C. Tangana, one of the -it can be said without a doubt- the most important artists of today in Spain, has once again been the smartest in the class by launching a new song called ‘Ontas
, which took advantage of the worldwide viralization of a meme Made in Mexico, and that has allowed him to be at the top of YouTube trends for several days and to reach almost 3 million views on the video platform without investing a single euro in promotion in less than a week.
But, what is behind the Ontas phenomenon
and why is it important that it was C. Tangana who made a song out of

it? What does ‘Ontas
Imagine that a Mexican writes toSelena Gomez a direct message from Instagram. Imagine also that Selena Gomez, among all the messages that she receives throughout the day (thousands, millions
) reads the one from this Mexican because she catches his attention. The message puts Ontas and Selena Gomez freaks out and tells him what the hell is that.
Imagine that the sender of the Ontas
, instead of being shocked and going to tell everyone, takes it and, with cold blood and a lot of art , answers Selena Gomez “I pay you the Uber” . Imagine that it is there when, after another response from Selena Gomez without understanding anything, you upload it to social networks and, obviously, it becomes one of the most viral memes of the year.
#[email protected]/632IP7IIfj _ _
— Adal Ronica (@JesusRonicaSG) April 18, 2019 It becomes so viral that celebrities begin to echo it and begin to ask what Ontas is
on social networks, some, like C. Tangana, even begin to ask.
‘ is an abbreviation for ‘ Where are you
which, written like that, at certain times of the night, can only mean one thing… that there are more things you want to do after you meet.
It doesn’t matter a bit if Selena Gomez answered the kid or not. Fiction and reality are increasingly mixed and since the explosion of the internet (and with it, social networks, memes and image and sound editing) they have become almost indistinguishable. What does matter is what C. Tangana has set upfrom all this.

C. Tangana scores a roguish goal with ‘Ontas

Military strategy and viral marketing / All day on your screen, you can’t stop it” sang C. Tangana in Tiempo, the first cut of his recording debut with Sony Spain . And a year and a half after that it seems that he hasn’t changed his version of the music business one iota.
C. Tangana is a mixture of talent and vision. It takes vision to make the Ontas meme
a song, but it takes a lot of talent to make that song in less than two days and make it sound like it does. In addition to registering the domain www.tepagoeluber.com, of course.
In ‘Ontas
‘, the song, uses the two phrases of the meme to create a chorus that hooks you at first, regardless of whether or not you know the viral before listening to it; That is the talent we were talking about .
The commercial move of C. Tangana is not the first. At Primavera Sound last year, after a three-way interview with Yung Beef and Bad Gyal , he took the opportunity to release another song, I Feel Like Kanye, in which he proclaimed himself the king among the best. This led to a beef (crossover of songs in a hostile tone) between C. Tangana and Yung Beef that resulted in the victory of the Madrilenian not only in the musical-argumental plane but also in the symbolic, when he managed to make 20,000 euros from selling t-shirts with yung beef’s facecharacterized as Che Guevara.
It seems that now the controversy may repeat itself, since today, another artist from the Spanish urban scene, Cecilio G, has released a response to that
viralized ‘Ontas’, called ‘No Toy’. Everything indicates that the Spanish scene and the internet will continue to feed each other, that they need each other. ‘Ontas’
and its meaning has been only the last one, but many more will come.