It is time to return to reality, to everyday life and daily commitments. The end of summer , like every year, comes inexorably, leaving a veil of sadness and melancholy, especially after this year and a half that has just passed. However, the goal is to ensure that the last months of 2021 are marked by hope and rebirth, a desire that the world of fashion has also decided to welcome.

In fact, the latest trends push to renew the wardrobe with bold garments, where colors dominate at the expense of black, precisely to signal the desire to leave a dramatic past behind. Naturally, the chrome plating proposed will not be as bright as those of the summer, but will recall the autumn palette , with the addition of green, with the fresh notes of barely wet grass; of brown, a symbol of nature par excellence, expressed in different variations such as caramel and cream; and finally purple, a color that few dare to wear, but which turns out to be a perfect substitute for black when you don’t know how to dress. The real protagonist, however, will be gray : thanks to its neutrality, it can be easily combined with shades and patterns of all kinds.

Autumn fashion: some trends

September is synonymous with returning to work, so you need to have the right garment to face daily challenges with a touch of glamor. Going back to gray, it is a color that lends itself well to the blazer ,   the undisputed garment of the season, wearable both with a pair of jeans for a casual style, and to complete the look of the suit, making it elegant and professional. The dominant models will be two: there will be the great return of the padded shoulder pads on one side, and the “maxi” proposals on the other. In addition to blazers, a key piece of the autumn 2021 wardrobe will be the coat , with soft and enveloping dimensions, ideal for practicing the layering trick, which consists in overlapping several items of clothing. This technique has made it possible to establish slip dresses this season, slip dresses to be made central in the look, to be covered with t-shirts, sweaters or coats, depending on how annoying the cold is perceived. Speaking instead of comfort wear outfits, knitted dresses will enter the scene as last year , capable of enhancing the shape of the body delicately and without vulgarity, placing themselves as a basic clothing that cannot be renounced precisely for their versatility, as they can be easily combined with other garments and accessories. Comfort is also sought in the trousers, more precisely in the cozy jeans, with a soft and wide fit, to the detriment of the skinny jeans that have dominated the scene in recent years. For those who want to dress elegantly without sacrificing comfort, soft trousers made of breathable fabric represent a perfect solution to combine with a sweater or shirt.

The most popular fabrics

From the point of view of materials, there is a strong reference to digital with “ high tech fabrics” , made of wavy and pixelated lines, indicators of how fashion takes social transformations into account in the realization of its proposals. The sequins also creep into daywear, embellishing them and helping to create effect plays of light, making the looks visible during the autumn rains. Velvet is also converted, becoming from a glamorous fabric to a material suitable for even the most informal situations, underlining its being a timeless classic. Since the women’s dresses of the new season are presented with masculine cuts, an adequate fabric is needed to accompany them, and nothing is more appropriate than the Prince of Wales, a pattern that manages to make feminine outfits elegant thanks to its crossed squares. A similar material but with a more rebellious and nonconformist soul is tartan , a Scottish weave that is established among the trends of autumn 2021 with determination, just like when it is transformed from a traditional dress to a generational uniform. Finally there will be the great return of leather , on all types of garments and proposed in different colors.

Regardless of which is the trendiest fabric for clothing of autumn, it is important to guarantee its quality for the companies that will produce it, working it with cutting-edge machinery, with which it will also be possible to produce technical fabrics , not only based on the aesthetics.

Last touch: the accessories

An outfit cannot be defined as complete without elements such as bags, shoes, jewels, etc … For next autumn, color contrasts are expected between the accessories and the rest of the clothing, starting with the boots that will be dyed red like the leaves now close to fall, in perfect palette with the season, giving vitality to the most neutral looks, combined with a skirt or a midi dress.

To prepare for the cold of winter there will be fluffy bags , pleasant to touch fur bags that will give the feeling of keeping your hands warm from the elements, pampering them as in a tender embrace. To accompany the glitter of sequins in the gray autumn days, pendant earrings and crystal diamonds that wink at the 90s. At the Paris fashion week there was no lack of inspiration in the field of jewelry, showing how extravagance is a predominant feature of autumn 2021 jewelry.