How many evenings in the company of the television series the Cesaroni ! A few years have passed since the end of the fiction that has fascinated millions of Italians and many are wondering what they do now and where the historical actors have gone .

Loves, misadventures, laughter, common lives in which anyone can identify, all shot in a Rome that is a wonderful setting. A sparkling and genuine fiction that was able to tell and make people smile about the misfortunes of every day, faced by a truly surprising ” extended family “.

Elena Sofia Ricci , Claudio Amendola , Antonello Fassari and many others were the characters of i Cesaroni, a much appreciated television series followed by the public made up of young and old.

The series which aired from 2006 to 2014 saw the entry of many new actors but few have withstood the comparison with the historical characters of the series who are now engaged elsewhere.

Let ‘s find out what happened to the 10 historical characters of the Cesaroni. 

1) Claudio Amendola

Actor Claudio Amendola plays Giulio Cesaroni . In the television series and the owner, with his brother Cesare, of the Cesaroni bottle shop, located in the Garbatella district. Giulio is Lucia ‘s husband and has three children : Marco, Rudi and little Mimmo. Claudio Amendola, in addition to being a successful actor, is also a good and appreciated director . After the interpretation in fiction , the Cesaroni devoted himself to various works between cinema and television. Among his recent interpretations for the small screen, the Lampedusa series – From the horizon onwards . While, as the latest works as a director, the filmLeave – 48 hours off .

2) Elena Sofia Ricci

Elena Sofia Ricci , in the fiction I Cesaroni , played Lucia Liguori , the wife of Giulio and mother of Alice and Eva. In the series, she will always be close to the family, helping the boys to become adults and her husband to regain the serenity and tranquility that she did not have before her. Ricci’s successes are innumerable and she has always proved to be an actress capable of interpreting very different characters. Recently, you starred in the life of Veronica Lario, the ex-wife of Silvio Berlusconi , for Paolo Sorrentino ‘s film Loro .

3) Antonello Fassari

Antonello Fassari was Cesare Cesaroni . The grouchy brother and a little fussy owner together with the brother of the Cesaroni bottle shop. In the end, he too finds a smile again and will lose those gruff manners thanks to his relationship with Pamela and his love for little Matilde. Like the previous actors, Fassari has also been on the scene for years and after the Cesaroni he starred for TV in the Once Upon a Time Studio Uno and Luisa Spagnoli series and for cinema in films entitled: Suburra and Assolo .

4) Max Tortora

Actor Max Tortora played Ezio Masetti , a somewhat dull character with a good and generous soul. Ezio is the best friend of Giulio and Cesare and is married to Stefania and Walter’s father. After the Cesaroni, Max Tortora has decided to continue acting in comedies for the cinema such as: I come back and change my life , Miami Beach and The Champions Cup .

5) Micol Olivieri

The young Micol Oliveri , the fake ugly of the Cesaroni, played the character of Alice Liguori . She is Lucia’s youngest daughter and very shy of her and that is why both her stepbrother Rudy and her classmates torment her by making fun of her. In reality Micol is a very good mother and a good actress who is also dedicated to the theater with The Wizard of Oz .

6) Alessandra Mastronardi

Eva Liguori is Lucia’s eldest daughter and was played by Alessandra Mastronardi . Eva is a very studious girl and during the fiction she falls in love with her stepbrother Marco. Mastronardi’s career is constantly growing. In fact, Alessandra has also been successful abroad as an actress and has also become a Chanel ambassador .

7) Matteo Branciamore

Marco Cesaroni was played by Matteo Branciamore . The young man, in the television series, is Giulio’s son who, with the guitar under his arm, dreams of becoming a famous singer. In the meantime, he returns his love for Eva. After the Cesaroni there have not been many appearances of the actor who, however, has acted again both in the cinema and in series for TV.

8) Ludovico Fremont

Ludovico Fremont in the Cesaroni was the son of Ezio and Stefania. Walter Masetti was Marco’s best friend and used to mess up. After the interpretation of this character he starred in many television series such as: Another life and May God Help us and participated in the Nights on Ice program .

9) Niccolo Centioni

Rudi , played by Niccolo Centioni , is the son of Giulio and is the pestilent of the Cesaroni family. After acting in the television series, he participated in television programs such as: Beijing Express with his colleague Micol Oliveri, and in Notti sul Ghiaccio . Recently, Niccolo Centioni hasn’t been talked about anymore.

10) Federico Russo

Federico Russo played the baby of the family, Mimmo Cesaroni . Growing up on the set, after the fiction he also dedicated himself to cinema with the film How to grow up despite parents and starred for TV in the series Alex & Co. Remembering him all as the little one of the house, many will be amazed to see him … Grew up so well!