There are times when the clock ticks forward inexorably and we do nothing but watch time slip away. But if you are resigned to letting that happen, you have a multitude of things to do when you are bored at home, although you also have alternatives that will allow you to go out and breathe fresh air, while exercising your stiff body after several hours of perpetual horizontality in the couch.

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6 Things to do when you get bored at home
Let’s start with the calmest plans, those that we most want after a week of constant stress:

1. Watch a movie
Opting to watch a movie is a classic of those Sundays when laziness invades us, especially when it follows a Saturday party and debauchery. There is as much variety of genres as of titles to choose from, depending on our preferences : revisit the great classics of the seventh art, watch our favorite movie once again or cross off the ‘pending’ list those films that we always say we are missing because see and for those who coincidentally never find a moment.

2. Read a book
As with the cinema, resorting to literature is one of the most enriching tasks. We are not going to mention the advantages of reading because we all know what they are, but it may be time to pick up once and for all and finish reading that book that always looks at us askance when we pass in front of the shelf and that makes us think to ourselves ‘someday’. Maybe the day has come, right?

3. Drawing
Okay, not everyone likes it, nor do we all enjoy it equally, bringing out our artistic facet, it’s true. However, drawing is an activity that helps a lot to relax the mind from the problems that usually plague us , while the pencil or brush shapes our creation.

4. Invite your friends over
There are times when we don’t want to be alone but we don’t particularly want to go out on the street either. How about remembering those afternoons when we used to get together at a friend’s house to play the video game console or play a board game while having a snack
? Oh, what memories! Watching a movie in a group with fellow movie buffs is one of the most fun things if it’s raining outside or the economy doesn’t allow great luxuries.

5. Order the room
Yes. Sorting the clothes that are thrown on the bed or the one that has buried that chair in which to sit is no longer an option, it is a task that we avoid doing in favor of others that we judge as more necessary.It is never too late to start folding that jumble of garments that are not to be washed, as well as putting the entire collection of footwear in the shoe rack ; without forgetting the classic of making the bed.

6. Writing
As with drawing, writing is also a therapeutic activity that can serve as a way of escape. Writing in a notebook what afflicts us, angers us or what we do not dare to tell, frees from our heads what keeps us awake at night . As an addition, mentioning that putting our thoughts on paper also helps us to approach problems from new angles, in order to analyze them from a different perspective.

3 Things to do when you get bored on the Internet
The computer also gives us large doses of entertainment if we have nothing better to do.

7. Watch videos on YouTube

The video platform par excellence has spent almost 14 years entertaining the general public, eager for all kinds of audiovisual content to have the best possible time . Watch funny compilation videos, curiosities, concerts of our favorite group, educational tutorials or reports on any subject, are some of the examples that YouTube offers if you are looking for things you can do on the Internet when you get bored.

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8. Play mini-games
Be careful, because online games are tremendously addictive and you won’t be able to leave them even if you want to! If you are looking for a frenetic time and you are passionate about this world, it is clear that this proposal is tailored to your needs: sports, adventures, shooters, logic … The catalog is so varied that you will want to try them all.

9. Open an account in Forocoches
Let it be clear that Forocoches is not a car forum. Knowing this, we invite you to open an account (or ‘gutter’, as the shurmanos call it) of the forum with the largest influx of public in Spanish, where you will find specialized sections on motor, technology or product exchange. But if the great forocochera family is known for anything, it is by the ‘General’ section; there, any current topic is discussed, including personal problems that some forum members dare to ask other users for advice. The laughs are guaranteed.

6 other things to do when you’re bored
Is the house falling on you and you need to clear your head
Let’s see what’s beyond the doorstep:

10. Go out for a coffee

Any of the things to do when you’re bored at home that we have mentioned can be accompanied by a good coffee in your favorite cafeteriaThese are a great way to spend that Sunday afternoon that didn’t seem to promise much.

11. Walking
Going out to stretch our legs and see where our steps take us is not always taken into account when one thinks of ‘leisure’, but from here we take the opportunity to claim this relaxation plan. Visiting parks and green areas, escaping from the madding crowd by going into unknown places where you haven’t stepped before or walking the street of your city like any other tourist, are excellent ideas that counteract the massive use of transport that pollutes the most.

12. Go by bike
But if we talk about alternatives to motorized means of transport, what better alternative than the bicycle?
In addition to not harming the environment , pedaling serves to exercise the legs if walking does not suit us too much, with its corresponding cardiovascular benefits , so necessary in environments where nocturnal pollution and tobacco smoke have wreaked havoc.

13. Reconcile with your cultural side

Going to an art or photography exhibition, to museums of any subject and even going to the cinema to see an auteur film that is far from commercial , are some proposals of interest for those who have cultural concerns.

14. Visits to friends and relatives
Perhaps it sounds to be interested in our relatives only when we do not know what to do with the time we have. However, we believe that it is nice to worry about recovering ties with those people with whom, due to vital circumstances, we do not coincide as before . It is enough to call from time to time or stay for an afternoon to catch up to take care of those who matter most to us.

15. Hang out with friends
As simple as it is doable. Although we claim our moments to enjoy solitude, there are times when it is also good to meet in a group to go for a walk or have a good coffeee as the afternoon gives way to night. Instead of going to the home of one of our group, we can do the same thing by playing cards at a cafeteria table or any other board game.

16. Do exercise
Sport is one of the best things to do when you get bored and it seems that the day is not going to give you anything else. So, put on your most comfortable clothes, put on some good sneakers and go for a run or go to the gym if it gets too cold .

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