You know, beauty is not eternal, not even for VIPs who were beautiful when young.

We met them young and fascinating and, obviously, due to the course of time, the physical changes were predictable for everyone, even for the most famous and most beautiful characters in Hollywood but there are some stars who have really changed a lot, perhaps because they have exaggerated with the tweaks.

Plastic surgery, drug and alcohol addiction, completely unregulated nutrition are just some of the causes that have made many of these VIPs truly unrecognizable and many of them, despite their commitment to rehabilitation, have no longer been able to recover the body and face of once.

How did the famous actor of Friends , Mathew Perry , become ? What is the real reason for Mickey Rourke ‘s transfiguration ? Could you recognize Janet Jackson ?

Let’s find out together the 16 VIPs who are completely ca, biato since they were icons of beauty and why:

1) Tara Reid

Do you remember the sweet blonde, Tara Reid, in American Pie ? From the changes she underwent perhaps due to a bad plastic surgery or the problems with alcohol she had in the past have made the actress very thin. Recently, due to her massive weight loss, fans of her have worried and implied that it was the result of a probable eating disorder , but Tara has rejected her claims.

2) Matthew Perry

Mathew Perry, who became famous for playing Chandler Bing, in the famous television series Friends , and among the famous people who have become unrecognizable. In fact, during the filming of the series, he used alcohol and drugs and, although he went to rehab twice before being able to overcome his addictions, his physique has suffered significant consequences. After his addictions his skin has aged, his hair has turned gray and his weight gain has transformed him a lot.

3) Donatella Versace

Famous fashion designer Donatella Versace radically changed her appearance due to a series of plastic surgery operations that transformed this woman, entrepreneur and fashion icon, into a completely different person. However, her charm remains intact and one cannot deny her ability to still be a fashion icon today

4) Edward Furlong

Maybe you remember the young and fresh version of the actor. Well forget it because Edward Furlong, who has starred in films like Terminator 2: Judgment Day and American History X , is completely different. In fact, it seems that the actor has had problems with heroin addiction and his body has completely transformed.

5) Joan Van Ark

Being addicted to plastic surgery can also be a real disease. Looking at Joan Van Ark, one cannot believe that as a young woman she was beautiful and it seems that due to so many surgeries she looks almost unrecognizable. For the actress, who became famous for the hit series California , aging seems to be absolutely not acceptable.

6) Brendan Fraser

Radical change for Brendan Fraser too? At the beginning of his career, he was a charming man with a rich following of admirers. Lately, however, he has put on a lot of weight and the well-informed have accused the actor of having squandered some money from his savings account just to invest it in food . After starring in the Mummy trilogy , Fraser seems to have almost disappeared from the movie scene.


7) Courtney Love

Courtney Love has always made a lot of talk about her, especially after the wedding and the tragic death of Kurt Cobain. The former singer, always over the top of her, seems to have had serious problems with drug and alcohol abuse and following a couple of plastic surgeries , she would now seem to have changed radically.

8) Russell Crowe

Handsome and athletic, Russell Crowe was perfect in the movie Gladiator . But the actor, unlike many other colleagues, has never abused drugs or alcohol, much less resorted to plastic surgery. So what is the reason for this big change? Russell has simply aged and has never made any secret of his love of food .

9) Teri Lynn Hatcher

Teri Lynn Hatcher, American actress, writer and singer, became famous thanks to her role in the James Bond films and, later, in the television series Desperate Housewives . According to reports from insiders, his premature aging of her is due to some plastic surgery . But the main reason for her rapid change could be the fact that she is very thin.


10) Haley Joel Osment

Haley Joel Osment was the child who, at the age of 11, had played one of the most disturbing roles and which have remained most etched in the memory of cinema. But, after The Sixth Sense , as I get older, I start to gain a lot of weight . This change would have been the consequence of alcohol abuse . In fact, in 2006, he was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence and sent to rehabilitation by the judge as part of his conviction.

11) Lil’ Kim

Rapper Lil ‘Kim is another example of how plastic surgery can change people’s appearance (and not always for the better). After undergoing her first surgery, she never stopped . Today, she has changed considerably and with a few extra pounds she looks totally different from the glamorous singer everyone remembers.

12) Dennis Rodman

Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman has always given a great show and not just for his sporting prowess. In fact, he has accustomed the public to a lot of extravagance. However, he seems to have had problems with alcohol addiction and seems to have been forced to go to rehabilitation, due to his condition which seems to have led him to perform reckless gestures, with unregulated behavior and a couple of fines for driving in a state of intoxication, today he looks decidedly overweight .

13) Kirstie Alley

Actress Kirstie Alley, the protagonist of the hilarious film Look who’s talking , is also fully part of this gallery. In fact, Kirstie would have started gaining weight due to her slowed metabolism Di lei. It also appears that the actress has had problems with alcohol in the past and that she has also entered rehab. She now she would definitely recover.

14) Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte has appeared in over 40 films and was a remarkably charming man as a young man. Too bad he had some problems with alcohol and drug addiction during his working career, which would also have caused him various legal problems. Although he has squandered a lot of money we hope that he has thought about retirement.

15) Janet Jackson

Good and beautiful, Janet Jackson was one of those singers who captivated the audience both with her voice and with her curvaceous and athletic body. Too bad that, in the following years and especially after her pregnancy, she let herself go a bit . After the divorce from her husband, you seem to have faced, among other things, a difficult period.

16) Mickey Rourke

Who does not remember the beauty of former actor Mickey Rourke? He used to be really handsome and he certainly had no problems with romantic relationships. Despite his success, what ruined his career was his experience of him in boxing . By practicing this sport, his face would have been injured and the situation would have been made worse by the countless surgeries he underwent, to fix the damage he had caused.