In recent years a real beard-mania has broken out : more and more men in fact let the hair grow on their faces, being able to shape it over time and customize it according to their tastes.

This phenomenon originates from the hipster style , very fashionable overseas in recent years and increasingly the prerogative of young italics as well.

In fact, if the hipster phenomenon was born a few decades ago (and specifically starting from the second post-war period) in the USA, in Italy this socio-cultural phenomenon developed later, and today it has become a real fashion , even if you want consumerism.

The hipster principles are in fact oriented towards the following ideologies:

  • Nonconformity;
  • No to consumerism and mass culture;
  • Sensitivity towards the ecological culture;
  • Free sexuality;
  • Tendencies to follow their own personal fashions and tastes, not those imposed by others;

As for the origins and the latest hipster trends, we invite you to read our latest post on the subject.

In this post we will actually focus on one of the important points of our “bearded” process: how to make your beard thicker ? In fact we will see together the best products to use, with the help of an interesting post on the subject, which tells you about the Barba Hero product, a useful lotion to make your hair thicker. Read the review of this product on Solution.Online.

Most fashionable types of beards for your hipster look

As for your  hipster look, in reference to the beard, men usually wear a long and thick beard , accompanied in some cases by a thick mustache (some then wear them curled or pointed). In other cases, however, the thick mustache is left, shaving the beard instead.

The trendiest types of beards of the moment are:

  • Uniform beard, the length of which can vary according to personal preferences, ranging from a few millimeters up to over 1 centimeter in length;
  • BandHolz cut , whose name derives from that of Eric BandHolz , a guy who quit his job in the financial sector to launch his line of shaving products;
  • Goatee , simple to obtain and which looks good on all types of face;

But at this point one thing needs to be clarified: what are the best products for thickening the beard, in case it does not grow thick and luxuriant? Let’s see it together in the following lines!

Products to thicken the beard: the Beard Hero brand lotion

How to thicken your beard?

If your hair does not grow luxuriantly, you can always decide to help you with some products that serve to strengthen and make your facial hair grow. We are talking about lotions like that of Barba Hero.

What is Barba Hero?

Beard Hero, produced by  the Bioness company, is  a  cosmetic lotion based on plant extracts that helps to volumize and restructure all the hairs of your beard, making it stronger and thicker, thus solving unsightly gaps.

Furthermore, these are 100% natural components, represented by Taurine, an amino acid present in many foods and often added to energy drinks, for its invigorating properties and whose name derives from the Latin word taurus,  Arginine, another chemical component of class of amino acids, which is contained for example in red meat, fish and dairy products, which helps the growth of the beard in a natural way.

Studied in the laboratory, all the components of this product are 100% natural, hypoallergenic , without traces of harmful components.

Other useful products to thicken your beard

Looking at other products to thicken your beard, we point out some that are useful for treating your facial hair. These include shampoos and beard balm, useful for the care of an important part of your body such as facial hair. The beard shampoo, for example, allows a complete wash that will give more volume to your hair and make it beautiful and shaped, as well as fragrant.

To these must then be added comb and brush , useful for combing and shaping your beard.