Before, it was time to go to a specialized store to remove our phone from a company. Luckily, how to unlock a cell phone from a contracted operator is today a quick process that we can do anywhere ; We only need another phone with which to contact the company and a new SIM card.

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The IMEI code, the necessary previous step to how to unlock a mobile
The IMEI (whose acronym corresponds to International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the identifier code that each terminal has and that locates it every time it connects to the Great Network, luckily identity number for mobile devices.
To find this code, we remove the back cover and lift the battery; It is generally engraved on the surface of the inner face of it. Likewise, there is another easier way to find the IMEI, regardless of the brand of our cell phone or the operating company: typing “#06#”, all together and ignoring the quotes . Then, the device will show us the IMEI code, which is made up of 15 figures.
We also have a third way to find the IMEI code, which is to look in the ‘Settings’ option for the section corresponding to information and phone data , which is usually at the end of the list of options. There you will find a button that says ‘IMEI Information’.
Whichever option you choose, remember that finding the IMEI code is essential to learn how to unlock your phone for free, as it will always be the first step. As soon as you have it, it is better that you write it down on a separate piece of paper so that you do not forget (it is 15 digits, so it is better not to take risks).

How to unlock a mobile from any company
Before they became known as “intelligent”, the most effective way to unlock our device was to go to a store of the same operator with which we had contracted the service or opt for a non-exclusive phone store. It was almost always necessary for them to keep the phone, like a patient who, after undergoing a delicate operation, must spend the night in the hospital under observation. After the passage of a few days and, upon payment, our cell phone was finally released.
But all that has been forgotten, since now anyone can unlock their mobile in a few movements and, more importantly, at zero cost. Although the current telephone companies offer their clients this possibility, each one describes us in a different way how to release a mobile phone .him, although in essence the path would be the same.
In any case, whenever we request to unsubscribe from a company, as soon as we get in touch they will ask us to provide the IMEI, to verify that we are the legitimate owners of that terminal . Solved this case, the easiest way to unlock our phone will be requesting the unlock code.

How to unlock a mobile using an unlock
code The unlock code is sent to us by the company via SMS, once we have requested to unsubscribe. As soon as the message arrives, the steps to follow are as follows:

1. Insert the new SIM card
Considering that it has to be a SIM from the new operatorwith which we want our device to work.

2. Enter the PIN
Obviously, the one corresponding to the new SIM.

3. Enter the unlock code
A message will appear on the screen requesting the unlock code that we should have previously received from the old operator. Once typed, we should receive a notification that the network is no longer blocked .
It shouldn’t happen, but in case the code fails (in case we have wrongly pressed one of the numbers), we can request a new one from the telephone company from which we are going to disassociate ourselves.

How to unlock a mobile using an unlock code is a simple procedurethat it should not take up more time than necessary, but it is not the only way. However, below we will detail what steps you must follow to unlock your iPhone, since the company follows a parallel path for the same purpose.

How to unlock an iPhone
The steps that we will have to do with apple phones and tablets to unlock them are very similar to what we had to do with the unlock code.

1. Put the new SIM card
As before, for the first step we need a SIM card from another company that is not the one from which we will unlock the phone.

2. Turn off and enter the new PIN
Until here, the process was the same as how to unlock a mobile with the unlock code, but the path here forks:Now we will turn on the phone and enter the PIN code corresponding to the new SIM . The icon announcing the lack of coverage appears on the screen, since it does not recognize said card. Next, we will connect to an available Wi-Fi network.

3. Activate and deactivate “
Airplane Mode” We will activate the Airplane Mode and we will immediately disconnect it again. In this way, the terminal will regain coverage and be released .
It may happen that the whole operation is not completely finished and that you have not managed to unlock your phone; in that case, disconnect from the Wi-Fi network again and activate the data. With this, the terminal will detect the new card and we will repeat the operation.

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