Going back to the oldest civilizations, the people of that time spoke of giant-sized beings whom they baptized as ‘nephilim’ . While for some they were nothing more than a story, the fruit of the prolific popular imagination with which the folklore of a town is built; For others, the Nephilim verified a reality that can be proven thanks to a multitude of findings scattered throughout the world.
What is a nephilim
Throughout various graphic and written documents, including religious texts of the Judeo-Christian tradition, there are references to mythological beings and monsters of a horrible nature that, supposedly, one day walked the earth that we currently walk on.
Without going any further, in many passages of the Bible the Leviathan is spoken of, the fearsome inhabitant of the ocean depths; as well as the Great Dragon, the Behemoth and even unicorns. But in the Sacred Book there is also mention of creatures of imposing size that caused terror wherever they passed and whose name made a shiver run down the spine just by pronouncing it: the ‘nephilim’, nicknamed “the knockers” or “the powerful ones”. of antiquity”.
They are described asa race of giants, much taller than an average human being (up to 7 meters tall) and whose origin and intentions vary according to the sources consulted. Some allege that Goliath himself, the unfortunate giant who was beheaded by David, would be part of this race of supermen.

Possible origins of the Nephilim
Much has been discussed when it comes to determining what the true origin of the Nephilim is.
These are, in short, the most supported explanations about the origin of this lineage of titans.

1. They are the offspring of the renegade angels
The first evidence of this hypothesis is found in Genesis 6:4, where they are spoken of as “sons of God”. According to this idea, the NephilimThey would be the offspring of the spirits of Heaven who set their eyes on the daughters of mortal men who inhabited the Earth. Attracted by their beauty, these outcasts disregarded God’s warnings and rebelled against him, with the aim of descending to the mortal realm to lie with the humans, from whose encounter this hybrid race would have been born.
Although they have always been represented as asexual beings, the angels described in the Bible of the Hebrews could father children and perform other behaviors typical of human beings. In this way, it would be plausible, at least in theory, that the disloyal angels had mixed with the terrestrial women.

2. Angels fallen from heaven
Another line of research suggests that the Nephilim are actually fallen angels, or demons . Apparently, these evil entities, in their eagerness to prevent the proliferation of Eve’s descendants, would have proposed to usurp the lineage created by God in order to prevent the future coming of Christ to Earth.
From this corrupt carnal union, the Nephilim would have emerged, thus making it impossible for a future Messiah to be born in a sinless way. Without a doubt, a mockery and a distortion of the pure condition of Jesus.

3. They were not giants, just wicked men
Trying to explain what a Nephilim is, we come up with an alternative free of supernatural overtones. There are those who argue thatthe wicked who had committed some misdeed were nicknamed ‘nephilim’ (murderers, swindlers, thieves or criminals of any kind). This assumption is based on the fact that ‘nephilim’, in Hebrew, has more to do with evil and sacrilegious behavior, not so much with excessive height and size.

4. The legacy of space visitors
There is also the assumption about the Nephilim that they were actually extraterrestrial visitors , specifically from the Orion constellation. This explanation is based on the meaning of “Nephila”, a word that, in Aramaic, was used to refer to the constellation of Orion, revealing the true origin of these titans.

What happened then to the nephilim
Whether they were giants of heavenly parents, angels converted into demons, men with dark hearts or beings from space, the fate of the Nephilim does not seem to be too flattering: fed up with seeing how they roamed freely on Earth committing all kinds of atrocities, Yahweh appeased his anger against the Nephilim by drowning them during the Great Flood, without any chance of being saved.
But it seems that, somehow, some giants managed to survive the great flood, being scattered throughout the world. From that moment on, other mythologies outside the Judeo-Christian tradition began to speak of monsters.of great magnitude, whose descriptions are confined to the characteristics attributed to the Nephilim or that could be inspired by this caste.

Is there evidence of the Nephilim
Despite the fact that they seem to be taken exclusively from the Bible, there are those who believe that the Nephilim were responsible for the construction of Cyclopean monuments during the dawn of primitive peoples. In this sense, throughout the world, there are reports that speak of evidence that, for believers in the existence of these gigantic beings, would be the definitive proof that they coexisted on Earth with our ancestors.

Multitude of ossuaries with skulls the diameter of large rocks, femurs five times longerthat of an average adult and other disproportionately sized bone remains found in areas separated by thousands of kilometers and corresponding to periods that are centuries apart; They would form part of the sample of evidence for those who consider that giants are not just characters from children’s stories.
For others, the videos and archive images that swarm the Internet where alleged nephilim skeletons are seen being unearthed, would be nothing more than another example of the growing proliferation of fake news and the manipulation of viral news that are taken for granted without just contrast.