Supernatural series are those that combine elements of science fiction with a pinch of horror. In recent times, and with the possibilities offered by special effects and high budgets, we have experienced a considerable increase in series of this type, both in quality and quantity. For that reason, we bring you a list of the most recommended supernatural series to date , along with the platform on which they are available. The 10 most recommended supernatural series
Without further delay, these are the most recommended series on supernatural phenomena, strange creatures and alterations in time and space. If you love series of this type, you already have suggestions for a good marathon. 10. Mermaid
Although its success is yet to be assured, for the moment we give our vote of confidence to Siren, one of the great premieres of 2018 on HBO. The theme of mermaids has been treated frequently in film and television, but it has always been a failed attempt. Siren offers us a much more terrifying and enigmatic approach to this matter , with moments of tension and the occasional scare. For some critics, its argument is quite questionable, but it will continue to have seasons. 9. The Originals
We continue the list with the spin-off of The Vampire Chronicles, which we will talk about later. Those who are familiar with the vampire genre will enjoy the beauty. Those who are not convinced that they can enjoy this series can give it a try and, in all likelihood, they will be hooked on the plot and the plot twists. All seasons are available on Netflix. 8. Preacher
Preacher is one of the few hooligan series that you can still take seriously. Above all, it is a supernatural series about creatures from the underworld and a preacher who tries to keep evil at bay, but it introduces small touches of humor and outbursts that give it a huge personality. Halfway between the canceled Outcast and American Gods. You can watch all the seasons on HBO. 7. The OA
The OA is an exclusive Netflix production that has managed to succeed thanks to a most original proposal. It has suspense as a great asset and introduces supernatural elements with subtlety, making them believable and suitable even for the public that is not used to series of this type. It was unlucky enough to be released at the same time as Stranger Things, so comparisons, while unfounded, are unavoidable. 6. Vampire Chronicles
Among the supernatural series could not miss one on vampires and werewolves . All those adult viewers who think that the Vampire ChroniclesIt is a difficult adolescent drama to digest, they are very wrong. The series is one of the most entertaining that we can currently find on the television grid. Like Supernatural, it premiered on the American channel The CW, but you can watch all the seasons on the HBO video-on-demand platform. 5. American Horror Story
The horror genre was orphaned until now, but in 2011 this supernatural series created and produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee) and Brad Falchuck (Nip/Tuck) premiered. The result is a series in which each season follows its own development and plot line.. Quickly, American Horror Story stood out from the competition and received recognition from specialized critics. Although it premiered in Spain on the FOX channel, you can watch all the seasons on Netflix. 4. The Leftovers
The phenomenon of The Leftovers is difficult to explain. Since its premiere on HBO, it had an excellent reception by the public and critics, but the audience was not reflected in that popularity, causing its cancellation after three excellent seasons. What would you do if a good part of the world’s population disappeared from one moment to the next
? The Leftovers does not solve the mystery of the disappearance (we already told you about it) and focuses on humanity’s response to this phenomenon . Highly recommended. 3.Dark
Dark was one of Netflix’s big bets for European series, the old continent’s response to Stranger Things. Although the German series has some parallels, the plot and setting are far from the same. In the first place, because Dark offers this oppressive and dark atmosphere so typical of European productions , and secondly, because the plot is about time travel, giving rise to surprising plot arcs.

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2. Supernatural
In the world of series there is no pair of protagonists as charismatic as this one . The series began as one more show on the American networks The WB and The CW, but over the seasons its popularity has grown at a rate that not even the producers themselves expected. Brothers Sam and Dan Winchester tour the United States facing all kinds of supernatural creatures, a formula that is not new (Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Sleepy Hollow), but that tends to work on television. 1.Stranger Things
At this point, there are few people who do not know Stranger Things, one of the Netflix phenomena of recent times. In case you haven’t seen this huge series about supernatural creatures and other strange phenomena yet, it stars a group of teenagers and is based on two basic pillars. On the one hand, it exploits the nostalgia of the 80s to attract a young and adult audience, with a careful setting present in each shot. On the other hand, it incorporates the fair and necessary dose of suspense to capture the masses and make seeing the next chapter something necessary.

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