How many times have you wondered who are the very lucky women who made the richest men on earth fall in love with them? Often, the wives of the wealthiest on earth are also very wealthy.

Beautiful and powerful, they don’t just play the role of faithful wife. Indeed, they are career women who have built their reputation over the years with hard work and a bit of luck, of course.

Who would have married Gisele Bundchen ? Will he really be richer than her? And the famous and talented tennis player Serena Williams with whom did she marry? Their husbands are very rich men, but who knows if they will surpass the staggering wealth of their spouses?

But the curiosities of this article reveal much more. For example, do you know who the wives of super billionaires Rupert Murdoch and legendary NBA star Michael Jordan are ? Are they ordinary women or do they also have fairytale wealth?

Let ‘s find out who are the ladies (and exes) behind the richest men in the world:

1) Gisele Bundchen

In 2014, his total assets were estimated at around $ 386 million . The famous Forbes magazine included her in the annual ranking of the top models who earned the most in 2015, estimating about 47 million dollars (35 million euros). Gisele Bundchen’s wealth is twice as great as that of her husband, Tom Brady , an American football legend.

2) Mariah Carey

Mariah is a very successful singer and, according to the latest estimates, the singer has sold over 200 million records worldwide. To date, Mariah Carey has assets of $ 520,000,000 . Among her achievements also Tommy Mottola . At the time of the divorce with the singer, he was the head of Sony Music Entertainment.

3) Georgina Chapman

In the midst of a huge sex scandal over allegations of harassment involving her husband, Harvey Weinstein , actress, model and fashion designer Georgina Chapman recently decided to leave the disgraced producer after the latest events. The umpteenth bad story of a marriage that is now over and archived. Image source: Instagram

4) Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko

Former Serbian model and singer , Aleksandra Nikolic Melnichenko is best known as the wife of Russian industrialist Andrey Melnischenkoc . Her husband in 2017 ranked 89th in the list of billionaires in the world according to Forbes and 9th in Russia. Both Whitney Huston and Christina Aguilera had performed at their wedding.

5) Talulah Riley

The English actress, with a somewhat tormented love life, appeared to the general public in the film Pride and Prejudice . Incredibly, Talulah Riley has managed to divorce , not once, but twice from the same man , billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk , CEO of Space X and Tesla Motors by profession .

6) Melania Trump

Mrs. Trump is a former naturalized Slovenian model from the United States and 45th First Lady of the United States, wife of the President of the United States of America Donald Trump . Melania worked as a model for major fashion houses in Milan and Paris before moving to New York in 1996, and she appeared on several Vogue covers . Melania is the first First-Lady to be a naturalized citizen.

7) Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek, the stunning film actress , producer and former model doesn’t need many words to introduce her career as it speaks for itself. Very lucky woman in love too, in 2009 she married the French billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault . From their union a daughter was born, Valentina Paloma Pinault .

8) Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall is a former American model and actress , known to the general public for her previous relationship with Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger . Filed the relationship with the singer, in 2015, it was reported by the rumors that she was dating Rupert Murdoch . The following year, in 2016 the couple got married.

9) Miranda Kerr

One of the beautiful and statuesque Victoria’s Secret Angels , from 2007 to 2013, Miranda Kerr married Orlando Bloom in 2010, but the marriage ended in 2013. In 2015 I met Snapchat co-founder and CEO  Evan Spiegel , whom I marry in 2017. From their relationship was born a child, even though he already had an older child from his previous marriage.

10) Petra Ecclestone

Petra is a model of British origin, fashion designer and with a very social life. She is the youngest daughter of British Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone . She recently separated from her husband, art collector James Stunt . Her and her ex-husband’s assets are estimated at £ 4 million.

11) Rihanna

Although Rihanna is one of the most famous pop stars of today, she has managed to hit the spotlight and the public with her high profile relationships. After her romantic relationship with singer Chris Brown , Dodgers baseball player Matt Kemp and Canadian rapper Drake , she has also conquered hassan , the largest heir to Saudi Arabia who distributes Toyota .

12) Beyonce

You can’t actually say he’s more famous or richer between Beyonce’s superstar duo and her rapper / businessman and husband Jay-Z . With many Grammy Awards won and millions of albums sold all over the world, the assets of the two lovers are estimated at 1 billion and 160 million dollars .

13) Serena Williams

In 2017, famous tennis player Serena Williams married Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian . The marriage took place after the birth of their baby girl. The wedding guests were VIPs such as: the singers Beyonce , K im Kardashian West and Dame Anna Wintour , a British journalist who since 1988 is the editor of Vogue , considered the most authoritative fashion magazine.

14) Yvette Prieto

This beautiful Cuban / American model, Yvette Prieto, and the wife of legendary NBA star Michael Jordan . The couple married in April 2013, after having been engaged for 5 years. In 2014, they became the parents of twin girls, Victoria and Ysabel . The assets of her husband and her amounted to 1, 7 billion dollars.

15) Claudia Barila

With an estimated net worth of $ 1.3 billion in 2016, Guy Laliberte , husband of Claudia Barila, was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 11th richest man in Canada . Guy is the founder of the more than famous Cirque du Soleil and is also a well-known professional poker player.

16) Anna Murdoch Mann

Anna Mann Murdoch, Scottish journalist and writer , was the wife of billionaire businessman Rupert Murdoch , with whom she had three children. The divorce between the two spouses cost Murdoch a total of 1.7 billion dollars, of which 110 million in cash. Anna married William Mann six months later.

17) Mackenzie Bezos

In 1992, Mackenzie Bezos met Amazon founder , president and chief executive officer Jeff Bezos while working for him in New York City. Bezos’ net worth of assets is $ 141.9 billion. The couple has been happily married since 1993 and 4 children were born from their union.

18) Elin Nordegren

Stockholm-born Elin Nordegren, this Swedish model is the ex-wife of the famous golfer, Tiger Woods . After the famous scandal involving the player, she decided to divorce. Following her compensation claims, Elin received $ 100 million from her ex-husband. Today, the divorced couple continues to maintain contact exclusively for the sake of their children.

19) Amber Heard

This young American actress , who debuted in 2004, is, in fact, much better known for her love life. In 2015 she married actor Johnny Depp , divorcing the actor after only 1 year of marriage. She accuses him of being verbally and physically abusive during their romantic relationship.

20) Lin Ning

Lin Ning is the wife of Wang Jianlin , the founder of China’s largest real estate development company, Dalian Wanda . He also owns 20% of the Spanish football club, Atletico Madrid .