness and the positive and joyful side of life.

Tattoo dream catcher and butterflies

Among the most common female tattoos in circulation today are the dream catcher tattoo and the butterfly tattoo. 

As for the first type of tattoo, according to the Native American culture there is the belief that these mystical objects act to chase away bad dreams.

Butterfly tattoos, on the other hand, are common among girls as they symbolize growth, transformation and rebirth.

Wrist tattoos

One of the hottest trends right now are the small tattoos on the wrist , which are very delicate and also very sensual, which give an edge to every female movement. These can be well hidden by a shirt or, conversely, clearly visible when you want to be more daring.

Women’s tattoos: the new trend of geometric tattoos

The other very common trend is to tattoo, this time on the back, geometric tattoos,  such as the fashion of having a diamond tattoo drawn !

New York-based tattoo artist Bang Bang , who boasts stars such as Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna among his clients, describes them as follows at Cosmopolitan:

Dots and lines are easy to do and open up an imaginative world: five dots can indicate family members for example or even nothing important.

Hip Tattoos

Even more hidden and sensual are the female hip tattoos,  which open up to a thousand fantasies, especially in the male mind.

Jonboy, another well-known Tattooartist at said about it:

It is an area that you can easily hide or show as you please.

The hip area is also very sensual and lends itself well to any design: just think that  Bang Bang created a beautiful female tattoo  using this style for  Kylie Jenner, with the word ” sanity ” or (mental) balance, and immediately the design has become the object of desires of many girls.


These are the feminine tattoos that are gaining more success lately, but before concluding, let us give you some advice: the tattoo does not have to be fashionable but you have to feel it yours, represent yourself, remember a particular moment of your life or an emotion. In fact , the tattoo will accompany you throughout your life and since fashions pass but you and your story remain, I advise you to think carefully about what to tattoo before taking action.