It was just another ordinary day at the school in Sandy Hook , in the state of Connecticut. On December 14, 2012, there was nothing to predict that one of the biggest massacres the country would witness was about to take place.
Adam Lanza, armed with a Bushmaster rifle, fired the first test shots at glass near the school. Impressed by the power of his gun, this 20-year-old boy got into the Sandy and started shooting indiscriminately. When no more bullets were left, a total of 20 children, ages 6 to 7, lay dead on the ground . Another 6 adults died in the attack. After that horrible carnage, Adam Lanza committed suicide.
Five years have passed since the massacre that shook Connecticut, but people in the area still wonder how a young man his age could have committed such an atrocity.

His mother, his first victim
Of him In reality, no one can conceive what went through Adam’s mind when he got up that morning, and that is that the 20 children and six adults from the school were not the only victims of him. As soon as he got up, he went into his mother’s room and shot her four times in the head , stole his guns and his car and headed to school.
Despite the 26 victims, this is the fourth deadliest killing (carried out by a single person) in the United States. Society looked for many culprits, but many others wondered the reasons that had led Adam to carry out such an atrocity. Now the FBI has revealed files that reveal details about the young man’s personality and some of the events that marked his short life.

The signs:
More than 1,500 pages collect the details of the Sandy Hook massacre, pointing out that Adam Lanza had the attack in mind for a long time and that perhaps the tragedy could have been avoided.

1. From the age of 9 he lived in a confinement regime.
That and his premature coexistence with weapons (his mother, Nancy, collected them)they made Adam grow up in an environment of violence . This remains a controversial issue in the United States, where many defend the fifth amendment tooth and nail without considering the possible consequences.

2. At the age of 16 he dropped out of high school.
According to a phone conversation in police files, a friend of Lanza overheard him say that her mother had a lot of guns at home , that she planned to kill her and then carry out the Sandy Hook school massacre. The police did not consider the matter as urgent and not even at that time did they think it appropriate to take exceptional measures in the educational center.
Children lining up from school after the Sandy Hook massacre. | Image from: Shannon Hicks

3. She had a criminal profile.

Adam Lanza suffered from anorexia and that caused the ridicule of his schoolmates , which is why his mother separated him from education. The classified documents of the FBI determine that he was a young man without friends and that he spent long hours locked in his room. This isolated situation and the bullying he suffered for years were the ultimate catalyst for his criminal side.
According to the researchers, the boy believed he was asexual but showed comments and behaviors that brought him closer to pedophilia . On the one hand he hated pedophiles but claimed that relationships between adults and children “could have their benefits.”

4. He compiled a list of the great massacres in the United States.
The massacre in a Texas cafeteria, the 21 dead in San Ysidro or the massacre of Josph Whitman at the University of Texas were some of the events that inspired the boy to commit such a terrible act . Adam kept a list of these great massacres (perhaps thinking he would soon be on it) and his high school friends knew about it.

The Newton massacre, five years later

Last Thursday, December 14, just five years after the event, the bells of the church of St. Rose of Lime rang again 26 times in honor of the victims of the attack. The neighbors and relatives of the victims can’t stop thinking about what happened and can’t help but wonder how a young man his age could obtain a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle so easily. The event in Newton County was attended by some local authorities, who could barely contain their tears as they recalled the fateful morning.
Remembrance in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook. | Image from: WCVB.
The Columbine massacre in 1999 set a worrying precedent and caused a ‘click’ in American society, although it was not enough to prevent a new attack in Virginia in 2007, when a South Korean student killed 33 people.and wounded 29 others. It was the worst mass shooting at a university in the history of the United States.
The desire of some civilians to control access to firearms clashes head-on with the interests of another powerful US lobby: the National Rifle Association. The Sandy Hook Promise association was born with the aim of preventing future attacks of this kind, but it sees how the ANR over and over again defeats political attempts to control access to weapons.
Some will not give up their efforts, and it is that as the famous actor Charlton Heston, honorary member of the ANR, said about his rifle:
“They will only take it from my cold and dead hands.”

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