Who doesn’t want to have perfect buttocks ? Both women and men are increasingly attentive to their physical form and among the parts of the body that more than any other are at the center of attention we find the buttocks. A firm buttock is indeed beautiful to look at, but it is also synonymous with good physical shape.

Let’s see in the following lines which are the 10 most performing buttock exercises to be carried out in these months to get to the costume test with a screaming butt. 

The exercises to do daily

We present in the new post dedicated to the Mind & Body category , the 10 top exercises to get perfect buttocks in excellent shape. Being the largest human muscle group, it must always remain well trained, since in doing so the metabolism is also activated better, with beneficial effects for our entire organism. 

Let’s go immediately to discover the top glute exercises, starting with the step-up!

1. Step-up

It is one of the best exercises for the buttocks. Every day we perform this exercise simply by going up and down the stairs . However, it can also be reproduced at home with a sturdy wooden box and an extra pinch of awareness, feeling the muscle bands that contract. Perhaps the purchase of a step is useful, which facilitates the realization of the exercise.

2. Hip thrust

Also known as the “bridge”. In this case, to carry out the exercise,  you have to put yourself in the supine position. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and place your feet away from your hip. The abdominals must be contracted and the pelvis tilted. This way the lower back stays flat against the floor. Push your feet and lift your hips high, but don’t arch your lower back. 

3. Single leg hip thrust

This is basically the previous exercise, only in this case, instead of doing it with both legs, you do it with only one . The working leg should rest on the floor and below the knee. The knee of the leg that is not working instead remains towards the chest. 

4. Barbell hip thrust

Known as Hip Thrust , and considered one of the best glute exercises ever. Activate both the upper and lower muscles.

To do this exercise correctly , you need a padded bench and barbell to be used above your hips. 

Below is an example video of the exercise just described.

5. Barbell Squat

This is a multi-joint exercise and is used for both quadriceps and glutes training. By performing it, in fact, the squat, that is the muscle located in the lower part of the buttocks, stretches and this stimulates growth. 

This exercise is very common among body building enthusiasts.

6. Lunges in motion with dumbbells

It is a lunge exercise where the hips, as well as the legs, bend deeply . It serves to stretch the buttocks well, which in turn will work more intensely, with visible and concrete results.

7. Hyperextension

A curious name, which however simply indicates the posterior extensions of the lower back .

The movement in this case can be modified in such a way as to involve more the muscles of the buttocks. To do this, simply move your feet outward, forming a 45 degree angle.

8. Deadlift

The deadlift is a basic exercise that sets the entire rear muscle chain in motion, including the glutes. This exercise, however , should not be performed together with the squat , i.e. in the same deadlift session. This is because it could cause excessive strain in the lower back. It is therefore better to follow well-studied training protocols, perhaps with a professional personal trainer.

9. Bulgarian squat

The Bulgarian squat, better known as the Bulgarian split squat , activates all quadriceps and offers some stability to the working leg of the exercise.  It is during the descent phase, however, that the buttock is much more actively involved.

This exercise is also very popular among body builders, but we always recommend the supervision of an expert person, in order to avoid bad postures or excessive effort, which could compromise our health.

10. Kickback to the cable

This is an exercise that allows you to isolate the buttocks and is considered purely female . In fact, it requires you to tie a cable to the ankle in the execution of the exercise and to arch the leg backwards, as in the video that follows.