The cellulite of the woman has different stages and the treatments for the cellulite help to act effectively according to the stage and the area where it is located. What are the areas that are most affected by cellulite and what are the best remedies to deal with it? 

Cellulite for women: what are the areas where it occurs?

What are the areas that are most affected by cellulite in women ? Some are very well known, while others are little considered and it is not thought that there could be there too!

Thighs and legs

Unfortunately, thighs and legs are the home of cellulite in women. Cellulite is formed because of the accumulation of liquids inside the epidermis. Edemas form and from there there is inflammation of the fat cells. Thus, the toxins are not eliminated and cellulite is generated.

On the outer thigh, cellulite is caused by tight clothing and little movement. On the inside, however, also due to very tight clothing in the groin area, cellulite can also become painful.

Another area at risk is that of the calf, where the classic orange peel is created.


Cellulite in the buttocks is formed due to a lack of movement and a farewell to diet. The buttocks tend to form cellulite when there are microcirculation problems and when too many carbohydrates are eaten.

Alcohol also has its own reason and is one of the causes of cellulite in the buttocks. In addition to the diet, therefore, constant training is needed.


The hips are often prone to cellulite for women when there is a lot of fat. The hips first become love handles, and then they become saggy. If the muscles are not trained, cellulite can start from the hips and end up on the legs, in various forms.

Cellulite stages: what are they?

What are the different stages of cellulite? Let’s see it below:

  • Edemantosa. The skin is pasty and cold. There begins to be orange peel. Symptoms at this stage are not seen;
  • Fibrous. Cellulite becomes noticeable and painful to the touch. The color of the skin is not uniform and there are depressions;
  • Soft sclerotic. Difficult to pass, it increases the nodules and there may also be venous insufficiency. The skin is cold and sore;
  • Sclerotic. Cellulite begins to be confused with fat and it is irreversible. The appearance is defined in the jargon as a mattress;

Cellulite for women: remedies

What are the most effective cellulite remedies and treatments today?

Among the first that come to mind, certainly there are diet and physical movement,  which are important to counter the problem. Then, there are specific cosmetic treatments that can be applied to the affected areas of the skin.

Finally, there are cosmetic surgery treatments that can correct in the most important cases, perhaps when you are already in the fourth stage.

Reducing stress, alcohol, smoking and carbohydrates certainly improves the situation, but these are habits that are acquired over time. To immediately improve the appearance of skin prone to cellulite, women act directly on the affected area. With research, you can act directly on the right area and according to the stage of cellulite.

Today there are many anti-cellulite products and they offer valid indications for those who need help. In nature there are natural aids, such as algae, which help restore microcirculation.