Finally we return to freedom, the sea, the sun and the beauty of being outdoors. Finally, it’s time to buy the new swimsuit. And to do so, many will want to know what the trends are, after a full year of hiatus due to a pandemic. Fashion is unleashing the imagination in every sector, will it be the same for swimwear? Here are some tips on the latest trends related to women’s swimwear for summer 2021, in the following lines: happy reading!

Women’s costumes, the choices for 2021

What will be the new trends for summer 2021 related to women’s swimwear? Let’s see some key elements to choose them, following the latest fashions:

  • Bikini or whole? – This year there doesn’t seem to be too much difference, as you can choose freely. But as long as you remember that – contrary to the return of chaste jeans – bikini bottoms tend to be super high-cut!
  • Warm colors and patterns – for summer 2021 the fashion color on the swimsuits will be warm and enveloping, a dark red, an orange but above all the shades of brown and Sienna. As an alternative to the single color, green light is also given to the checks and baroque patterns, typical of current fashion;
  • The underwire is back – the bikini will again have the dear old underwire supporting the bra. Not everyone likes it and not all physicists can afford it but for those who can and want, from this point of view there will be choices;
  • Asymmetries – bikini or one-piece swimsuit, asymmetries, one-shoulder, irregular lines will be the trend of the next summer season;

The most sought after women’s costumes of the moment

Now let’s see the women’s swimsuits for the sea, the most sought after of the moment:

  • One shoulder – will be the trend of the year to which many fashion houses are adapting (for example Calzedonia, Mimi  a la  mer , Kinda Swimwear and many others). It doesn’t matter whether it’s bikini or one piece, just one shoulder strap will do;
  • Intertwined and asymmetrical straps – another highly sought-after costume will be the one with the protagonist straps. Whether they are single or double, the important thing is that they create nice intertwining games ( Essentials for Zula ), with side lacing and the like;
  • Pareo Costume (Tankini) – This summer 2021 will see many women’s swimwear associated with the sarong, meaning that veils, scarves and drapes will be sewn together with the costume. Almost a return to the 1920s, but with more style, for brands such as Laredoute, Magic Mare, Tommy Bahama;
  • Vintage at full blast – those who love vintage will have no problem finding the costume of their dreams, signed by brands such as Max Mara, Yamamay, Lovable . By vintage we mean specifically, bikinis with underpants instead of high-leg briefs or even one-piece swimsuits with double straps, almost sleeves;
  • Florals and geometries – all the most famous underwear and beachwear houses are adopting the trend of the moment, that is floral or geometric patterns in non-plain swimwear. On this you will be spoiled for choice because it is the fashion of the moment that dictates it. Do not be scandalized if you will find, even on the costumes, bows, ruffles and puffs, residue of the 2020 fashion that still remains for a season on our beaches;
  • Super necklines – wide choice of brands also for swimsuits with plunging necklines, if they are one-piece swimsuits, or with tight and barely opaque tops if they are bikinis. The brands of the youngest, such as Tezenis, Desigual, Pimkie have not really let themselves be prayed for in the production of super sexy costumes, to be the queens of the playa ;

These are just some of the most evident trends of the next summer season, on the woman side, as regards beachwear. We are therefore ready to dive into the latest fashion news also for beachwear.