We hear a lot of talk about CMS, but what it is not everyone knows exactly. A CMS and a Content Management System , a software that therefore allows the management of the contents of a website or a blog. Thanks to a CMS there is no need to know web programming techniques and therefore everyone can be able to create a site or a blog in an extremely simple and fast way. CMSs are online software , which therefore do not have to be downloaded to your computer in order to be used. There are paid CMS, free CMS, free CMS but which can be integrated with paid elements, in order to meet every need and every budget at best. 

Among the most famous and used CMS, we must undoubtedly remember WordPress . Let’s go together to find out why WordPress is one of the best CMS and whether or not it is necessary to take a WordPress course to learn all its features to the fullest. 

Because WordPress can be considered as one of the best CMS

First of all it is important to remember that WordPress allows you to customize the appearance of a blog in a very simple way , which is user friendly and that everyone can therefore learn to manage without any kind of problem. The beauty is that the customization of the appearance can also be done with free themes. In fact, there are many available and everyone knows how to guarantee a pleasant appearance to the blog. Obviously, paid themes are also available, which allow you to have extra features and undoubtedly have a much more refined look. 

The management of the pages with templates, the management of the categories and the editor for the creation of the contents are really very simple and intuitive. There are permanent URLs that help search engine optimization, Trackback and Pingback functions, multi-author support, multi-site support, customization of meta-tags, obviously not forgetting the possibility of extending the functionality through plugins.. Plugins are also available in both free and paid versions, plugins that allow for example to keep track of SEO so as to better index your content, to create image galleries, to control traffic, to insert approaches and ads. and much more. 

WordPress course, is it worth considering?

The features that WordPress offers are countless and can also be extended through plugins. Precisely for this reason taking a WordPress course can be a valid choice. In fact, a good course allows you to pass through all these features and learn how to use them to the fullest . Thanks to a good course, therefore, you have the opportunity to create a professional and high quality blog and discover how to manage it constantly over time. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to find out how to ensure that that blog can be indexed in an excellent wayon search engines, on Google, so that it comes out among the very first positions or at least on the first page. In fact, web users statistically usually check only the first page of results, often only the first three or four lines. If a blog is positioned below, here it could pass over in silence, here is that users may never come to its knowledge. 

Who to rely on to learn all the secrets of WordPress

There are many websites online that promise to teach all the secrets of WordPress and there are many people who pass themselves off as professionals when they are not at all. Before spending even a penny, it is therefore important to pay attention. In fact, it is good to rely only on WordPress and SEO experts with a long experience behind them and with an impeccable reputation, otherwise you risk making evaluation errors and not being able to really learn how to use WordPress at best. 

Among the most interesting realities, in our opinion, we must remember sos-wp.it . And first of all it must be remembered that the SOS WP blog allows you to access over 700 guides dedicated to WordPress, which allow you to create any kind of website quickly and easily. But it is also possible to buy video courses , designed for those who want to learn how to manage WordPress and the SEO side of their site in an impeccable way, like real professionals. These are courses with unlimited access, without any subscriptiontherefore, accessible forever and from any device. But that’s not all, because the team of experts is ready to take care of every aspect of a site in case you want to delegate some operations.