Tinder is still the favorite platform for men and women to flirt, but few know how to flirt on Tinder . If a weekend with four too many drinks is already complicated enough (unless the crush arises), starting an adventure or a love story through an application is even more so.
For this reason, we bring you a series of tips and recommendations that, despite not being 100% effective, will help you look like a more serious and formal person.

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How to flirt on Tinder: 7 things you need to improve
There are many Tinder scholars, ascetics of flirting social networks, but the truth is that none of them has the secret formula. It all depends on our self-esteem and our communication skills, which can be improved by following a series of guidelines that we present below.
How to flirt on Tinder without looking like an idiot. | Image from: Social networks.

1. The perfect photo
It does not matter if you show your best smile or your pose is rather sad, the important thing is that you are seen. It seems obvious but many people skip this first golden rule. The worst cover letter is a blurry photo (no, it doesn’t give you a touch of mystery!) or a selfie of your abs. Group photos don’t work either, because people don’t like to play who’s who.
In order not to turn Tinder into a jungle of chimpanzees, it is best to post a photo as professional as possible where you can be seen from the waist up. No trap or cardboard. It is also fine to put a funny photo, but make sure it is not the main photo. That image is your first impression and, as such, it must have a minimum of attractiveness.

2. Do not say “yes” to everything
It is the typical male tactic: take out the dragnet and like each and every one of the profiles that come before you. According to some scholars of the network, this can be counterproductive, since the desirability index (something that defines the internal algorithm of Tinder) is reduced as we like without obtaining the match.
Some use a little trick : close the application for a couple of days so that Tinder interprets that we are not so in need of love. When you reopen the app, the desirability index will be reset and you will appear in the list of more people. Keep your composure.

3. Love at first message
Most men always open with the same message, a message that is just as decisive as the previous match. Some examples of copy-paste are “How are you
” or “Hello beautiful, you are very pretty”, phrases that at this point should be banished. In fact, a study by the OkCupid page ensures that most compliments in the first message result in very short conversations.
If you want to start an interesting conversation, start by differentiating yourself from the rest . Look for what you have in common in the description and start there, although do not insist too much on it or you may lose the spark because. After all, everyone is on Tinder for the same reason.

4. Look for a different conversation
The most important advice we can give you to flirt on Tinder is to use your strengths . Do you think you’re a funny person?
A sense of humor is a powerful ally, as long as you don’t cross the line of ridicule.
Again, we will use the description to find common ground and reserve conversational options. We cannot predict if a conversation will end in love success, so the best thing is that you let yourself go and enjoy the moment. And if you see that she or he throws bawdy hints at you and you feel like playing along, don’t hold back. No one expects a little angel on Tinder.

5. Put a creative description
The description is an essential part of Tinder. If we have said before that the photo is the first impression, the description is the confirmation of the match , an essential element of the equation. There are many examples of creative, original and fun descriptions on the web, but always try to capture your personality.
In addition, the description can be the foundation of a good part of the conversations, so it is better to prepare the ground than to improvise.

6. Learn to read between the lines
This is perhaps the most important point on the whole list. If a girl doesn’t answer you or does it with monosyllables, it’s time to close the applicationand sit in the corner to think. The thing has not worked and you will have your chance again in the next match.
Similarly, keep in mind that this is not a face-to-face conversation and, therefore, it is not our obligation to answer immediately. What we mean is: respect the times . You may have gone to the bathroom or put the popcorn in the microwave to watch the next episode of your favorite series. If you send him an avalanche of messages like “Hey” or “Are you there
“, the logical thing is that he ignores you.

7. Don’t be an idiot
Being on Tinder for sporadic sex is totally legal, the bad thing is acting like a complete baboon. You’d be surprised how many times a man asks about weight in the first message or sends a picture of his penis. The point is that the simple image of a virile member is not a reason for desire for the vast majority of women.

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