Bathrooms are usually our place to relax, taking a good bath or simply letting hot water fall on our heads in a relaxing shower, however, it is usually a place in the house that we do not have very personalized or that simply has what we need. essential. If you want to give your bathroom a  personal and very fun touch  to give it personality and make it very different from the rest, we have prepared a list with the best phrases for vinyl for the bathroom and that you create an ideal space for you and yours.

Vinyls for the bathroom are elements that can be placed anywhere thanks to their characteristics, the most recommended places being shower or bathroom screens, toilet lids or even the glass you use to get ready when you go out. the street to shop or even to work. have a  vinyl in this space it is highly recommended because you will give a different style to the one it previously had and best of all, they usually have a very cheap price and can be customized in a thousand ways to not only add phrases like the ones we have added in this category, but that, if you wish and have inspiration, you can also create very original drawings that make even the guests be fascinated with how fun they are and how this space can become the most entertaining.

Also, as you will be able to see below, you will have the possibility of choosing more serious or elegant models that will remind you that your bathroom is your place to meditate, to relax and disconnect from the problems you may have away from home or even to remind you to the little ones who must wash their hands.

Phrases for vinyl for the bathroom

  • I like your roll
  • Leave your bad rolls here
  • Piss happy, piss happy, but above all, piss inside
  • Don’t take selfies in the bathroom
  • You are not a firefighter but you have a hose. aim well
  • If you drink don’t drive and if you pee don’t splash
  • wellness oasis
  • Space for meditation (Read at
  • If you are comfortable, clean me and lower the lid is the fairest
  • Evacuation of unwanted passengers
  • To love, to the bathroom and to the grave, you must go naked
  • I never forget a face, but with yours I’ll make an exception
  • hands with water and soap
  • When you go to the bathroom, use force
  • relax and take your time

Phrases for funny bathroom stickers

  • Clean me up, do it inside and I won’t tell what I just saw
  • Believe in yourself and everything will be possible
  • This bathroom is my comfort zone
  • We don’t have Wi-Fi here
  • I need to hide, please put the lid down
  • You don’t have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to know how to use a brush
  • If you don’t like sitting in the wet, aim well and don’t let it splash
  • Despite so much shit, there will always be reasons to be happy
  • Relaxation and meditation area but above all, liberation area
  • I already have my eyes covered, please, point out well that I am not going to look
  • It doesn’t matter if you pee standing up or sitting down, please keep the bathroom clean and tidy.
  • freeing willy
  • Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful in this house?
  • the king’s chair
  • Both the king and queen need to evacuate
  • Relax, take a breath and push
  • What are you going to read today?
  • Have you seen any faces on the tiles today?
  • It’s your time to meditate and let go of all the shit you carry inside
  • Washing and drying center