The guitar is probably the instrument that attracts the most attention to music lovers. The varieties of notes and sounds that can be made with just six strings and almost thirty frets are a claim for those with enough patience to get started on this instrument.
Whether for beginners or veterans of strumming and plucking, the guitar brands that we offer, both acoustic and electric, are the best that we will find on the market.

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Top 5 Acoustic Guitar
Brands These acoustic guitar brands will provide a clean and smooth sound without the need for cables or amplifiers.

5. Takamine
With humble beginnings in 1959 as a family business selling these instruments, the Takamine company (named after the hill on which the original shop was located) has continued to perfect the making of acoustic and electric guitars. .
Especially attractive are its minimalist designs, with regal bodies made from the best polished wood , among which its G-series stands out. Takamine has become one of the best acoustic guitar brands on the market, with great international recognition and affordable for all types of pockets.
Among the artists who succumb to the charm of Takamine’s instruments, Bruce Springsteen or John Bon Jovi stand out.

4. Ibanez
Suffering from the ravages caused during the Great Depression, Ibanez was rescued in the 1960s, when it began its distribution in the United States. From its decline to its subsequent recovery, the business had the Japanese market as its main client, a faithful buyer of its Spanish guitars.
Today, however, Ibanez has grown to be part of the select club of premium guitar brands.. With options and ranges for all kinds of tastes and prices, ranging from acoustic guitars with classic designs, electric guitars with a powerful sound for lovers of rock or heavy music, without forgetting their prodigious electric basses; those who choose the Ibanez never regret it.

3. Gibson
Among the oldest brands we have Gibson, a gigantic multinational whose activities date back to the beginning of the last century. Despite the ups and downs that the guitar production industry generally suffered in the 1970s, Gibson was able to keep its pulse and respond to the growing demand for more vintage-style guitars.

Takamine’s main competitor, with whom they had a dispute over accusations of plagiarism, Martin is one of the longest-running guitar brands on the market. Originally from Pennsylvania, since 1833, the Martin have combined the modernization of their models, staying true to their most classic line .
With the popularization of unplugged music (without the need to connect the instruments to the current), the firm experienced a rebound, thanks to musicians like Eric Clapton. Since then, Martin has launched several series of guitars on the market, each with specific physical properties and materials, among which the 1,15,16,17 or the Road series stand out.

If there is a guitar manufacturer that has gained worldwide fame in a relatively short time, at least compared to the competition, it is Taylor. It was in 1974, when Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug acquired the franchise they worked for, which was initially called “Music Company Westland”.
Over time, Taylor has been able to incorporate the latest technological advances into the manufacture of its instruments, without losing that artisan touch for which it is considered that they manufacture the best in terms of acoustic guitar brands. Thanks to this combination of traditional and modern techniques, the sound and handling of the Taylors is multiplied in terms of quality, something that is appreciated by the most demanding guitarists.

Top 5 Electric Guitar Brands
If you’re looking to play aggressive riffs and powerful solos, here are some of the top quality electric guitar brands for the most vibrant sound.

5. Cort
This North Korean company is one of the main distributors of electric guitars and basses in the sector.
Ideal for beginners, for a quality-price ratio that facilitates access to those who wish to immerse themselves in the passionate world of the guitar; Cort takes inspiration from the designs of other giants such as Ibanez, Takamine or Fender itself. Even when it comes to lower-end products, Cort is one of the most used guitar brands, since they haven’t forgotten their professional audience either.

Repeat in our list of the best electric guitar brands. Ibanez’s heyday in this field was made possible by the rise of rock groups between the late 1970s and mid-1980s whose compositions were based on the electric sound of these instruments. Over time, a large number of artists agreed with Ibanez that they would use the firm’s guitars on their album recordings and during live shows.
Thus, the house carved out a niche for itself among its rivals, proclaiming itself the favorite alternative of greats like Joe Satriani, Paul Stanley, of the mythical group Kiss; or Tom Morello , Rage Against the Machine’s guitar solo wizard.

Among his creations we find from typical 6-string guitars to versions that can reach 9, ideal for those looking for music with a harder sound. Not surprisingly, Schecter has outfitted heavy-metal bands like Spinal Tap, Avenged Sevenfold or Abbath , for example.
Similarly, artists such as the late Prince or the leader of The Cure, Robert Smith (as well as his bassist, Simon Gallup); have frequently used the Schecter brand for their live performances, attesting to why it deserves to be among the top electric guitar brands.

2. Gibson
After World War II (years in which billing had stopped), Gibson’s heyday began, motivated by himThe introduction of new models that broke with the traditional conception of electric guitars up to that time, daring to explore unknown horizons.
Marked in red is 1952, the year in which we could say that Gibson’s consecration took place, with the launch of the Les Paul, the flagship of the big G. But the presidents of the company were not satisfied with having found the 10 guitar, so they brought out the SG, already in the 60s. This model with a slightly lighter and more pointed appearance is the one chosen by Angus Young, from AC/DC ; or Jimmy Page, from Led Zeppelin, who opted for the double mast version on some songs.
Despite their expensive prices, Gibson have thought of those who can’t afford their products and have launched a more reasonably priced range of guitars and basses called “Epiphone” , based on their most popular designs but using cheaper and more durable materials. with a less round finish. However, the final result in terms of its sound is worth it.

1. Fender
The example of the culmination made guitar. Since its inception, Fender has revolutionized the concept of music thanks to its string instruments of all possible styles, ideal for both beginners and professionals looking for a guitar that is firm to the touch without giving up comfort and the best melodies .
There is no artist in the world who has not tried a guitar created by Leo Fender who does not talk about the benefits of what is the best of all electric guitar brands. Among the available varieties we find in its catalog acoustic, semi-acoustic guitars, basses and amplifiers. And, as if that were not enough, they also have the “Squire” range of instruments , identical in appearance to their high-end counterparts but at a cheaper price.
Fender is already a popular icon, thanks to its two famous Stratocaster and Telecaster.

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