How many times have stockings and tights broken , perhaps, without even leaving the house? Too many but there is no need to despair because we have compiled a list of foolproof tricks to avoid even pulling them out .

Socks, being an indispensable item of clothing in winter, must be chosen based on your body, especially if we want to wear a dress or a skirt, they must absolutely not break within a few minutes but it often happens that they abandon us too soon.

In case you have an important business meeting, a gallant date, or more simply if you want to wear sheer tights to feel elegant and sexy, the advice is to bring with you a spare pair of stockings , which will be the salvation. when those worn will be unpresentable.

Do you want to know these simple methods that will make you stop destroying your socks ?

Let’s find out together the 10 infallible tips for not breaking or unraveling stockings and tights:

1) Trim your nails, file them and wash your feet

Having well-groomed hands and feet is not just a purely aesthetic fact. In fact, in addition to avoiding unpleasant mycosis or ingrown nails, it is essential not to break the socks. So the first tip is to always keep your nails short and, before putting on the pantyhose, file them well and wash your feet before starting to put them on . This will not leave small spikes or irregularities that could break the socks.

2) Put the cream on and let it absorb into the skin

The heel also plays its part in unraveling stockings and pantyhose or in tearing them. This part of the foot is often very dry and hard and therefore the skin exfoliates much more. Due to the presence of dry skin or calluses that could tear the pantyhose, it is essential to spread a little moisturizer and wait for it to dry very well . Once absorbed, you can wear the socks without fear.

3) Put on the gloves to put on the socks

After having recommended a careful pedicure on the feet, it is equally important that the hands with which the pantyhose are touched are also free of cuticles and sharp nails. But if this is not enough, here is another tip to avoid breaking your socks: wear gloves . In this way, even the lightest ones will not be at risk of stretch marks.

4) Wash the stockings and tights with sugar

Washing is also an extremely delicate moment for tights. First of all it is not recommended to wash them in the washing machine but if you really cannot do without them, it is essential to use the delicate and cold washing program. Instead, to make them more resistant, the trick is to wash them by hand by dissolving a little sugar in the water. In this way the meshes of which the sock is made should become more resistant .

5) Freeze the socks

Have you ever thought that another excellent solution to not break or untangle the tights was to put them in the freezer overnight ? In fact, from the countless opinions online, it would seem that the socks you have just bought become more resistant and tear-proof if placed in the freezer for one night! So, we just have to find a space between one frozen product and another!

6) Spray the lacquer

After overcoming the danger of stretch marks in the moment of dressing it is equally important that they do not break during the day, especially if you are wearing them for a special occasion. To preserve the “hyperdelicate” ones (8, 10, 15 and 20 deniers), the advice is to spray hairspray on the legs , exactly as you do on the hair but, this time, on the legs! This solution is also excellent if you have noticed a small start of stretch mark, by spraying the lacquer on it, in fact, you can prevent it from expanding.


7) Cover the tip

Often the problem is not the foot but the shoe. In fact, some types of shoes, such as classic boots, amphibians, low boots, or some types of ballet flats, are characterized by total adherence to the heel and foot, while on the toe they leave the foot freer or, in the case of boots with the heel, leave the toe under tension , breaking the sock right at the big toe . To solve the problem it will be sufficient to wear a ghost or the toe of a cut cotton sock under the tights.

8) Beware of commonly used objects

Always pay close attention to objects that could break your tights after wearing them. These include wooden chairs or straw chairs, but also studs, hinges, bracelets and rings : remember to take them off before putting on your socks. Another dangerous item for tights and umbrella . In addition to the velcro, all the tips are also a real threat not to get close to the legs.

9) Beware of 4-legged friends!

The nails of our pets are another danger that can be avoided with a simple trick. In fact, if you are used to wearing tights and then devoting yourself to make- up, use sweatpants until before going out, so that cuddling our pets does not cause any risk to our socks or tights. In this way, in fact, you can greet your furry friends without running any danger.

10) Transparent nail polish or bar of soap to limit the damage

If in spite of everything the tights are frayed or even pierced you will have to fix it immediately. If the tights are very light, fixing them with a needle and thread is impossible but, by applying a little clear nail polish or passing a solid bar of soap over the stretch mark, you should be able to prevent the hole from widening. This way, even if the damage is there, it will be limited!