Knives are tools that have been with us for millennia and have helped us in many different tasks ranging from hunting animals, warfare, cooking, among many others. For this reason, it is not strange to find in our proverb and also in other countries a large number of proverbs with knives. In this guide we want you to know the most common ones and also to learn what their meaning is so that you can use them, if you need it, in your daily life.

Sayings with most common knives

In the blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife

It is one of the most heard sayings and that you will surely recognize at the moment. The meaning of this saying means that a blacksmith or a person who is a specialist in something in his work, in general, is not going to use the same in his own house. This is mainly due to the fact that those who disconnect from what they do outside, during their working day. It is as if a chef is constantly cooking in the restaurant, but when he gets home he has to continue with the family meal, he ends up getting overwhelmed and neglecting this task, since it becomes repetitive and tiresome.

Friend that does not give and knife that does not cut, even if it is lost it does not matter

A great saying that, although it is not one of the best known, does have a significant load that we have loved and above all that has all the reason in the world. When you have a friend by your side, or a person who claims to be, we find someone who receives all our love, all our  support .We also have to take into account that we are looking for the same thing, we want someone to support us in the decisions we make and that when we are in the lowest moments of spirit, help us feel stronger and motivated. However, if this does not happen, that is, when our so-called friend only wants to receive and nothing to give, it is like a knife that does not cut, that if it is lost or thrown away, it matters little to us since it was not going to give the necessary use. Luckily in the case of knives, as they tell us at, you can always sharpen them to give them the function they had, something that we cannot say about friendships.

The bad little bird, the tongue has a knife

The proverb or famous phrase of “a little bird told me” has always been heard, however, there is the problem that when said little bird has bad intentions and that the only thing he seeks is to criticize or even hurt other people, it is said that He has a tongue like a knife, that is, sharp and for every word he is going to release from his beak, his only intention is going to be to hurt. For this reason, you have a bad little bird around you, it will be better to put it aside, get away from it and in this way you will not be able to suffer the consequences of it.

Bad knife, it cuts on the finger and not on the stick

Bad knives when held in the hand are noticeable and especially when they are not sharpened correctly, something that can cause us to exert more force than usual and that this action leads us to  cut a finger . This is because when we try to cut something, we get outraged because the knife is not as good as when we bought it, so the cuts become stronger and harder, without any precision, which can cause us to end up hurting ourselves and not cutting what we wanted.

Traitor friend, it hurts more than a knife

It is known that a knife can hurt if you stick it, but a friend in whom you have put all the trust in the world, who has tried in every way to take care of him and help him, who turns his back on you at the first chance of change hurts a lot , since it leaves that feeling of not having acted well, of wasting time with someone who has not shown you what you would have liked. The good thing in these situations is that despite the fact that the friend has betrayed you, you know that you should not trust that person anymore and if you have him far from you, much better.