Love is one of the most addressed issues by directors . We all have in mind a film that struck us, or made us move. In most cases we also manage to suffer from the fake love sufferings of the protagonists of the film.

Yet, not all films always succeed in their intent . Some made us leave the room laughing at how ridiculous the story was told in the film. The stories turn out to be little more than comedies, they do not make us passionate about the protagonists and the film ends up being neglected and forgotten by almost everyone.

These films, in some cases, have also won Razzie Awards . This particular award, also called the Golden Raspberry Award from its raspberry shape, is the opposite of the Oscars. The idea is to recognize and award an honor to the worst directors, actors and screenwriters of the film season. And the case of Appointment with love which has even won two. Others have turned out to be failures for critics, such as Love and a trick that only has 18% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (a leading film criticism site). There is also no shortage of films that have achieved good box office response, such as Crossroads, but which still fail to convince completely.

Let’s find out together what are the 10 worst love movies!

1) Love Guru

2008 film, directed by Marco Schnabel. In Love Guru Pitka, played by Mike Myers, grew up in an Indian ashram. Here he learned all the techniques of the guru who raises him. Upon his return to America, he attempts to exploit his vocation and first assignment to save a hockey player’s marriage . A strange mix between a romantic comedy and a sports film which, however, fails to be neither. Won three Raids (Worst Movies, Actors and Screenplay).


2) Extreme love

A little crime, a little love story, and seven Raids behind it . The basic plot sees a mafia stooge (Ben Affleck) grappling with the kidnapping of a judge’s brother, alongside him in the mission a ruthless killer, played by Jennifer Lopez. At the time it seemed like a good idea to cast an established couple for a love story, yet it earned the reputation of one of the worst love movies ever . Among the seven Razzies he deserved, the one for worst film (and a second as worst film of the first 25 years of the award ceremony), director, actor and leading actress.


3) Crossroads – The roads of life

Romantic film on the road starring Britney Spears . With the excuse of the last trip together of a trio of friends before having to officially face adult life, a love story flows between one of them and Ben, a mysterious individual. The love story fails to excite or convince . Surprising is the response at the box office, with a collection of 60% higher than production costs . There is, of course, the soundtrack signed in part by Spears herself.


4) City of Angels

Film starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. He is an angel and she is an accomplished surgeon . The story starts from the moment he witnesses an operation on the woman, the patient dies but he ends up falling in love with her. The plot is based on the impossibility for an angel to relate to a human. Everything that he manages to do in the film and lead us with so much boredom towards a final twist that is taken for granted and that fails to break into the viewer’s heart.


5) Appointment with love

The film tells 10 different stories that take place in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day . The film is signed by Garry Marshall, famous for many successful films such as Pretty Woman or If you run away, I marry you , this however does not fall into the category. The cast is respectable, but here more than anywhere else it is perfectly clear that a few big names are not enough to make a good film . Ashton Kutcher and Jessica Alba earned two Razzie Awards for their performances as Worst Lead Actor (him) and Supporting Actor (her).


6) Sorry, but I want to marry you

Let’s go back to our house for the sixth position of the worst love movies. The most attentive will have already linked the title to the first film in the series. To sign the film and Federico Moccia and the plot starts from the end of Sorry, but I call you love . Niki and Alex have lived together for several months and it is time to get married. Obviously the plot is based on Niki’s uncertainties in the days before the wedding , after an initial exasperated enthusiasm. Nothing original, nothing beautiful, nothing to see here, in short.

7) All crazy about gold

The protagonists are Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson , at the time veterans of How to be left in 10 days . The difference between the two films is that this one doesn’t work at all. A romantic action film, the two are recently divorced and decide to embark on an adventure in search of a precious missing treasure. A little Indiana Jones , but without a head or a thing (or hat and whip, you see), and with a vague feeling of romance in the background . A Razzie nomination for Hudson, which however does not bring home the award.


8) The Hottie and the Nottie

What can you expect from a film starring Paris Hilton? Absolutely nothing, and expectations would not be disregarded . Nate Cooper was left by the woman of his life, and here is the brilliant idea. He decides to try again with one of her ex -girlfriends (Hilton), but she doesn’t want to leave her roommate, ugly and nerdy, alone. He then decides to help the roommate get back in place, making her very beautiful. The rest I’m sure anyone can imagine. Guaranteed Razzie Award for Paris Hilton, and a score of 1.9 out of 10 on IMDb and a 6% appreciation on Rotten Tomatoes.


9) About Steve

Sandra Bullock plays a crossword puzzle player who accidentally falls in love with Bradley Cooper, a CNN cameraman. He doesn’t reciprocate, but she doesn’t give up . Her insistence does not work and she decides to follow him around the world to make him understand the good life together that she is missing. In short, a Sandra Bullock stalker in love with a man who does not reciprocate and unable to accept a “no”, can you imagine better for a love story ?! I do, and I hope you too! Two definitely deserved Razzie Awards.

10) Love is a trick

It was 1997 and Fran Drescher was establishing herself worldwide as the nanny Francesca Cacace in the sitcom La Tata , conceived and written by herself with the help of her then husband. The plot is based on a misunderstanding. She is an American beautician who moved to an invented Slovezia to teach makeup. A vicissitude leads her to be hired by the local dictator, Pochenko, to teach her children Di lei. The woman’s exuberance strikes the country and the dictator falls in love with her. It cost 16 million and collected 11, also guaranteeing an appreciation of 18% on Rotten Tomatoes.