One of the dreams of every man is to have a member of a considerable size with which they would hope to be able to satiate women more. The one who does not admit that he has never wanted to have such a prodigy of nature between his legs, it is either because he is already very gifted or because it afflicts him to admit it. It has been mistakenly considered that a larger penis is synonymous with more skill in bed , although nothing is further from the truth.
Be that as it may, a large device has always contributed to improving the self-image of men, as one more example with which to gloat in their virility and show it to the world by marking a package. However, and although it may surprise many, sometimes a large phallus can be an absolute nuisance. And if not, ask Horace Owiti Opiyo, who until recently held the curious record of having the largest genitalia ever recorded in the world.
Let’s see who this young man is and how the “miracle
” was able to work.

Who is Horace Owiti Opiyo?
The unfortunate protagonist of this story is a 20-year-old from Kenya., affectionately called Forence. At the age of 10, he first felt a strange bulge in the noble parts of him. Puzzled, he went to a doctor to have the unwanted host removed.
It didn’t take him long to feel again that there was something that shouldn’t be down there; what he ended up confirming when he realized that his genitals did not stop growing excessively until they reached a meter in length and 5 kilos in weight.
In the end, the situation was so untenable that Horace could not lead a normal life: he could barely walk or wear pants, he was forced to drop out of school and seclude himself at home so as not to be the object of prying eyes or ridicule.

How could his genitals grow so much
from him? Apparently,it was a mosquito bite when Horace was ten years old that caused such swelling . Already at that time (2006), he had to undergo surgery to remove the cyst. When it seemed that everything had happened, his penis and testicles began to swell without measure.
The reason?
The little bug had laid eggs inside his scrotal sac . As the larvae hatched and grew, little by little they obstructed the fluid drainage ducts of the body, which caused them to accumulate inside as they could not be expelled.
Here appears the case of Horace. We warn that completely explicit images are shown:

The skill of a neighbor put an end to the huge phallus
Thanks to the Facebook post made by a Forence neighbor, the situation was reversed. One of the people who saw the publication was the wife of the governor of the place, who immediately asked a doctor to diagnose what was happening to the boy.
Apparently, Forence suffered from a condition known as “lymphedema” or also, by a name that leaves less to the imagination: “scrotal elephantiasis”. In short, accumulation of liquids in an area of ​​the body. In his case, produced by mosquito pups.
Once the problem was identified, the boy was intervened twice. In the first they removed the excess skin and got rid of the 5 kilos of extra weight that was in his testicles.The second operation served to reconstruct his phallus so that it would have a normal appearance.

Horace’s life with a normal penis
As soon as he left the operating room, the young man claimed to feel completely relieved. Evidently, he noted that a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and that he felt “lighter”.
Now that he has recovered his life, he says that what he wants is to focus on his studies and on the activities that he likes the most : playing ball, running or swimming… Without wanting to frivolize the matter, but are you sure that nothing else