Valentine’s Day is the feast of lovers and as such it should be spent entirely with the person you love. A special day in which all couples have the opportunity to organize an evening or even a full day of pure and intimate romance. Many engaged couples prefer to turn to hotels that offer packages designed for this “day of love” which offer, as a basic offer, overnight stay and candlelit dinner or, for those who want to add relaxation to romanticism, it is possible to choose a path SPA with saunas, swimming pools with hydromassage, emotional paths, massages and much more, accompanied by a wonderful glass of wine. In short, the possibilities forspending a Valentine’s Day out are many and different, a way to escape and regain possession of one’s intimacy, often neglected.

But it must also be said that not everyone has the opportunity to spend a day out for various and different reasons. And then what?

A nice Valentine’s Day is organized at home, taking care of some details to create the right fairy-tale and romantic atmosphere even inside your home. Let’s discover together some secrets to create your perfect love place.

1 Bedroom: soft lighting and “love” style linen

Creating a perfect path of love even inside your home, will make your partner happy and reward your creativity and imagination. One of the rooms that should not be neglected is the room where your perfect evening will end or where it will perhaps begin and take place, in case you also decide to have dinner in your love nest. But apart from this small detail, the bedroom must be “decorated” in a special way, for this special day. Use sheets and blankets colored in red or with romantic prints, such as those proposed by caleffi bed linenthat are perfectly suited to your purpose and that is to create a bed that can surprise and excite your partner. Use flowers to embellish the bed, maybe you can contact a florist to create a composition of heart-shaped flowers, in theme with the day. One piece of advice I can give you, do not overdo the decorations in the bedroom, and try to create a suggestive and sensational atmosphere. The soft lights, of a warm and intense color will be able to convey and create the right atmosphere.

2 Petal path and heart balloons

Petaloso is a neologism, which has recently become part of our vocabulary, which perfectly describes the path you need to create to welcome your partner into your home suite .

Red petals scattered on the floor bring to mind the best romantic scenes seen in movies which help to instill a decidedly romantic atmosphere in the home. Imagine your partner returning home, perhaps even a little disappointed because you weren’t able to organize anything, and is greeted by a bed of petals complete with scented candles that outline the path and heart balloons that flutter around the house, you will leave him surprised and excited at the same time.

3 A bathroom can become a SPA

If your bathroom has a bathtub then that’s it. Fill the tub with hot water, add some essence and fill it with floating petals or heart-shaped objects and that’s it: the Spa is served . Don’t forget two flute glasses, a nice cold prosecco and a handful of strawberries or any other seasonal fruit, to delight and satisfy your taste buds too.

In case of a shower, what do you do?

Instead of the “bathroom” Spa you can create a beautiful relaxation area. Prepare a warm and heated environment inside the bathroom, place two armchairs, or if you do not have two air poufs, they are good, cheap and easily inflatable and enjoy your prosecco after a beautiful shower for two.  

4 Dinner, must never be missing!

The first piece of advice is: prepare everything your him or her loves. A dinner based on her favorite dishes and what makes everything perfect. Decorate the table in Valentine’s style: tablecloth with printed hearts, Valentine-themed accessories, such as plates and glasses, fragrant flowers that are always good and everything romantic that can make your destination happy. 

One recommendation: for this evening, turn off the TV and enjoy your wonderful evening as a couple!