We have all, or almost all, been ” victims ” of the selfie fashion . The era of Smartphones, now capable of taking pictures in any place and in all weather conditions, has allowed anyone to capture the most important moments of their life.

On the day of the final exams, graduation , the wedding of the best friend or the first steps of a child, but also a sunset over the sea, a romantic dinner or even a chance meeting with a famous person .

Not only that: taking a selfie means being part of a social world in which to post photos that make you laugh, that you “like”, that talk about us and our life to “friends”. Enough to become an out of control craze .

Here, the protagonists of this hilarious (but also paradoxical!) Gallery are living proof of this fact.

We show you 20 selfies that show how stupid people can be with a Smartphone in their hand!

20) The social firefighter

At the end of last year, the editorial department of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom determined, through a sociolinguistic study, that the most used word of the year in the English language was selfie . In short, self-portraits have influenced our society so much that they have fully entered our everyday language. The important thing, however, is that they do not interfere with the normal course of life, especially when it comes to safetyHere it is. Taking a photo as a souvenir of the first day is not forbidden but … if your job is to save people from a fireor try to control a fire that is devouring a house or even a neighborhood, then that’s another matter. The guy likes himself and wants to show everyone how exciting his new job is of him . After the posting of the photo on Facebook, however, we do not believe that he has had more glory days in the fire department !

Some of the selfies you will see may arouse laughter in you , others shame , still others indignation . Discover the 19 craziest selfies on the net! Continue reading >> 

19)  How to take a selfie without a Smartphone

He wanted the smartphone. But even more he wanted to experience the thrill of taking a selfie . Maybe in the bathroom. And so, one day, while he was alone at home, he decided to make his dream of him come true: the plan he had implemented in sleepless nights and missed mornings at school would finally bear fruit. She made sure to carry all the fixed Mac , with which her dad works, to the bathroom of the house; afterwards, he programmed the time of the self-timer from the camera on the screen and then… Duckface ! In the background a leopard-print towel and paintings of squares and bridges, mouth in the “hen’s cackle” position, tuft in front of the eyes and fingers indicating “victory”: there are all the elements for aperfect senseless teenage selfie ! The fake Justin Bieber has finally succeeded in his intent but … will it have been worth the effort?

18) The post-accident selfie

Who wouldn’t think of taking a photo immediately after a car accident? The girl below took a big risk: she was returning from a trip out of town to the sea with her boyfriend, they were crossing a large prairie when, suddenly, a dog appeared on the road and stopped in front of the headlights of their car. Instinctively, the boy driving tried to avoid hitting the animal and, in doing so, caused the vehicle to go off the road. The dog is saved but the girl, without belts, pays the consequences. She writes on her Facebook profile:“Broken jaw, fractured external ear canal, in need of dental reconstruction, 6 stitches in the chin, big black eye … Thankful for no brain damage and for my loved ones who immediately showed up .Too bad that photos and comments were made in real time! Are we really sure there has been no brain damage at all?

17) The extreme selfie

We can understand the desire to attract attention and perhaps to do it with methods that are not really suitable, but here you risk your life ! But what was he thinking ?! This doting man must have believed that the “ bare chest + flammable gas + inevitable bathroom ” selfie would surely have made a dent in the hearts of some classmate. A genius destined to get himself a burn of who knows what degree all over his body!

16) The traitor mirror

Never take selfies while on the toilet ! Maybe you seem to have only framed your smiling face but you must remember that around you, especially in the bathroom, there are reflective surfaces ready to reveal your secrets ! In this case, the girl made a mistake twice: the first to take the selfie; the second to choose the friend to send it to. In fact, she is the one who posted the photo!

15) Beauties in the bathroom

Do not be naughty. He wanted to immortalize his first bath of the summer : the sun, the sea, the tan (?!) Make everyone more fascinating … Once he got out of a nice invigorating dive he felt it too, he with the sign of the t-shirt under the neck, he with the murderous bald head, to take a selfie.

14) Selfie at the dentist

It must be admitted that this selfie also deserved our “like” . In a dull moment, waiting for her teeth to be cleaned and whitened, the girl sees herself in the mirror and she realizes that she is so funny ! At that point, why not share the hilarity of the situation with social friends?

13) Driving license and registration!

Nobody likes being stopped by the police , much less getting fines. Believe it though: this guy does it on purpose . Search the Internet and you will find many selfies of him portraying the same scene: him, with a stupid smile, alone or accompanied, and the policeman on duty at the window. But what does he do to always be stopped by the police? But above all… Why document with a photo ?!

12) Boh.

We tried to find what her disguise could have represented but we didn’t get any results . Let’s imagine it’s a Cosplay or a Halloween mask but, apart from an alien with huge breasts and a blonde wig, nothing has come to mind. If you have an enlightenment let us know!

11) Call the social services!

This mom or sister or babysitter, all taken to immortalize her body, has totally forgotten about the baby in the tub . The child, however, is clearly in trouble! The selfie above is proof that the self-portrait craze has pushed the boundaries !

10) Macho with chocolate

Don’t ask yourself why. You are looking at a Gallery entitled “Selfies that have no sense of existing”, what did you expect?

9) With your feet in the bidet

We know that he wanted to show the dress but with all the rooms equipped with mirrors that exist in the house … with his feet in the bidet he had to put on? This photo is fully among the most embarrassing selfies!

Before the phone’s battery runs out completely, before even calling for help, let’s take a selfie to immortalize the narrow escape and put it on Instagram: #survived #lamborghinidistrutta #vatuttobene

7) Selfie da gangster

We sincerely hope that the selfie with the gun is a joke (in bad taste) or otherwise a stunt . #newtoy #lafacciofinita?

6) Selfies seriously damage reputation

We don’t even try to justify it. Because when you have the courage to photograph yourself, in the office, swallowing a banana like that… Well, it’s hard to find excuses. #mipiacelabanana # se * ybreak #cheboccagrandechehai

5) Meuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Here, too, we admit that we feel a certain sympathy for the girl in the photo. Taken during a trip to the natural museum , the student has seen fit to take a selfie with Bambi’s pope craving towards the public.

4) The degenerate niece

This girl decided that the right set for her selfies was to be the hospital room of her dying grandfather . We leave you the pleasure of insulting her.

3) Walking with the dog

Proud of his dog, all committed to securing an offspring, the owner in question cannot fail to photograph the moment. #bravocane #prestononno #vaicosichevaibene

2) The Hannah Montana fan

We can’t imagine what the next selfie will look like after Miley Cyrus’s transformation from sweet Hannah Montana to the cheeky and contested singer she’s become!

1) Where is Jesus?

The double of Jesus rightly wanted to document the similarity in the age of smartphones!