Disco makeup: Claudia Barone’s makeup tips

Nowadays in the disco we see more and more girls wearing the same make-up. If at least for one night you want to shine like a star, here are some tips for your disco makeup that you absolutely must not miss!

In fact, every time you organize a night at the disco, you think of a crazy look but then you find yourself wearing make-up as you do for the day only slightly more marked?

This happens because we often underestimate the right makeup to go dancing .

Girls: you don’t need to be a professional make-up artist because even with simple techniques you can create a look that will be able to capture attention in the crowd and psychedelic lights.

You may be thinking ” What do I need a disco trick for right now if I can’t go out?” Instead, use these moments to “practice”, and when everything is as before you can show off one of these looks or why not even all 3.

Let’s see together in the following lines Claudia Barone’s makeup tips for your disco makeup, for the next evenings full of fun!

Face and eye base

Obviously we want our makeup to last all evening without risking to find it melted on our face due to the too hot we will feel after going wild on the track!

First of all do not forget to apply a light layer of moisturizer (important to do this step especially for those over 30) then use a face and eye primer. 

On the eyes it is important precisely because a creamy base makes the powder of the eyeshadows last longer and also the same eyeshadow will be more pigmented (I always say that the primer saves life).

Another important step, if you want it to really last “all night long” use a fixing spray immediately after making the base and if you want to be safer you can give some sprinkles even at the end of the make-up !! 

Sexy smokey eyes

If you want to draw all the attention on the look, the traditional smokey eyes (black, blue, purple or in any case with dark tones), is ideal for the disco.

Simple to make: just put the pencil on the entire mobile eyelid (which is the same color as the eyeshadow you are going to use later), press the powder on the same area and then blend upwards.

And if you want to give that “magical” touch, try applying a little glitter eyeshadow or shimmer eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid, because in this way with the disco lights, your eyes will be more intense and glowing … you will see that no one will be able to resist you!


Neon effect

Have you ever seen those luminous bracelets on the record or those evenings where there are those drawings on the wall that then light up in the dark?

You can recreate the same effect with the disco makeup, with a simple touch your eyes will be lit like the neon light. In this case on the entire eyelid it is always good to create a little shadow to give three-dimensionality to the look with a caramel-colored eyeshadow, but be careful not to go up under the eyebrow arch!

In the inner corner of the eye, put a nice bright color like fuchsia, while in the center, instead, with a smaller brush make a point of light with an illuminant that has pink reflections.

Always outline the eye contour with an eyeliner or black pencil and that’s it!

NB: fuchsia is to give you an idea, but you can really indulge yourself with colors and instead of this you can use a nice yellow, blue, green.

If you are a group of friends you could make this disco make-up, each one using a different color: imagine what magic would come out!

Eye-lip combination

Is your idea always to have a sober look but that it becomes a weapon of seduction? Good!

My advice in this case is to enhance the lips. So for the eyes you can opt for a clear shimmer eyeshadow (or simply a highlighter) on the mobile eyelid and a more double or thin line of eyeliner based on the shape of your eye, obviously without forgetting the mascara!

Now you have to catch the attention on your lips that must be perfect and in this case the perfection will be an opaque tint, perhaps a nice strawberry red, for lips that are literally kissable!

Please note

A small rule to keep in mind that will never make you wrong: every time you make up your eyes in a more marked way, leave your lips natural using nude tints or glosses, and vice versa, if you make up your eyes in a lighter way you can dare on the lips with darker tones or with reds of all kinds. Our post with Claudia Barone’s tips for your disco makeup ends here.