Spain is not one of the countries with the highest job expectations, as we have all been able to verify at one time or another. Although it is true that the unemployment rate drops year after year, other factors must be taken into account, such as the type of contract, its duration, job insecurity or the fact that many exhaust their unemployment benefits.
The bravest leave the nest and leave Spain to get a decent job, and they do not consider it acceptable to pay a four-year career to end up serving cheeseburgers at McDonalds, and at night. Even so, there are other conformists who prefer the warm country and are happy with an interprofessional minimum wage, which currently stands at 707 euros .
Our applied president assured that this figure would be increased to 850 euros in 2020, but he also affirmed that this growth will occur as long as some 450,000 jobs are created per year, and that already sounds more like utopia.
Salary differences in Spain do not lie only in employment but also in geographical location. According to several studies, workers in Madrid and Barcelona have a salary 6% higher than in the rest of Spain. The worst part is taken by the Castillas, Andalusia and the most rural areas.
Next, we present the eight worst paid jobs in our country. Take paper and pen.

8. Accountant
What a great irony to dedicate yourself to counting money and yet not see a penny in your checking account! But that seems to be the reality of accountants. If we enter Infojobs or any job search portal, we realize that accountants are in high demand, although that does not mean that they are well paid. His average monthly salary is 1,200 euros.

7. Journalist
When you tell someone that you are a journalist, the reaction is usually positive, but we must warn you, aspiring journalist friend, that not all mountain is oregano. The average salary is 1,190 euros, but on countless occasions the type of contractual relationship makes the figure drop dramatically. In addition, most work as freelancers, a situation almost identical to that experienced in photojournalism.
Hospitality worker. | Image from: EFE.

6. Radio announcer or presenter
We have already warned you. Stay away from the media if you want to accumulate a fortune. Radio announcers or television presenters experience a situation similar to that of journalists, unless you are the presenter of Salvame. We highly doubt that Jorge Javier Vazquez charges about 1,200 euros per month.

5. Waiter
One of those jobs that you look for when you’re a kid to get by. The most repeated phrase by my hotelier friends is usually: “it’s a very slave job”, and on the other hand I don’t think someone is too happy serving drinks in a bar. An extreme case is that of nightclub waiters, who even have to resort to drugs to endure long working hours.
If your thing is hospitality and public relations, you will never be short of work in Spain, but I doubt very much that you can lead a life of luxury and excess. The average salary of a waiter is 1,166 euros per month , a pittance compared to the number of hours they put in.

4. Dependent
Along with being a waiter, it is another one of those jobs that you can find in handfuls but that is usually temporary, something to save up while you pay for your degree. If public-facing work is your thing, it is possible that you will move up in the company and with a bit of luck you will become a manager, but under no circumstances expect that this professional career will solve your mortgage, and on average a clerk earns about 1,079 euros per month.

3. Telemarketer
If you’re one of those people who wakes up other humans from their nap to inform you of your company’s new rate, I think you have more than deserved it. Confined to small cubicles, telemarketers must carry out their function under suffocating pressure, just like cold-door salespeople, who must reach a sales quota if they do not want to return to the street. About 1,050 euros per month are to blame.
Worker on a formwork scaffold. | Image from: EFE.

2. Lumberjack
Technology has evolved too much for lumberjacks, although with the latest increases in electricity bills, I don’t rule out going back to the corner fireplace. The fact is that being a lumberjack is something from another era, like flared pants.Your earnings are subject to the time of year , so it is difficult to calculate the average monthly salary.

1. Construction worker
A few years ago, in the middle of the real estate bubble and with the brick boom as a backdrop, working on the construction site was very profitable, despite the inclement weather and all the physical wear and tear that these workers have to endure. bear. It was not uncommon to see workers with a new car and an apartment on the seafront, all financed by the bank on duty, but that pre-millennial generation has been in debt up to their necks as a result of the crisis.
It was and is easy to access this job, since a university degree is not usually required, but construction workers now occupy the first place in the list of the lowest paid.The vast majority do not exceed 1,000 euros per month . The worst case is that of the workers of Castilla-La Mancha, whose monthly income barely exceeds the minimum wage.