The genre of role-playing games has given us essential titles that every good gamer should play. We offer you a list of what are, in our opinion, the best RPG games for PC in history . Some are already a few years old, but we still love them like the first day and they immerse us in worlds of fantasy that we will not be able to forget.

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The 10 best RPG games that you will find on PC
These are the best RPGs that we have played and that we would play again a thousand times, stories that you should not miss if you are a good PC gamer.

10. Pillars Of Eternity (2011)
Pillars Of Eternity will not go down in history for being the most original role-playing game, and that isits mechanics is very similar to that of classics like Baldur’s Gate . However, its history is very careful (even the dialogues are excellently made) and there are really memorable secondary missions.
The strategic turn-based combat system (D&D style) makes us stay for a long time wondering what our next hit is going to be, and we love that. In an industry full of frenetic action titles, it’s always good to savor a good plot over a slow fire.

9. Neverwinter Nights (2002)
Dungeons & Dragons has had a fundamental weight in the video game industry, and proof of this is this Neverwinter Nights that marked an era. Developed by BioWare, the game is a very complete third-person adventure, sinceapplies almost all the rules of the third edition of D&D .
Proof that it remains one of the best RPGs of all time is that there have been numerous expansions and remasters. However, few have been able to capture that “I don’t know what” that gave you to go through the gloomy landscapes of Neverwinter.

8. Divinity: Original Sin II (2017)
This game has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of RPGs. On the one hand, it recovers the role-playing essence of old titles like Baldur’s Gate but exploits the possibilities of current technology.
Those who have played it agree on one thing: each game will be different and each decision you make will have its consequences .in the world in which we move. One of those titles that you should not miss for anything in the world if you consider yourself an RPG fanatic.

7. Baldur’s Gate (1998)
Baldur’s Gate is and will be remembered as one of the best computer RPG games of all time. I lay the foundations for isometric perspective role-playing video games and introduced concepts as important as secondary missions.
The combat system, a slight modification of the rules of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, delighted the most purists and continues to do so today. We leave you with a gameplay of this turn-of-the-century jewel.

6. Dark Souls 3 (2016)
Some curse this saga a thousand times, almost as many as the number of times they die in the game, and Dark Souls is damn difficult. However, when he catches you in his nets there is nothing to do.
Dark Souls is a masterpiece in artistic design and some of the landscapes that we find can leave us speechless, but its strong point is a tremendously solid combat system and enemies that will be the protagonists of our worst nightmares.

5. Diablo II (2000)
We continue with the best isometric perspective RPG game . It is true that Diablo III more than met expectations, but we are left with the second installment for all that it meant.
Traversing the world of Sanctuary while massacring entire hordes of enemies with sorcery or beast is a pleasure. The graphics are not bad at all for the time, although the important thing is the number of hours we spend trying to level up our character.

4. Final Fantasy VII (1997)
If we talk about RPG we cannot forget Final Fantasy, one of the most successful sagas within the genre. Its famous turn-based fighting system has captivated us, while giving us a hard time against the strongest enemies. The best thing, without a doubt, is that deep narrative that offers us unforgettable stories in each installment.
The seventh part of the saga is one of the most remembered not only for the epic odyssey of Cloud, Tifa and company, but forthe generational leap that its launch on PSX meant . One of the best RPGs in history. Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy X aren’t bad either.

3. World Of Warcraft (2004)
If it’s about spending hours in front of the computer, there’s nothing like starting a game in World Of Warcraft. This massive online role-playing game offers us the opportunity to create our own character and interact with other players in a huge and complex world.
The title came out in 2004 and since then we have seen several expansions, some more successful than others, but the essence of Azeroth remains intact. Although the battle system is not very complicated, WoW is the perfect game for onlineand its duration is incalculable insofar as there are always objectives to be met.

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015)
In this list of the best RPG games, the great Geralt of Rivia could not be missing. The third installment of The Witcher is not only the high point of the saga in all aspects, but a turning point in the history of role-playing games.
CD Projekt Red was able to perfectly capture the complex universe of Andrzej Sapkowski. The best thing about the video game is the setting and the taste for detail , something that RPG lovers value above anything else. The icing on the cake is an excellent soundtrack and graphics that continue to surprise us.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)
If you ask a few PC RPG players which is the best RPG in history, most agree that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is among their favorites. Those of Bethesda slow cook their games, and it shows in the result.
We are not only talking about an incredible setting (that too) but about an overwhelming level of detail in an overwhelming and full of life open world. As if that were not enough, Skyrim has a Spanish dubbing at the height and a soundtrack that marked an era.
By the way, if you think it’s outdated in terms of graphics, it’s because you don’t know how many mods we can add to it.

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