When it comes to high fashion , one immediately thinks of fashion shows, luxury items and big names on the international scene. It is therefore inevitable to think of Marc Jacobs, an American designer who until 2014 was the creative director of the Louis Vuitton maison. 

Eclectic and versatile , Jacobs is one of the most appreciated stylists in the world for his particular originality which makes him the most innovative creator of his generation. More than 250 stores around the world bear his name and millions of women who find in his creations what they have always wanted and wanted to wear.

In this new post we will retrace the stages of the career of the designer Marc Jacobs together and get to know his creations, which have long been the top of the top in terms of fashion.

Marc Jacobs: the life of the world famous American designer

Marc Jacobs was born in New York on April 6, 1963 and showed his passion for fashion as well as his innate creativity from a very young age, when at the age of 15 he created his first collection of handmade sweaters.

The designer attended the school of art and design, where he graduated in 1981. Once he finished high school, Jacobs understood what his destiny was, thus entering the Parsons School of Design in New York, where he won the Perry Ellis Thimble prize Gold Award in 1984, as well as the Chester Weinberg Thimble Gold Award and Design Student of the Year Award.

His first collection was created for Reuben Thomas and in 1986, supported by Onward Kashiyama , he created the first collection bearing his name.

In 1987 he managed to get another award: we are talking about the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), thus becoming the youngest ever to have won it in history.

Marc Jacobs, Robert Duffy and Perry Ellis joined the company in 1989. Robert as president and Marc as vice president of design to create the women’s collections.

At the age of 30 he created the Marc Jacobs International company, with which he launched his first men’s collection .

In 1997 he began his career as creative director of the Louis Vuitton fashion house , a collaboration that ended in 2014, creating collections that then forcefully entered the history of fashion, as in the case of Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti bags, Takashi Murakami’s pastel-colored accessories and the first pret -a-porter with the Louis Vuitton imprimateur.

With his brand today he creates clothing collections for men and women , with the Marc Jacobs Collection and Marc by Marc Jacobs lines , and children’s clothing with the Little Marc brand .

Marc by Marc Jacobs was then closed in 2015 and was a less expensive line and aimed mainly at a younger audience.

But not just clothing: Marc Jacobs is also famous for his creations of models of bags, shoes, watches and sunglasses, which perfectly blend different styles, from haute couture , more elegant and refined, to street style , young and popular. , from grunge to preppy.

For this reason, in the collections of Marc Jacobs we find refined and elegant sunglasses and those instead leopard and excessively colored.

The choice of bag models is also very wide: shoulder bags, backpacks and shopper bags, but all united by the unmistakable style of the American designer .

Cast: Marc Jacobs

Make-up, fragrances and perfumes

One of the sectors to which Marc Jacobs stylist has been most dedicated was beauty , creating the travel make-up collection, which also had the American actress Jessica Lange as testimonial, and several other make-up lines .

For the New York designer, makeup is an accessory as important as shoes or bags, it is a luxury that no woman is willing to give up. Inspired by his mother and childhood memories, Jacobs creates mascara, eye pencils, foundations, powders, able to enhance female beauty with a few simple gestures. 

Considered one of the richest gay men in the world, Marc Jacobs also creates fragrances and perfumes , in collaboration with the most important French perfumers.

The first perfume, Daisy , was created in 2001, the last in 2019 and they are all chic and fresh fragrances, some with a floral essence, others fruity but all capable of enhancing the personality of each woman.

The design of the vials is also beautiful and elegant.

His creations are unique and surprising and arise from the courage to dare and to go against the tide.

Marc Jacobs is the multifaceted artist , the most loved designer in the last twenty years.

Marc Jacobs, the private life of the American designer

Jacobs, openly gay, in his life first married in 2010 with the Brazilian model and advertiser, Lorenzo Martone , with whom he divorced shortly afterwards to remarry a short time ago (April 2019) with Char Defrancesco , giving life to a memorable party at New York, which was attended by Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, the sisters Hadid, Lil’Kim and all the stars of the American and international fashion system.

Anecdote: the declaration of love with which Marc asked his husband for his hand is beautiful, with a flashmob organized outside the restaurant of the Tex-Mex chain Chipotle, the favorite of his partner, in full Jacobs style.

For the clothes worn during the ceremony, held at the restaurant “The Grill” in Manhattan by the couple, the historic London tailor Huntsman was chosen and made to measure. The ankle boots and tie worn by Marc Jacobs were by Gucci , while Defrancesco opted for a pair of customized sneakers by Christian Louboutin , with the grand finale of a cake made for the occasion in white with 5 floors and ionic columns to support them.

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Marc Jacobs, an American designer who has been on the crest of the wave for thirty years now, has managed to impress his style in a world that is not as simple as that of fashion, managing to blend completely different and apparently incompatible styles. We are sure that he will never cease to amaze us and we look forward to his new creations.