If you don’t know what to do with your partner this weekend, we propose a plan. Choose one of these romantic series (we have selected only the best) and prepare the popcorn. After all, a quiet weekend is always welcome and is one of the best options when age prevents you from tolerating hangovers . These series, some vintage and others current, are ideal to watch as a couple, but there is no problem in enjoying them alone.

Romantic series on Netflix
First we take a look at the love series that you can watch on Netflix, the streaming platform with the most subscribers today.

1. Love
What better romantic series than one whose title is the word “love”
The series is perfect to watch as a couple because it makes us see that no couple is perfect. In fact, the two main actors are not even known by the general public, but they take advantage of a fairly small budget and offer us a believable love story with little love . You will be captivated by their chemistry and their scripts loaded with drama and humor, as natural as life itself.

2. Gossip Girl
No introduction needed for this teen drama told by an omniscient blogger.who ends up finding out everything that happens in the institute. The plot is not too complicated and the love stories are nothing to write home about, but if there is one thing that must be recognized, it is that Gossip Girl is an entertaining series like few others. We cannot forget that this production was a true phenomenon in the United States, becoming a benchmark even for the world of fashion.

3. Gilmore Girls
We went from a teen drama to a more mature romantic series, but no less fun. Gilmore Girls is a series of sharp and witty dialogues (we’re talking about Lorelai’s verbal incontinence) that make each chapter go by in a flash. Far from presenting itself as the typical cakey and unbearable sitcom, the series is full of references, both cinematographic and literary, more intelligent than one expects at first glance. highly recommended.

4. The Four Seasons of Gilmore Girls
And if you liked our previous recommendation, you can’t miss this spin-off miniseries that we could define as the finishing touch. It is, clearly, the perfect series to fulfill the designs of the most staunch fans, but it will not bring you anything if you have not seen the original production.

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5. Lovesick
One of the latest additions to Netflix is ​​this series that we could classify as a romantic comedy. Lovesick is a light comedy that introduces us to a young man with chlamydia (you heard right) who must confess this terrible secret to all of his sexual partners. That is the perfect excuse to present us with several love stories, all different, that the protagonist has lived. Despite that humorous tone present in each chapter, it is a quite complex series of love and friendship.

6. You, me and her
Rekindling the flame of love is not always an easy task. Some even resort to polyamory, that of loving more than one person at a time as a couple. You, me and her is one of the few Netflix series that dares to touch this ground, and it does so with all of the law. There is no shortage of indiscreet neighbors, social norms, prejudices and contradictory feelings that Jack and Emma must face. Ideal for those who want to have a more precise vision of the concept of polyamory.

Romantic series on other platforms
Not only Netflix lives man. These are the series about love that you can find on other platforms or on conventional television. Get ready for a good dose of comedy, drama and lots of love.

7. Sex in New York
The success of this American comedy is undeniable, but beyond awards and criticism, what Sex and the City has achieved is that women are no longer seen as passive subjects in love relationships. Here you will find women openly talking about sex and unleashing their deepest impulses. Either you hate them or you love them, but they will not leave you indifferent. Those who are passionate about the world of fashion have an extra reason to watch the series,

8. Velvet
A romantic Spanish period series that no one should miss. The love story between Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarria) and Don Rafael Marquez (Miguel Angel Silvestre) is told with taste and delicacy, almost as much as that which can be seen in each of the wardrobe details in the series. The world of fashion is usually a constant in romantic series and this time it is no different, as the plot follows the story of the Velvet Galleries and their seamstresses. At the height of the great American productions.
9. You’re the worst
The best love series (in my humble opinion) are those that focus on stories of couples that are out of the norm. The protagonists of this American comedy are a clear example: he has been kicked out of her ex-girlfriend’s wedding and she has left after stealing one of her boyfriend’s gifts. Her relationship will follow a path almost parallel to the one she just married, only hers is a much more realistic, fun and tender story.

10. Dates
From the creators of Skins, one of the most legendary teen series of all time, comes Dates, a comedy-inspired drama that has taken the UK by storm. Each episode focuses on the date between two people, although there are main characters that appear in more than one chapter. Only with this format can we appreciate the diversity of love and the complexity of relationships. In the end, the conclusion you will draw is that nobody is perfect, although beauty lies in imperfection.

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