When you are editing a video but you do not want to violate copyright , you can use one of these pages to download royalty free music, sound banks with a huge amount of resources. These are the most popular websites where you will find what you are looking for for your video. Although in most you can download music and sounds for free, you should always read the user licenses to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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Pages to download royalty-free music for free
These are the best valued pages for different reasons, although none of them imply a cost. You will no longer lack resources when editing a video.

1. Youtube Audio Library
The first option, and more affordable, is the audio library that Youtube puts at our disposal. It is not the most complete option but it is the most reliable. The songs are tagged according to various criteria such as genre, instruments or duration, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. On the other hand, they are updating the list of highlights, so that you are always up to date.
Youtube Audio Library, a reliable option. | Image from: Youtube.

Everyone knows this streaming service where we can listen to the music of thousands of artists. To download royalty-free music, you will have to open a free account, a few simple steps that will not take you more than five minutes. We must point out that, to use everything you download in your videos, you must mention the author’s details in the description

3. Vimeo Music Store
Another of the most experienced video platforms, which also makes available to content creators an extensive bank of music and sounds. This download platform is somewhat older than YouTube, and for that reason it has more songs. You will have to register and you will be able to select between free and paid music. It offers an excellent search system according to various criteria.

4. Jamendo
Jamendo is something like Wikipedia for downloading royalty-free music . Although you won’t find bestsellers, you can opt for more than 200,000 tracks, a catalog extensive enough to find what you’re looking for. It includes an interesting option to download the song in lower quality, for less powerful work teams. Free rights for all.
Jamendo, a large bank of royalty-free songs. | Image from: Jamendo.

5. Musopen It
rarely happens, but if you opt for classical musicThe most obvious solution is Musopen, a website with thousands of pieces by classic authors free of rights. The free subscription allows us to download up to five songs each day. It also offers a $55 per year subscription if unlimited downloads are what you need. Maybe start a classical music radio?

6. Free Music Archive
A well-known website for downloading royalty-free songs due to its extensive catalog. The search system is very simple and allows you to find, in a matter of seconds, the song that best suits your video. The downloads are under the Creative Commons license , which means that you should always mention the author. Take a look at the License to use the service well.
Free Music Archive, with a simple search system. | Image from: Free Music Archive.

Pages to download paid royalty-free music
If you have some resources saved to invest in a royalty-free sound bank, we recommend these pages. They offer different plans according to the economic capacity of your project.

1. Premium Beat
We start the list of payment platforms with one of the most prestigious web pages . For just over 40 euros a month you have access to an endless catalog of royalty-free music and resource sounds. You will find several genres to choose the theme that best suits your creation.

2. Bensound

For professionals who make a living editing multimedia content.For a subscription of 129 euros per year you can download songs, background music and other sound effects for animations and presentations. The extended subscription, of about 479 euros per year, includes rights of use for cinema, television and radio, as well as specific software to edit the sound.
Bensound, a library for the most professional. | Image from: Bensound.

3. Royalte Free Background Music
IF you have visited all the previous pages but, even so, you have not found that sound effect to put in the background , your solution is this website. For about 8 dollars a month you can download all the ambient music you want, separated by themes such as inspirational, futuristic, children or tension.

4. Tonopro

One of the leading companies in Spain in the sale of royalty-free music. Pay only once and you will have access to more than 40,000 songs for your project. On the other hand, musicians and composers can upload their work to the platform, so that other creators can make use of it. An excellent way to publicize your music.
TonoPro, a growing Spanish company. | Image from: TonoPro.

5. Music Media Tracks
A French page with a very important peculiarity, and that is that it allows us to view the songs that the competition downloads the most , in the best-seller section. Choose the song that best suits you according to the theme and setting and check its price. The catalog is constantly renewed.

6. Free Music Projects
A most useful tool for advertising and marketing professionals . Consult the four payment plans according to the license, choosing the one that suits you best according to your project or negotiate. It can also help if you have a radio or streaming service and need to pay monthly for music.

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