Our list today is about the best gin brands, so we hope it will help the less gourmet consumer to identify a good gin from a lesser quality one. Whether in a balloon glass or a highball glass, this drink has become fashionable in nightlife outings, although true gin fans find it an aberration that it is served in any other way than in a glass.

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Best gin brands
When it comes to tasting gin, each person has their preferences, the result of their background and more or less demanding taste buds. Here are what are considered by many to be the best brands of gin.

10. Caoruun
Scotland manufactures one of the best brands of gin, called Caoruun, at the Speyside distillery, which in turn gives its name to the name given to all spirits in the Strathspey area.
La Caoruun is a gin with fruity aromas combined with the peculiar smell of rowan berries, a peculiar tree that grows in mountainous areas throughout Europe. Due to its peculiar flavor, it is advisable not to mix this gin with too much tonic, because the soda would kill part of its flavor.

9. Hayman 1850
Reserva Sensitive palates can enjoy this smooth gin, aged in wooden barrels for 4 weeks before bottling, lending some woody notes to its flavor. Similarly, the Hayman pepper or juniper berries are added.

8. Hendricks
Hendricks is one of the best brands of gin that can be accompanied with slices of cucumber or cut into fine watermarks to enhance its flavor . An essential gin to cool down your throat in summer.

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7. Tanqueray Nº 10
One of the gin brands preferred by regular drinkers of this brandy is Tanqueray Nº 10, whose citrus flavors can be multiplied by adding a filigree or slice of fruit (mainly orange or lemon).

6. Bloom
The most inexperienced who start tasting gin for the first time can opt for a Bloom, since it is not too aggressive on the palate , which allows you to enjoy its touch of citrus.

5. Beefeater 24
The Beefeater brand, one of the most common on the shelves of places that serve alcohol, has its range of premium drinks, among which the Beefeater 24 stands out.
To make one of the best brands of gin, Chinese green tea is used, te sencha (a type of Japanese green tea for which the leaves are not crushed), grapefruit peel, a slice of orange and coriander or almonds, depending on taste. of the consumer. The culmination to give it the distinctive touch is to add licorice.

4. Monkey 47
From the Black Forest mountain range comes Monkey 47, undoubtedly one of the most recognized brands of gin in Europe.
Unlike other milder ones, this Monkey 47 has a spicy flavor, so it will seem somewhat more aggressive for inexperienced palates. To counteract this effect, it is ideal to mix it with Fentimans tonic water. It can be easily distinguished by its label, which includes the drawing of a long-tailed monkey.

3. Blackfriar’s
The best brands of gin do not always have to be the most expensive. Since 1761, the Greenall distillery, the oldest in Great Britain, has kept intact the original recipe of the creator Thomas Dakin , revealed only to the 7 best distillers in the world.
Its recognition of so many centuries of history came in 2011, when it was awarded the “Best Gin” award at the International Spirits Challenge, which is held every year. For now, we give it bronze on our list.

2. Martin Miller’s Original Gin Martin Miller’s
gin is distilled through two processes, thanks to which it is possible to achieve a flavor of equal parts juniper and citrus., which are perfectly mixed in spring water from Iceland.
Curiously, it is one of the best brands of gin, as well as one of the least long-lived, as Martin Miller was released in 1990.

1. Williams Chase

Distilled by hand and traditionally using methods dating back to 1900, Williams Chase gin is bottled and sealed by hand, to ensure that it maintains its properties from the maturation of its components until it is served.
This is considered the best brand of gin, thanks to its combination of fruity ingredients, which give it a sweet apple flavor; a refreshing aroma thanks to the elder flower and a citrus essence that permeates the whole set.
Due to its importance in the world of these alcoholic beverages, the Williams Chase distilleries are open to the public , to learn first-hand about the distillation process of one of the most historic brands of gin, which lasts up to two years. .

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