In fact, top models, models, models, and all those who want to make their image a brand and work for the most important fashion houses must be selected by the top fashion agencies around the world, which are able to have important contacts with world fashion brands, who can thus choose the models to show at fashion weeks or shoot for their photo shoots.

The most famous modeling agencies in the world are therefore the ones that offer the most possibilities to transform the passion for fashion into a real profession.

Before choosing the agency, you must find out which type of modeling is right for you. For example, in advertising there are more possibilities than in the world of luxury fashion.

In addition, there are sectors where only good looks are needed, such as promoters and stand assistants. In this case, we are not talking about modeling agencies , but about web and commercial agencies.

Here are the most famous modeling agencies in the world and why they are.

Italy modeling agencies

Which are the most important modeling agencies in Italy? Here are the main ones:

  • Brave Models . In Milan, the modeling agency immediately shows photographic shots of the top models already selected, to understand how they work and what are the characteristics required to work with this company;
  • Elite Milan . This is also a model agency in Milan . Look for models and models for large Italian and foreign companies. You can choose castings based on your commitments and enter your Instagram account. The booking for the casting is done directly online, on the website;
  • BoomTheAgency, which is completely in English. This is looking for models and models by immediately requesting, in addition to the measurements, also two photos from the photographer (as a suggestion, one full-length and one in the foreground is better);
  • WhyNot Models . It also offers tons of photos of models who made it once they passed by. It looks for men and women and collaborates with brands such as Givenchy, Ferragamo, Moschino and Prada;
  • The Lab Models . You have collaborated in the past with Louis Vuitton and DSquared 2 . Look for models and models, who can be applied directly on the site in the Application section (the site is completely in English);

Modeling agencies France

The most famous modeling agencies in the world in France are mainly located in Paris. Here’s what they are:

  • Crystal . The French modeling agency is very selective and does not accept girls who are over 20 years old and less than 75 meters tall. It offers excellent opportunities for recruitment;
  • Women Paris . Women offers job opportunities in: Paris, New York and Milan. They immediately clarify their philosophy and you can send your application to the email [email protected] ;
  • Next Paris . They have 5 offices in the major fashion capitals (New York, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Miami). Work with major international magazines and offer excellent opportunities for those who want to become a model;

USA modeling agencies

Finally, crossing the ocean, here are the most serious modeling agencies in the United States:

  • Stars Management. It is located in San Francisco and has a section for new faces. They are also looking for curvy models, who in the States have less strict parameters than in Italy;
  • No Ties Management. It accepts young people aged 15 to 26 (for minors, parental authorization is required). Applications are made directly from the website in the Be Discovered section;
  • Heffner Management, which has two offices: one in New York and one in Seattle. Models from 12 years of age are accepted (authorization required for minors). You must enter the photos in the Join section of the site and enter your measurements for a possible convocation;
  • Ford Models . In the most important fashion metropolises, Ford Models collaborates with Saint Laurent, Versace, Vogue and many other international companies. To apply, you must go to the Get Scouted section of the website ;

As you have seen, these are model agencies that are very fashionable and very selective in terms of parameters. But they are also those, once inside, that offer the greatest opportunities for success in the difficult world of fashion.