9 years ago the series ‘Sherlock’ was released, a television version of the most famous detective in history . This new adaptation of the novels by Arthur Conan Doyle, starring the actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, has shown that history can still be reinvented and adapted to the present and the new times.
Thus, the series has the characteristic that it manages to set the detective from the Victorian era to the 21st century , using new technologies and without losing the peculiarities that define this curious character.
With four seasons behind it, the fiction, of English origin, has shown that it has been able to win over the fans and followers of the detective andhas received critical acclaim . A success that has been endorsed by the multitude of prizes and awards it has received, such as four Emmy Awards and two Critics Choice Awards.
Despite this recognition, season 5 is taking a long time to arrive and there are still many unknowns to reveal and information to transcend.

What ‘Sherlock’ focuses on
The series tells the story of the various cases that Sherlock and his faithful companion, Watson, must face and solve. Some investigations that are treated by the main characters with elegance, sarcasm and humor .
However, they are not the only characters that come from the novel, since there are others that also appear in fiction.. This is the case, for example, of Mrs. Hudson or the evil antagonist, Moriarty.

The cast of main actors
The cast of leading actors who make an appearance in ‘Sherlock’ are, apart from Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington (Mary Watson), Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson), Louise Brealey (Molly Hooper) , Rupert Graves (Inspector Greg Lestrade) and Andrew Scott (James “Jim” Moriarty).
Martin Freeman in ‘Sherlock’ | BBC

Previous seasons
Since the premiere of ‘Sherlock’ in 2010, fans of the series have been able to enjoy 4 seasons and a Christmas special in 2016. The first three installments were released relatively quickly. However, in order to enjoy the fourthwe had to wait 3 long years .
Although the wait was much longer than usual, it was worth it, since it was possible to create a high-quality product, with interesting and well-constructed plots and stories, and with phenomenal technical quality.

What happened in season 4
The last season aired so far, the fourth, we could enjoy it at the beginning of the year 2017. In these chapters we could see how Sherlock Holmes and John Watson solved their last mystery. In this installment, the series put aside its most comic facet, so characteristic of its first seasons, and focused and gave more prominence to the drama , with a darker atmosphere than it was, until then, usual.
In this way, we were able to see the detective in a more human facet and learn about the origins of the main character .

The problems to continue with the series
The creators of ‘Sherlock’ have confirmed more than once that one of their greatest difficulties when carrying out a new season has been to be able to reunite its two main actors .
Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have a long career, but after appearing on the series, their careers have been boosted and they are currently in the middle of multiple projects, especially for the big screen.
Their busy schedules make it difficult to shoot a fifth season. But this problem is not only the actors, but the creators of the series, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, are also making other productions, and do not have the time to develop the scripts for the new season.
Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Sherlock’ | BBC

A difficult season 5
During the production of the fourth season, the creators Moffat and Gatiss warned that it was quite difficult for new chapters to be made. Although both were amazed at the reception that the series had had, they found it difficult to reconcile the agenda of the leading actors .
However, after the launch of the fourth season, Moffat said that with this installment they had arrivedat the end of the first stage . In this way, the door was left open for a new batch of episodes, in which the protagonists would have to face new enemies.
Still, as of June 2018, Moffat had yet to reunite with his partner Gatiss for the fifth season. Therefore, if it is finally produced, we will have to wait a long time to see it .

Without Cumberbatch and Freeman there is no series
Another thing that the creators of the series have made clear is that without its main performers, the series will not continue . In this way, if Cumberbatch and Freeman cannot be available for the filming of more episodes, there will be no season 5 and the series will be terminated.
In this way, it is ruled out that a new season returns with different actors. This is so because one of the main weights of the series falls on the charismatic and stellar performances of the leading actors.
For his part, the actor Cumberbatch has expressed his desire to continue playing the role of detective Holmes , he has even expressed that he would like to play an older version of the character.
However, Freeman should not be so clear about his will to go ahead with the project, since he has not expressed his desire to return and considers that after the high expectations created by the public, continuing to play Watson is no longer so fun. .

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