They are the actors who accompanied our childhood. Having become famous as children or in their early teens, some of them then made it into the world of entertainment, while others sadly fell into oblivion.

A classic example is Macaulay Culkin , or the protagonist of Mom I missed the plane  (now the most classic of Christmas movies). Culkin did not go through an adolescence of the best: his premature success led him to get lost in alcohol and drugs, thus condemning his film career. Recently he seems to have recovered, launching himself into a new adventure: and in fact the singer of the band “The Pizza Underground” … Who would have thought that?

But he is certainly not the only young talent to have lost his career . While many stars shine in the Hollywood Empire, others have turned more into gloomy meteors. Are you curious to know who has disappeared and who has made it?

Let’s see together what are the most surprising transformations:

1) Haley Joel Osment

Even if the name may not sound familiar to you, he is one of the most famous children of the 90’s. With his interpretation of the child prodigy of Il Sesto Senso  he achieved world fame and was even nominated for an Oscar (at only 11 years old!). He went through a period of alcohol crisis, but he still participated in many films. In addition, he began a career as a voice actor that he continues today (more than 9 films and cartoons, and over 6 video games).

2) Jamie Bell

How can we not remember the actor who played the tender Billy Elliot ? He managed not to sink into the ocean of ShowBusiness, always finding a job “here and there”. In fact, he appeared in famous music videos such as Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends , or in more recent films such as the Nymphomaniac scandal movie .

3) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

They have become famous for numerous films and comedies from a very young age. Blondes, with blue eyes and a peperine temperament have conquered the public, acquiring international fame. Today they are dedicated to fashion, designing high fashion clothes. Mary-Kate (who in the photo as an adult, we see on the left) has suffered in the past from anorexia nervosa, from which she declares herself cured today. In 2015 she married Olivier Sarcozy, half-brother of Nicolas, former president of the French Republic.

4) Sean Astin

Many will remember him for his starring role in the hit series The Goonies , but his career is far from over. Sean Astin has in fact starred in a colossal like  The Lord of the Rings  in the role of the hobbit Sam and also in a success of recent years as Change your life with a click , together with Adam Sandler.

5) Giorgio Cantarini

Even an Italian in our ranking! Do you remember the tender Giosue de La Vita e Bella ? For that part he won the Young Artist Award (the youngest in the world to win it) at the age of only 7! But it didn’t stop there. In fact, Giorgio has not ceased his activity as an actor, starring in films such as Il Gladiatore (he was the son of General Massimo Decimo Meridio), Il Mattino has gold in his mouth and in some episodes of the Police District . Now he is mainly involved in experimental theater works.

6) Mara Wilson

Who does not remember the sweet Matilda  Wormwood in mythical Matilda 6 ? This, however, is not the only Mara Wilson character left in the hearts of viewers. The American actress starred in Miracle on 34th Street and Mirs Doubtfire. She today she and she still appeared in some minor films and in some episodes of American TV series.

7) Jonathan Lipnicki

He played the son of Renee Zellweger in the famous Jerry Maguire . Not only that, he was also the baby that Pacey of Dawson’s Creek babysat. But probably his most important role was the lead role in Stuart Little . He later continued his acting career but without any major or particularly successful roles.

8) Daniel Radcliffe

No introduction needed for the legendary Harry Potter interpreter ! After captivating millions of boys and girls with his role as a wizard, Daniel struggled a bit to leave Harry behind… But he didn’t give up and embarked on an alternative and successful career. He has acted in international films, but he seems to be more predisposed to the theater. In fact, he has acted in psychological dramas, musicals, horror and has even played a parody of himself. Bravo Daniel!

9) Rick Schroeder

At the young age of 9, Rick won the Golden Globe for Best New Male Star, for his performance in Franco Zeffirelli’s Il Campione . The following year he played the part of  The Little Lord , with which he achieved world fame. Coming out of my youth, I immediately try to break the stereotypes of an eternal child actor… Succeeding! He has in fact taken part in several television series (NYPD Blue, Scrubs, Squadra Med, 24) and also ventured as a director and screenwriter (Black Cloud).

10) Noah Hathaway

Already at the age of 3, little Noah was acting in commercials. But the worldwide consecration he had with the character of Atreyu  in The Neverending Story . He has since starred in other films and TV series ( Troll , Casebuster , Mortal Danger ), but none of them particularly successful. In addition to his career as an actor, Noah is a 360 ° sportsman : he was a swimmer, motorcyclist, basketball player. He then taught street dance and advanced jazz, and as if that weren’t enough and black belt of Tang Soo Do and Shotokan.

11) Macaulay Culkin

Culkin became the most famous and richest child in Hollywood at the age of 10 , but as we have already said this did not help him to live a peaceful adolescence. The critical situation in his family and his lifestyle have led him to fall into the drug business, from which he has been out for a few years. Today he is a different person, he formed a band with Adam Green, the Pizza Underground , and shot a parody series on YouTube as the famous Kevin Mccallister. In the following years he participated in the film Why Him? with James Franco and Bryan Cranston, and is now shooting Changeland , a film written by his friend Seth Green.

12) Miley Cirus

The Disney Channel queen needs no introduction. She and she were in fact on everyone’s lips, especially due to her radical transformation a few years ago! In fact, from a demure and angelic Disney Channel actress , she has become the most irreverent and transgressive pop star of the moment! What do you think? Did you do everything your own way, or was it a targeted marketing move?

13) Asa Butterfield

Protagonist of the film The Child with the Striped Pajamas , and still a much loved actor, especially among young audiences and teenagers. He has starred in other great films such as Scorsese’s Hugo Cabret and Enders Game .

14) Henry Thomas

Known for his role as Elliot in Spielberg’s masterpiece ET , he went on to star in more than 45 films, but never in particularly prominent roles. And certainly to remember the part of him in Vento di passioni .