Always, one of the most important days for a couple is marriage , the day in which the spouses swear eternal love.

In this post we will show you the most beautiful wedding outfits , thanks to the collaboration with the model Martina Sissi Palladini , who wore princely wedding dresses during the “Will you marry me?”  Event , organized by Martina Peri at the suggestive location of Palazzo Canfora . We will also show elegant outfits suitable for the bride’s relatives, so beautiful that they lose their minds.

Will you marry me? The answer is yes

The event , as mentioned, was held at Palazzo Canfora , an enchanted place with its elegant rooms and its fantastic gardens. An ideal place to organize your wedding. Inside the halls of the building, several stands were set up where you could find everything you need for the big day : from wedding dresses and for the groom, to elegant outfits for guests to wear (splendid ceremonial suits for the guests) , stands dedicated to champagne tasting, the most sought-after confectioners, famous photographers, up to specialized travel agencies for honeymoons and famous hairstylists, such as Michele Spano, who with her team of make-up artists and hairdressers demonstrated how you can be beautiful on the most beautiful day of your life.

But now, to show you the most beautiful wedding outfits , we have entrusted ourselves to two girls who make beauty and elegance their distinctive trait, able to enhance any wedding dress with their fantastic outfit: we are talking about Martina Sissi Palladini , the our muse for some time now, and Cristina Angelini (both of Michele Spano’s team).

Wedding dresses: the Atelier Bruni collection

We come immediately to the fantastic wedding dresses worn by Sissi and Cristina of the Atelier Bruni, which represent every woman’s dream!
Sissi’s dress is completely made of very high quality lace and white chiffon finished in satin; the upper part completely and in white lace that perfectly shapes the body, giving it harmony and shape; the skirt is made of crinoline and chiffon, in pure Victorian style and full of ruffles, which give a sense of royalty.

The dress is combined with a lace veil of several meters, which further enhances the elegance of this dress and is to be counted by right among the princely wedding dresses;  the shoes are obviously white or can also be nude, but in a simple design given the richness of the dress; the bridal make-up must never be marked but extremely natural, therefore in shades of flesh pink, while a bouquet of white roses is a must.

The wedding dress worn by Cristina is instead made entirely of chiffon and satin, the bodice of classical workmanship is very reminiscent of the corsets of the ladies of the 1800s that shapes the body very well; the skirt is wide, with flounces and ruffles with the length of the tail which makes this dress ideal for those who do not like to wear the veil but do not want to give up a very respectable train; on the front shoes, instead better white or nude, with a high heel and gathered hair, perhaps adding some rhinestones in the hair; for the bouquet, one with colored orchids is better, while the make-up must always be in shades of pink and beige.

How to dress for a wedding: the “ One Thousand and One Nights” line for an elegant outfit even for the guests

Floral outfit: Sissi’s Roman holidays

The first elegant outfits that we show you are from the Thousand and One Nights line , all made of satin.

The dress worn by Sissi has a floral pattern, with an extremely high waistline and a wide skirt with torches, with a wide neckline on the decollete. This dress is ideal for those who have to attend a wedding in spring, elegant cut and suitable for almost any body type.

Sissi’s advice is to combine this dress with a minimal bag, in shades of light blue or pink which go well with the colorful pattern of the dress and sandals, and which, considering the length of the skirt, will allow you to appear slender and well proportioned.

Finally, it seems better to combine the dress with a light fabric scarf, always in pastel tones, also useful for covering up during the ceremony in church and to cover any imperfections.

Elegant outfits: Cristina’s dress

The dress worn by Cristina was instead in shades of black and green: this elegant outfit also had a wide and long paneled skirt, with the stripes of the skirt which made an excellent game of symmetries and allow the wearer to appear slender.

It is an excellent compromise between elegance and simplicity, with the upper part of the dress represented by an elegant duster: here I recommend to those who do not have too thin arms like Cristina to combine a silk stole in shades of green, certainly dark shoes or a black sandal with some rhinestones. The ideal accessory is a small dark bag, while minimal makeup and nude tones on the lips are better.

60s outfit: Sissi’s dolce vita

The other two dresses worn by Sissi and Cristina have a more retro flavor: the style is more classic and vaguely inspired by the 60s atmosphere.
The first dress, the one worn by the beautiful Sissi (woman to whom you immediately say YES), is composed of the upper part in sleeveless white lace, with a regular neckline, while the lower part is composed of a 60s-style skirt with white stripes and blue, with a golden belt at the waist and a blue silk scarf around the neck.

This elegant outfit is suitable for those who want to appear  and stand out, offering an elegant style far from the stereotypical ceremony dress . In this case, a high heel is a must: both platform shoes, banana hair, bold makeup and Jacqueline Kennedy -style red lipstick are good .


The other dress worn by Cristina  is instead entirely made of lace, forest green in the upper part, with plays of transparencies; the skirt is asymmetrical, where this type of cut is ideal for girls who are not extremely tall and obviously must be combined with a very high heel. In addition, you can range from a classic decollete to a black sandal with a medium-sized black bag, hair from seeds collected in a soft chignon, makeup in shades of brown and beige.

Most beautiful outfits:  breakfast at .. Sissi

The last two models worn are perhaps the most beautiful by far, as well as the most suitable for a woman who loves to be refined and wear soft lines. Specifically, the first ceremony model worn by Sissi is composed of a black palazzo trousers and a black lace bodice, lined in nude color with lace sleeves, which leave her shoulders uncovered.

In general , the black color , together with the palazzo model, is ideal for those who have a few extra pounds, as it helps to mask the abundant shapes of their body and the beauty of the lace bodice makes the ensemble pleasant and refined.

The shoes are strictly dark and can be both closed and open, as long as they have a high heel given the width of the trousers.

The hair should be semi-gathered, or for the youngest, even loose with a side shot. Brown or black makeup will be perfect for this type of outfit.

The dress worn by Cristina is instead composed of a black satin jumpsuit with lace and pearls inlays, to which an elegant coral-red duster was combined . The play of transparencies and color widths make this elegant dress ideal for women who love to amaze.

A tip: this dress should be worn for summer weddings.

High dark-colored shoes, a coral-toned bag of medium proportions, semi-gathered or loose hair with recovery and light makeup, in shades of coral-red and brown are recommended.


With this I conclude and I can only thank first of all the models Sissi Martina Palladini and Cristina Angelini, Palazzo Canfora for the wonderful organization and all the organizing team of the event: Michele Spano, Luca Badile and Debora Salvatore, Martina Peri, Mrs. Barbara Vissani, a highly professional wedding influencer, Atelier Bruni and Atelier Mille e una notte, photographers Duilio Grassini and Bruno Chitarrini.