After having discovered the most famous Italian stylists of all time, here is a post dedicated to one of the most famous Italian stylists in the world. We are talking about Giorgio Armani and his biography of him.

The Italian designer has in fact become the icon of Italian fashion , managing to create extraordinary collections over the years and has become one of the richest men in the world today, building a holding that encompasses various brands and production sectors, from high fashion to luxury , from swimwear to perfumes and even sweets.

Giorgio Armani young: the first experiences in the world of fashion

Giorgio Armani was born on 11 July 1934 in Piacenza and has Italian-Armenian origins.

In 1957, after two years enrolled in the  Faculty of Medicine of the State of Milan,  he abandoned his studies to start a job procured for him by his best friend Rachele Enriquez.

He thus became a collaborator, as a buyer   and as an assistant photographer (others claim as a window dresser), for a team of architects at the Rinascente del Duomo in Milan . He was immediately noticed and already at the beginning of the sixties I began to collaborate with the well-known designer Nino Cerruti.

Who is Nino Cerruti?

Nino Cerruti  is a famous Italian designer who inherited the famous family textile company in Biella in those years.

To relaunch the family brand, he needed young minds and so in 1964 he hired the young Giorgio Armani , who had no experience in the field of fashion.

The meeting with Sergio Galeotti and the launch of his first collection

It was later around the 70s, after meeting Sergio Galeotti, who would later be his life partner (but who died 10 years after the launch of his first collection), that Giorgio was encouraged to pursue a career as a stylist and to create the her first fashion line.

And so in 1974 Giorgio Armani launched his Armani by Sicons line.

In 1975, together with his partner Sergio Galeotti , he founded the Armani Spa company

Right from the start, revolutionary elements appeared on the Armani catwalks, which determined the unstoppable success of the brand.

The “unstructured” jacket by Giorgio Armani

The success of this man was immediately evident. Giorgio Armani ‘s starting point were the jackets, subsequently defined as “deconstructed”, of which I revolutionized the design. In fact, I take them apart and rearrange them, making them more suitable for anyone who wears them. I eliminate the padding and the counter-lining, transforming them into a light and functional garment, for both men and women in career.

Thanks to this new type of jacket, never designed by anyone before, Giorgio Armani achieved success on the international scene and the immortality of his name in the world of world fashion.

Inspired by the style of black and white films and the American style of the 20s and 30s, he has always used cold colors for his garments, among all he has always loved blue, called blue-Armani , present in every his collection.

He even invented a new color, or at least the name by which to indicate it: greige,  a color mixed between light gray and beige.

Another inspiration for the Armani designer has always been oriental and Arab culture, visible above all in his Korean-necked shirts and djellaba-like coats, the latter launched around 1990, to coincide with the film’s release in cinemas. ” Tea in the desert” .

The successes of Giorgio Armani: from the 80s to today

Below we list the main stages of the career in fashion, from the 80s to today, of the Italian designer Giorgio Armani:

  • In the 1980s Armani designed the stage clothes for  Richard Gere’s “ American Gigolo”;
  • In 1982 the US magazine “Time” dedicated a cover to him, electing him “Man of the Year”;
  • In 2008, however, he made clothes for  Christian Bale for the film “ The Dark Knight”;
  • In 2012 for the film ” The Dark Knight – The Return”;
  • In 2013 she dressed Leonardo Di Caprio in the film “ The Wolf of Wall Street” .
  • Giorgio Armani has also left his mark in the sports field, designing the uniform of the Chelsea team and the  English national football team .
  • In 2012 he made the uniforms for the Italian national team  for the  Olympics;

The holding company of Giorgio Armani, one of the Italian scroungers

Over the years Giorgio Armani has created an economic empire thanks to its holding company, Giorgio Armani Spa which has built its fortune in numerous sectors and not only in fashion, which we list below:

  • Giorgio Armani , also known as  Black Label, its core brand;
  • Emporio Armani , characterized by a more youthful and trendy line, even at a more accessible cost;
  • AJR Armani Junior , the line dedicated to children and adolescents, with targets from 3 months to 16 years.
  • AX Armani Exchange , the fast fashion line.
  • Armani Casa , specializing in luxury furniture;
  • Armani Fiori , dedicated to floral arrangements and associated furnishing accessories.
  • Armani Dolci : a line entirely dedicated to sweets, whose production is entrusted to the Venchi company. The production includes, in addition to the regular lines, limited edition sweets for the holidays and customized products.
  • EA7 , under which sportswear and technical clothing are produced;
  • Armani Prive , Giorgio Armani’s high fashion line;

There are also some product lines, which have since been discontinued over the years:

  • AJ Armani Jeans , the denim line of the Milanese company, with simpler and more casual products. In 2016 the company merges the line with Emporio Armani.
  • Armani Collezioni , which offered classic and elegant dresses, now merged with Emporio Armani;

According to some industry magazines, such as StartUp Magazine , Giorgio Armani is one of the richest Italian men in the world, with a personal wealth of 8.5 billion dollars, making him number 4 in Italy after Pessina, Del Vecchio and Ferrero, and number 174 in the world.