The vintage look for men is always in vogue in the fashion world, despite its retro flavor. Contrary to what happens for a female outfit , the male one is not unique and univocal. Many aspects have to be taken into consideration, especially if you decide to take inspiration from the men’s fashion of the 50s . In this article we will list our tips to help you create a trendy vintage look for him.

Consider everything about yourself

First you need to look at your physiognomy. That is, you have to establish what type of men’s clothing best matches your body.

Do you wear a beard? Do you shave? Do you have wavy hair? Short hair?

Based on the answer to specific questions, you will decide whether to wear a shirt rather than another, jeans rather than a pair of classic trousers.

Vintage is not just fashion, but something more. It is a way of being, a lifestyle, a philosophy that you can obviously adapt to your cliches.

Always take care of your look starting from the details

The masculine look in general is the first aspect to consider when it comes to men’s vintage style. Taking care of your look must be a mission and you have to do it starting from the details. It does not matter the length of the hair, as long as it is well-groomed and clean. And for the beard, keep it well designed on the face perhaps taking as a model the classic cuts that characterized the Rockabillies motorcycle enthusiasts of the 80s.

Classic vintage men’s look

A classic vintage man is a man who takes care of his appearance down to the smallest detail. And a man who opts for jacket and trousers, but without ever giving up the good taste of the double-breasted. It is an important accessory, even if little used. Shirts are usually light in color, with no designs. It is necessary to wear a sober tie with a long outerwear. In this way the man becomes self-confident, without many frills.

Look uomo vintage casual

Casual is perhaps the most difficult vintage look for men to reconstruct. Perhaps because it takes its cue and inspiration from politics and society typical of great wars. In fact, casual is the typical look of the 30s, when fashion also exploded for men. At the time, the diamond-patterned sweater or vest was very popular.

The trousers must be in fabric, possibly tweed, in the zuava style. Complete the look a shirt and a wool vest with a hat, a flat cap. The best colors are green, yellow and the colors of the earth.

The shirt

The shirt represents a fundamental element within a retro masculine look. It doesn’t have to be elegant. Even the casual sporty look can include a shirt. Okay with imaginative colors, perhaps with short sleeves. The shirt is good during the day, but also in the evening. Conversely, a t-shirt with drawings should be avoided, as they are very fashionable today.

The pants

The pants issue is more complex. In general, in fact, the choice depends on personal tastes. However, jeans should be avoided to give space to a 50s-style Rockabilly look, typical of a party for example. In general, as regards the colors, it would be preferable to have a solid color, soft and with a style cut. Excellent choice is also preparing to be the classic tweed.

I gilet

Vests are an important element that make the difference within a vintage masculine look . Perhaps it is the most popular and ideal accessory to give knowledge of the type of outfit you want to create. It can be tied or untied, more sporty or more elegant, but it will always make a difference.

The jacket

The jacket does not have to be present in a masculine retro outfit. However it is able to give an extra touch to the look, refined and elegant.

The jacket should always be chosen as it matches the whole suit. Remember it is essential not to make a mistake in the outfit, everything must be of the same fabric: jacket, trousers and vest. Even this element like the others makes the difference.

The shoes

Two-tone shoes are a must, but they are not the rule. However they make the difference and give that refined and antiquated tone to an already elegant look. Alternatively, there will still be lace-up shoes, moccasins or patent leather shoes. Both sneakers and rock boots are to be avoided.

The suspender

In 1950s menswear, suspenders are important to give that retro touch. They are the emblem of vintage, especially if worn over a shirt with the sleeves rolled up on the arms.

In this way the look will have a much more refined, sophisticated and obviously vintage aspect. In short, it is a great step forward for those who want to wear an outfit from the past, but at the same time fashionable.

The hat

Finally, the hat remains. Truly ad hoc accessory, from every point of view for lovers of the genre and which acts as the icing on the cake.

Do you have to go to a grand gala? Or in any case to a chic evening?

Buy a nice top hat to be elegant, or in any case a hat that is suitable for any ceremony. As for the flat cap, do not underestimate its power, and think that even today it is a flagship product of the best Italian and even international brands.